Hercules Hose Reviews

Hercules Hose Reviews

When you’re talking about heavy-duty garden hoses, you can’t skip Pocket Hose Hercules garden hose at all.

‘Hercules’, the name says it all and truly this hose has got mind-blowing strength to survive all the beatings. At least, that’s what it’s famous for.

I’m not bluffing at all. If you take a look at the amazing features, you’ll definitely agree with me.

How about I give you a brief detail about its features? Let’s jump in the Hercules hose reviews.

Before jumping into the reviews in detail, here’s a little overview just in case you’re in a rush. This hose has got heavy-duty stainless-steel construction with the top-notch exterior. Its UV-resistant feature boosts its durability. Unlike others, it has got an interlocking armor to protect itself.

There’s no chance of getting kinks, tangles, cracks or tears. It offers you a powerful streaming experience with its nozzles. The hose is 50ft in length, which allows you to water around every corner of your garden.

Hercules Garden Hose Features

Pocket Hose Hercules garden hose comes with amazing features that will definitely leave you jaw dropped. In this section, I’ll let you know all about its features in brief detail.

Hercules Garden Hose Review

Heavy-Duty Construction

How many times do you have to change your hose?

You can’t just escape all those leaks, tears and cracks. You thought you’d won the game by getting a cheap hose. However, after a month or two, you realize every penny you spent on it was a waste.

Save yourself the hassle, regret, and embarrassment. Pocket Hose Hercules garden hose has got your back. It’s been made with pure stainless steel, and that confirms heavy-duty and high-quality construction.

It has got a super tough exterior that protects the interior part of the hose from all types of threats. It doesn’t matter if you run your lawnmower or even your car on this hose. It will survive all the beatings and tough conditions, no matter what.

UV-Resistant Feature

I know how it feels to work under the scorching sunlight. It can’t be tougher than in the summer. Well, you can just protect your head from the heat simply by wearing a hat, but what about your hose?

Typical hoses tend to get tears and cracks when there’s too much heat going around in the atmosphere. The UV-rays of the sunlight is the real archenemy. You don’t have to bash your hose harder; it gets the cracks anyway.

Hercules Hose stands out completely when the typical hoses can’t fight the UV-rays. Its steel construction comes with a UV-resistant feature. So, now you can say goodbye to cracks and tears.

Besides, normal garden hoses become red-hot when exposed to extreme heat. Hercules will stay cool 24/7 even if you work with it for hours.

Interlocking Armor

You’ve seen an armadillo, didn’t you?

Its hard and protective plates keep it safe. The interlock lets it move to places easily and fluidly.

Using the same concept, Hercules comes with an interlocking armor exterior.

The armor design makes your watering job easy-peasy. It also protects the hose from all types of gardening mishaps no matter what. So, if you leave your hose in your lawn, do know that your garden hose is in the safe zone.

Kink-Free Experience

So, you’re watering your garden and suddenly the hose twists. As a result, you accidentally stream the water straight on your face. Trust me, almost everyone experiences this unfortunate fate.

If you don’t get rid of all those cheap plastic hoses, you won’t be able to get rid of kinks and twists at all. No matter what, you can’t stop kinks appearing on your garden hose if you work for hours.

Or MAYBE YOU CAN. Get your hands on Hercules garden hose. First off, it’s made of steel, so the thought about kinks won’t even pop up in your brain. Besides, it’s kink-free design prevents it from unwanted twists and tangles.

50 Ft in Length

Do you own a big garden? Rather than wasting your money on multiple hoses, you can try using PorcketHose Hercules garden hose. The hose is 50ft in length, which allows you to water around each and every corner of your garden easily.

So rather than getting multiple hoses, you can work everything out using just one hose.

You’re Getting a Reel

Don’t stress a bit when I said the garden hose is 50 ft in length. You don’t have to store it inside a large box. I mean, it’s okay to get scared though as typical hoses do not come with any reel. You got to buy it separately.

It’s time to save your money. Pocket Hose Hercules garden hose comes with a heavy-duty reel. You can use it to twist your garden hose on it and store it anywhere you want.

Don’t worry, the reel comes with a very compact shape as well. You can fit it anywhere, even if there are space issues. Most importantly, it’s totally ON THE HOUSE.

Powerful Stream

You must be tired of the light drizzles you get from the nozzle of your hose. Watering your garden won’t be fun anymore if your hose doesn’t provide you a powerful stream.

Get rid of all those junks and get your hands on Pocket Hose Hercules garden hose. It comes with an impressive number of nozzles that churn out high-pressure spray. You can switch to different spray patterns as well.

Not just watering your garden, you can wash your car, give your dog a shower, clean your gutters, and a lot more.

Lightweight and Portable

Don’t take the size of your Hercules hose negatively for its weight. I’m not going to suggest you a heavy-weight hose because they don’t let you flex to different angles as you water your garden.

This hose is so light in weight that even your child can lift it with his bare hands. It allows you to experience easy-maneuverability as you shift to different angles.

Besides, since it’s portable, you can carry it anywhere you want.

What We Liked Most

  • The heavy-duty stainless-steel construction deserves applause as it saves your hose from getting leaks and cracks. Besides, the fact that it has got a super-tough exterior is also an impressive attribute.
  • The UV-resistant feature is, of course, a plus for you if you want to work under the scorching sunlight. So yes, it’s something we can’t ignore.
  • Let’s not forget about the interlocking armor that protects your hose from all the gardening mishaps. Also, it makes your watering experience easy.
  • It offers a completely free reel, and there’s no hidden charge. You don’t see that every day.

What Can be Improved

  • The tubing is a bit narrow. If it were a bit bigger, you’d be able to get massive water pressure.
  • If the grip were stronger, you’d be able to get much comfort while holding it.

Wrapping Up

Are you impressed? You should be.

Now that you’ve gone through Hercules hose review, you should be able to know why it stands out compared to others.

Yes, it may have a few cons, but you can simply overlook it because they don’t matter at all. If you get yourself a Hercules hose, trust me, you’ll win the game for sure.

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