Top 6 Flexzilla Garden Hose Reviews For 2021

Do you know what matters the most when choosing a product?

Brand loyalty. Not just hoses, let it be anything. If you don’t buy it from a good brand, the odds won’t be in your favor.

Now that you’re here, you and I both know that you’re seeking a good-quality garden hose. As I know what a gardener needs, I’ll be able to help you with everything.

If you want the perfect brand loyalty, I’ll recommend you go for hoses from Flexzilla. This giant is widely known for manufacturing top-notch garden hoses with advanced quality.

As I did all my homework, I’ve come up with the top 6 models from Flexzilla that have been running superbly in the marketplace right now.

Enough chit-chat. It’s time to hit the Fexzilla garden hose reviews.

At a Glance:

Legacy Flexzilla Lightweight Garden Hose
Legacy Flexzilla Lightweight Garden Hose
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Flexzilla Garden Hose Drinking Water Safe
Flexzilla Garden Hose Drinking Water Safe
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Flexzilla Color Garden Hose With Swivelgrip
Flexzilla Color Garden Hose With Swivelgrip
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Flexzilla Garden Hose with SwivelGrip
Flexzilla Garden Hose with SwivelGrip
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Top 6 Flexzilla Garden Hose Reviews

Here are the reviews of the top 6 Flexilla garden hoses. Please read the reviews carefully and choose one of them wisely. Let’s begin the hunt.

Legacy Flexzilla Lightweight Garden Hose

legacy flexzilla lightweight garden hose

You want flexibility and HFZG55 Garden Hose from Flexzilla comes with everything you need.

No, it’s not your mainstream garden hose that lacks quality.

This Flexzilla water hose is made from a super-strong hybrid polymer material. It prevents the hose from getting leaks and cracks. As a result, your hose survives all the tough conditions with no problem at all.

Wave off all the worries about pipe burst. This garden hose turns the table with its crush-resistant anodized aircraft aluminum fittings. These fittings are so strong that even if there’s massive water pressure, the hose will survive all the threats for years to come.

Besides, the abrasion-resistant feature it comes with makes it durable enough to stand against tears, cracks, and leaks.

Many garden hoses will survive the summer, but when the winter comes, they’ll start to lose their quality. You don’t have to worry about weather-conditions anymore with Flexzilla around.

Thanks to its all-weather flexibility, the garden hose can withstand any type of weather conditions. Even if you’re working under the scorching sunlight, it won’t be a problem for this hose to keep on working.

If you’re thirsty, you can take a sip from the hose as well. The hose is free of leads and certified as ‘Drinking-water-safe’.

Take the hose in your hand and press it as hard as you can. See? No kinks at all. The polymer material prevents kinks and twists as you work with the hose for hours.

As for storage, it comes with a compact shape. So, it will be easy for you to store it, even in places with small space.

Highlighted Features:

  • It’s been made of hybrid-polymer material which makes it strong enough to survive against leaks and cracks.
  • The crush-resistant anodized aircraft aluminum fittings prevent sudden pipe burst when there’s massive water pressure.
  • It’s drinking-water safe and leads free, so you can drink water out of it whenever you want.
  • The polymer material makes sure your hose doesn’t develop any kink or twist.

Flexzilla Garden Hose Drinking Water Safe

flexzilla garden hose drinking water safe

If you’re still reading the Flexzilla hose reviews, you might want to check out Flexzilla HFZG650YW.

Of course, it comes with the signature color ‘Green’ which makes the product stand out. As you look at it, the hose shines with a premium vibe. But it has more features that will leave your jaws dropped.

First off, it’s super-flexible. As you keep watering your garden, you’ll know this model from Flexzilla took the word ‘flex’ very seriously. Since it’s easy to maneuver, you get the ultimate comfort while watering your garden.

The hose is built in such a way so that it can survive all the tough conditions with no question asked. The hybrid polymer construction makes it one of a kind to stand firm against leaks and cracks 24/7. Use it for years. Your hose will be good as new no matter what.

Not every hose can handle massive water pressure. The low-quality ones usually experience a sudden burst as the water flows through it. Flexilla HFZG650YW turns the table.

It has got superior O-ring connectors that are specially used for long-term use. Turn your faucet on to the fullest, tell me I’m bluffing if the hose experiences any burst. You’ll be happy to prove yourself wrong.

The hose is ‘drinking-water-safe’ certified, so if you’re thirsty while working for hours, you can take a sip of water from it. It’s 100% lead-free, so there’s no health-risk for you at all.

The hose is very lightweight, allowing you to carry it easily wherever you go. When you’re done with it, simply coil it and store it anywhere you want. Its compact shape allows you to store it, even in places with space issues.

Highlighted Features:

  • The hose is super-flexible, allowing you to maneuver it easily as you water your garden.
  • The hybrid polymer construction prevents leaks and cracks from appearing on your hose.
  • The superior O-ring connectors are strong enough to prevent pipe bursts when there’s massive water pressure.
  • The hose is drinking water-safe, so there’s no health risk for you if you take a sip of water from it.

Flexzilla Color Garden Hose With Swivelgrip

Flexzilla Color Garden Hose With Swivelgrip

Let’s face the fact, Flexzilla offers great performance that very few hose manufacturers can match. But sometimes, you may get bored with the green everything from Flexzilla. Hence, sometimes it’s better to taste something different.

In this case, the brown mulch and red clay-colored garden hose from Flexzilla work fantastic for a change. But its not just about the attractive color variations only; this Flexzilla Color Garden Hose with Swivelgrip offers durability, performance, elegance, and superior-quality.

Since the garden hose features swivel grip action, so this premium hose provides tangle-free and easy recoiling operation. Also, with zero memory, the tube remains sturdy and static during watering. Thus, users will enjoy a hassle-free performance.

Moreover, the performance of this hose is bolstered abrasion and kink-free all-weather operation. Since the tubing is functional between -40°F to 150°F temperature and 150 PSI working pressure, you can use the hose for watering and cleaning purpose year-round.

But t’s not about cleaning and watering only; you can now drink water from this hose as well. Thankfully, it’s Lead, and BPA-free construction makes this possible. On top of it, the tube is made with Hybrid Flexible Polymer, the same Flexzilla used to manufacture its renowned ZillaGreen hose. So, users will enjoy crack-free unrivaled durability.

On the contrary, the inner fitting of the flexzilla garden hose 50ft is made of aviation-grade anodized aluminum fittings. So, the interior also remains functional for years. Lastly, you will love its secure connection, thanks to its female and male SwivelGrip patented technology. So, it will connect to any attachments with ease.

Highlighted Features:

  • The kink, crack, leak, and abrasion-free hose remains functional in all-weather condition.
  • The hose is available in brown mulch and red clay colors that add variations.
  • The lead-free hose is drinking water safe.
  • Flexzilla has used hybrid polymer to construct the hose that lays flat in the ground with zero memory.
  • Its patented SivelGrip action allows tangle-free smooth operation.

Flexzilla Garden Hose with SwivelGrip

Flexzilla Garden Hose with SwivelGrip

What user’s want from a high-end hose? Flexibility, durability, lightweight, and superior performance, right? While not every garden hose comes with these facilities, the Flexzilla Garden Hose with SwivelGrip offers everything you want.

First off, the hose is drinking water safe with lead-free construction. Hence, you can enjoy drinking water from it- a nice feature to have, really. Furthermore, the hose is made with a hybrid flexible polymer that lets the tube operate under extreme pressure. It won’t kink, leak and tangle.

The hybrid polymer construction is also extremely flexible and abrasion-resistant. So, the hose will remain useable under all-weather conditions. So, you won’t need to worry about the Flexzilla garden hose 25 ft and 5/8 inches diameter getting brittle or stiff even in extreme cold.

User’s worldwide also love its SwivelGrip action that comes with zero memory. So, you can easily open the hose, and it will remain flat on the ground. What’s more, the recoiling is also made accessible due to SwivelGrip patented technology. Not to mention that SwivelGrip technology allows the male end to connect with sprinklers and nozzles with ease.

While the outer part is durable and stealthy, the interior also enjoys unmatched durability. Yes, its aluminum brass fitting is ready to endure years of wear and tear for superior performance.

While traditional garden hoses are often weighty, this high-end hose is lightweight. So, you can maneuver and carry the hose from one place to another for convenient use. In short, the good things about this hose is merely endless.

Highlighted Features:

  • Flexzilla HFZG525YWS is a drinking water safe hose.
  • It is lighter than regular hoses, which makes carrying, storing, and maneuver super-easy and straightforward.
  • The hose is 25 ft long with 5/8-inches diameter, but variations are available for individual preference.
  • Its SwivelGrip action features kink and tangle-free operation and secure connection.
  • The hose is kink, leak, tangle, and abrasion-free and comes with zero memory that enables unmatched durability.

Flexzilla Garden Hose Kit with Quick Connect Attachments

Flexzilla Garden Hose Kit with Quick Connect Attachments

To speak the truth, it’s often time annoying to go from one shop to another and look for the different fitting attachments for the hose. It kills a lot of time. Felxzilla has come a long way to solve this issue with the introduction of this complete kit of Flexzilla Garden Hose.

This Flexzilla Garden Hose Kit with Quick Connect Attachments includes everything in the package you need for secure attachments such as nozzles, hose adapter, spigot adapters, and a hanger to hold the 50ft long and ½ inch heavy-duty hose. The package includes even a quick connect for sudden and quick flow stop coupler. So, no more unrest. Enjoy watering and cleaning.

Despite being a 50 ft hose, it weighs only 3.3 pounds. So, you can carry the tube anywhere you want without feeling the weight on your shoulders. This lightweight design is made possible thanks to the hybrid polymer construction.

The hybrid polymer construction enables the hose to function without any kink, leaks, abrasion, and tangles. So, say bye-bye to old hassles of making the hose straight after few uses. Also, the hose remains functional in between -40°F to 150°F temperature. So, this is operational virtually in all-weather conditions.

Furthermore, the interior is made using aviation-grade aluminum fittings, which makes the hose crack and crush-proof. The superior inner accessories come with lead-free materials. Hence, you can drink hose water if you want.

You will also love to know that the hose won’t kink or burst under extreme working pressure, thanks to its 150 PSI burst pressure endurance. And before I wrap up the review of this brilliant hose, I must mention that it’s included nozzle features twist actions. So, you can adjust the water from super stealthy jet spray to fine mist for delicate plants.

Are these enough? If not, then note down that the hose has zero memory. Hence, the opening and recoiling of the tube are made straightforward.

Highlighted Features:

  • The hose kit includes everything you need for different attachments.
  • The quick connecting hose attachment comes with a twisting action nozzle for increased performance. It reaches up to 20 ft.
  • It is a kink, leak, abrasion-free superior garden hose that is also drinking water safe.
  • The super-strong garden hose is durable as well as super portable.
  • It weighs only 3.3 pounds and includes a hanger to make gardening fun and joyous.

6.  Flexzilla Pro Water Hose with Reusable Fittings

Flexzilla Pro Water Hose with Reusable Fittings

For any environment and ecology lover, the renewability of any material matters the most. Environmentalist says that manufacturers should focus on at least the reusability of their things. Flexzilla, as a responsible and renowned gardening tools manufacturer, has taken note of it. Consequently, they have introduced their valued customers with this brilliant Flexzilla Pro Water Hose with Reusable Fittings.

Let’ focus on its most premium feature at first. Yes, you guessed it right. I am talking about its reusable fittings. It enables users to repair small damages of the hose and nozzle attachments with few easy DIY steps. This gives users an advantage in the fieldwork.

Also, you will love the flexibility and all-weather operation of the Flexzilla Pro Water Hose with Reusable Fittings. In fact, the hose remains functional even at -40°F to the scorching heat at 150°F temperature. So, nor more kinking or brittle at harsh weather.

Flexzilla has used its superior hybrid polymer to manufacture this brilliant 50 ft and 5/8-inches garden hose. So, it will remain leak, kink, abrasion, and UV-protected even uses during extreme harsh conditions.

The inner fittings of the hose are equally durable and feature bend restrictor, thanks to its superior anodized aluminum fittings. Also, the internal fitting is made with lead-free materials. Hence, this garden hose is drinking water safe.

However, you will be surprised to know that despite offering such fantastic features, the garden hose comes at a reasonably budget-friendly price. This is undoubtedly a unique advantage for this high-end hose.

Highlighted Features:

  • This Flexzilla hose comes with easy repairing fittings for convenient use.
  • Its lead-free construction is drinking water safe.
  • The inner fittings of the hose are made anodized aluminum for crack and crash-free operation.
  • It is kink, leak, abrasion, and tangle-free hose with all-weather use.


Q: Where is Flexzilla garden hose made?

A: Legacy Manufacturing builds Flexzilla gardening and watering hoses. Their main office is situated in Marion, Iowa. Hence, many people carry a misconception that the Flexzilla hose is made in the US. The truth is that Legacy Manufacturing has established its main industry in Taiwan. So, the Flexzilla garden hose is made in Taiwan, not in the US.

Q: Is Flexzilla garden hose drinking water safe?

A: Flexzilla garden hose, as the manufacturer claims, is made of lead-free material. Also, studies have found that there’s no phthalate and BPA contamination on the Flexzilla hoses. So, we can say that these garden hoses are safe for drinking water. Nonetheless, we recommend you to check the label while you buy those tubes to assure that it is drinking water safe for surety.

Q: How to clean Flexzilla garden hose?

A: When you use a Flexzilla garden hose for a long time, it might catch iron inside. Also, mold will build up inside it. Thus, you need to clean it. You can pour ½ cup of bleach in a bucket full of water. Then, pour the hose inside it and let it soak for the next six to eight hours.  It will destroy the debris, mold, bugs and germs from the garden hose. Finally, wash and replace the washer if need be.

Wrapping Up

Flexzilla Garden Hose Reviews

As you are done with the top 3 Flexzilla hose reviews, I hope you have already found the hose you were looking for.

Well, I could’ve also talked about other garden hoses from Flexzilla, but I thought I would rather not waste your time. As you want the premium quality ones, I chose only the best quality products from this brand.

You can go for all of them, or you can pick the one you liked most. Either way, you’ll win for sure.

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