How To Hook Up Utility Sink To Garden Hose [All Necessary Steps]

It is challenging sometimes if you need to fill water in a large bucket from a utility sink. Because it gets really heavy with water. There is an easy solution though. Maybe you want to use the sink as a water source for your garden hose. But, do you know How to hook up utility sink to the garden hose? Don’t worry at all if you don’t know. In this article, I will show you step-by-step to get the job done perfectly. Read on to know more!

How To Attach A Garden Hose To A Utility Sink (Necessary Steps)

When you talk about hooking up your garden hose to a utility sink, it is not that tough. There are some straightforward steps that you need to follow carefully. I have tried to break down steps precisely so that you can get a crystal clear idea about it.

Step 1: Get a Faucet Adapter

This small handy adapter will help you in your garden hose hooking up process. When the time comes, you just need to screw it onto the faucet. If you do it properly, you will get a male fitting for connecting the garden hose.

Step 2: Remove the Tip Of The Faucet

You need to do this job correctly. Don’t drop anything from the faucet tip when you unscrew it from the faucet. You can place a towel in the sink so that nothing loses if anything falls from the tip.

Step 3: Attach the New Faucet Adapter

Now it’s time to screw the adapter that I have mentioned in step 1. You can do it by using your bare hands. I think you won’t need tools by now. Tighten the adapter correctly.

Check that whether there is any existing vacuum breaker already integrated into the system or not. If not, you need to screw a hose–type vacuum breaker on the threads of the hose.

If you are not sure about where to get a vacuum breaker, you will easily get that in your local stores. It is a precautionary measure to protect the drinking water supply from any accidental contamination.

Step 4: Check the Presence of the Hose Gasket

At this point, you need to attach the hose to the faucet adapter. But, before doing so make sure that there is a hose gasket inside of the hose. In most cases, you’ll find rubber or vinyl gasket.

It plays important role in preventing unexpected leaks. So, you need to confirm that the hose gasket is in the right place before moving to the next step.

Step 5: Screw The Hose

In this step, you need to screw the hose onto the adapter which is already attached to the faucet. Make sure that you have tightened it properly to prevent water leaks.

How To Re-Attach The Faucet Tip

After serving the purpose, you may not need to attach the hose forever to the faucet. In that case, it should be removed so that the original faucet tip can return to its place properly. Check the steps below to know more.

Step 1: Remove the Hose and the Adapter

Now that you have completed your tasks, you have to remove the faucet adapter. Unscrewing is super simple. Just twist it anti-clockwise and it will be unscrewed within a very short time.

Step 2: Add Teflon Tape

You want to make the faucet tip leak-free, right? So, make sure that you have applied adequate Teflon tape to the faucet’s thread. Make sure that you have applied the tape in a clockwise rotation.

Step 3: Screw the Faucet Tip Again

Now take the original faucet tip that you unscrewed in step 2. You should attach it again over the tape. Don’t worry about the excess tape. Use a knife for cutting those excess taps.

Step-4: Perform Water Test

 That’s it. You are almost done. However, don’t forget to perform a quick water test to ensure that there is no leak in the faucet tip.

Final Words

It is not uncommon for many people who need to hoke up the garden hose onto the utility sink. But, knowing how to hook up utility sink to garden hose is so much important. In this article, I shared all of the steps that you need to follow to get the job done. I hope now you can DIY it conveniently.

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