How To Measure A Garden Hose Size

There is no doubt that knowing the diameter of your garden hose is quite important. If you don’t use the right hose, you may not get the expected result from it. But it is not uncommon to see that many gardeners still struggle when it comes to measuring the size of a garden hose.

“Typically, most of the garden hoses available in the market come with two or three different diameter sizes. For instance, it can be either ½”, 5/8″, or even 3/4″ in most cases. Now, to get the most accurate result, you may need to measure the diameter of the inside of the hose. No wonder, there are several ways to do that.

You can also get an idea of the inside diameter of your hose by getting to know about its diameter. If the outside diameter can be anywhere in the range of 0.77 inches to 1.00 inches, the chance is its inside diameter will be 5/8 inches. In the case of a ½” hose, the outside diameter will be below 0.77″. On the other hand, if you see the outside diameter is above 1-inch, most probably you have a 3.4” hose.

If you are still confused about how to measure garden hose size, I am here today to remove your confusion. Stay with me throughout this article to know everything about it.

How To Measure A Garden Hose Size

How To Measure Garden Hose’s Diameter (Easy Methods)

There is no denying that measuring the diameter of your garden hose is pretty much important. There are a couple of ways that you can follow to get the job done. However, I am here with some simple ways that you can easily follow to take the measurement. So, let’s dive into the steps.

Method-1: Check The Markings from The Manufacturer

This should be the very first method that you should follow. In many cases, manufacturers print a marking stating the diameter right on the hose. So, you must check it properly. Chances are this marking may have been worn off in the case of the old hose.

However, it is also true that many manufacturers don’t even bother to print that marking as well. So, it is a bit of luck. Here are pro-level tips for you. Experienced sellers in this industry have adopted themselves such that they can tell you about the diameter by seeing the hose. So, you can try that tricks. Ask an experienced seller whether he can tell you about the diameter.

Method-2: Putting a Dowel inside of The Hose

There are other ways that you can follow to get the job done as well. You already have an idea about the standard hose size as I mentioned that above. But, it is a wise decision to confirm the size before buying a new hose. Remove all kinds of accessories from the hose. Be careful when inserting something inside of the hose. It should not be sharp by any means. Otherwise, you may end up puncturing it. You know your dowel size, right? When it fits into the hose, then you know the exact size of your hose as well. It is as simple as that.

Method-3: Insert an Index Card

Although this method is a little bit complex, but trust me it will give you the measurement in a great level of accuracy. My suggestion is you should try the above ways in the first place. If everything fails, you can follow this way.  In this method, you must follow these steps to take the measurement.

Step-1: Remove all Accessories

At first, you must remove all kinds of accessories from your hose. For example, you should remove the nozzle as well.

Step-2: Insert an Index Card by Rolling It

At this point, you must roll an index card so that it can get the shape of a tube. Now, you should enter this newly made tube in your hose. You should insert at least half of it inside of the hose. Make sure that it is completely fit.

Step-3: Tape The Tube

Apply tape on the tube to make it stable in its cylindrical shape even after its removal from the hose.

Step-4: Remove The Tube

At this point, you need to remove the tube carefully. Make sure that when you are performing its removal from the hose, it remains unraveled.

Step-5: Measure the Index Paper

I hope now you know what you have to do, right? Just measure the diameter of the paper tube. Measure on the inserted side. You can use a ruler or even a tape in this process. No doubt, this is the required measurement of your inside hose.

Final Words

No one will deny that a garden hose is one of the most important tools in your garden. When by any means you need to buy a new hose, you must know the diameter of your old hose. If you know that from before, that’s great.

But, there may be certain situations in your life, when you may not remember the hose’s exact hose size. In that case, you may need to measure by yourself. I hope this article has helped you to know about how to measure garden hose size.

All of the methods I have discussed above can help you out. You can follow anyway. But, make sure that you have followed the steps properly.

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