Best Washing Machine Hose To Buy in 2010 [Top 16]

It was a beautiful Saturday night. I partied with my friends and came back home late at night. Then, I went to my washing machine and switched it to get my clothes clean and laundry- ready for next week’s office. But guess what, I see?

To my utter surprise, it started leaking almost instantly, showing a sign that the washing machine hose is not in perfect condition. These happened twice in the last two months. And I decided to buy a new hose, but I was running a little short of hard cash. So, I thought as soon as the crisis is over, I am going to get a new hose for my washing machine.

Best Washing Machine Hose

Thankfully with ample time in hand, I wanted to dig deep into finding the best washing machine hose for my appliance. So, I went through various review pages, read the customer’s review on Amazon, and find some surprising facts.

As I listed them one after another, I found many hoses for the washing machine, which are suitable depending on their durability, performance, high-efficiency, and water flow rate for optimal use.

I sincerely thought this could be helpful for many people like me trying to find the most appropriate tubes for the laundry machine that won’t leak and flood their rooms.

So, I am putting it up for you all, buds.

BEST OVERALL: Hot and Cold Washing Machine Hoses
RUNNER-UP: Eastman 41065 Braided Stainless Steel Washing Machine Hoses
BEST 90-DEGREE ELBOW: Premium Stainless Steel Washing Machine Hoses with 90 Degree Elbow
HEAVY DUTY : K&J 6ft Heavy-Duty Washing Machine Drain Hose

Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Washing Machine Hose

A pressure washer machine hose performs its job quietly- it serves the machine required cold or hot water to help it clean your clothes. While most people praise the device, the effort put by the hose is often undermined.

Unfortunately, a high-pressure washing hose receives a heck of wear and tear, and so, it needs to be durable. There’re other factors also crucial for purchasing the best hoses for washing machine. Let’s take a look at the factors:


Since washing machine is often placed with the adjacent wall, the washer machine water hose needs to be compact. Ideally, these hoses are available in 2, ft, 4 ft, 6 ft, and 8 ft length. However, some manufacturers offer even 10-12 ft hose. You can buy the longer ones if you want to customize it later.

The Diameter

The hose diameter determines the water flow rate. Ideally, with broader width, the hose will be able to supply more water in lesser time. Also, a broader diameter means the washing machine will less likely feel the flow pressures. As a standard rule, the diameter measurement follows as:

Small: ¼ inches hose diameter

Medium: 5/16 inches hose diameter

Large: 3/8 inches hose diameter

Construction Material

The debate between stainless steel vs. rubber washer hoses is a past issue.

The inner layer is made of vinyl, polypropylene, PVC, or rubber material. Since most manufacturers use high-quality material to produce the inner tube, all these materials are acceptable. On the contrary, the exterior of a hose should be made with stainless steel for the braided facility. It prevents cracks, kinks, and leaks for durable use.

Connection Compatibility and Safety

Ideally, all hoses for washing machine should come with universal couplings so that it fits in with all major brands. Also, the connection should be made secure with washer and clamp. Thankfully, almost all hose manufacturers include these with the package nowadays.

Hot and Cold Water Carrying Function

Since the washing machine needs both cold and hot water supply to laundry clothes, the hose must be able to supply both types of water. Manufacture, thus, includes a 2-pack tube, one for cold water, and another one for hot water supply.

Top 16 Best Hose for Washing Machine

For some unforeseen reasons, most people do not give proper attention to the tube (for water supply and drainer) of the washing machine. As a consequence, this inexpensive but mandatory tool keeps flooding our home regularly that creates frustration among us.

Moreover, homeowners should replace the hoses for the washer machine after 3-5 years for safety. So, make some free time to read this engaging review on the best-rated laundry machine hoses and see how your thoughts on the washing machine conduit take a U-turn.

MyLifeUNIT Washing Machine Drain Hose Extension

MyLifeUNIT Washing Machine Drain Hose Extension

Many people struggle to reach the draining point with their standard washing machine hose. We included the MyLifeUnit washing machine drain hose extension to solve this problem forever. The 6ft hose is connectable with any washing machine hose to immediately extend its length.

With two hose clamps and the extension adapter, connecting it with the existing hose is also a breeze task. You won’t have to call a plumber for it.

Apart from the easiness of installation, the hose extension kit also offers premium construction. The manufacturer has used EVA rubber foam for the extension hose. It is rust, toxicity, high-pressure, and aging resistant. So, you can expect a few years of formidable performance from it.

Plus, the 304-stainless steel made clamp is corrosion and rust-proof. So, the entire connection is secured and durable.

Finally, it features almost universal installation with a 1-1.5” diameter fitting ability for other hoses. It is suitable for most front-loading washing machine models in the market. Hence, your overall investment in it won’t be wasted.

Highlighted Features:

  • A complete extension kit package with hose, adapter, and clamps
  • Flexible drain hose extension with EVA rubber foam construction
  • Quickly fits 1-1.5” hose and is easy to install with the adapter
  • Usable directly with most front-loading washing machine models
  • Durable extension kit with rust, aging, and deformation resistance


  • The clamp is shorter than the hose diameter; so it is difficult to secure the hose with it.

K&J Hot and Cold Washing Machine Hose

Hot and Cold Washing Machine Hose

Hello, it’s time to introduce you to one of the top-rated metal washing machine hoses of our generation. Yes, with this K&J built premium stainless-steel automatic washer hose pair, you never have to be anxious about durability and performance.

Luckily, the hose comes with packed two tubes together, which is undoubtedly an excellent money-saving pick from the manufacturer.

But is that all about saving money? No, not at all.

A premium hose should fulfill customers’ requirements to the fullest, and this hose is the master of it. Firstly, the pair features hot and cold washing machine hoses that most washing hose lack. So, you can interchange between hot and cold water supply anytime you want.

Furthermore, the 6ft long hose is made of superior stainless steel to achieve a burst and leak-proof facility. This hose, thus, is sure to survive years of rough use. Most likely, this washing machine hot water hose will outperform even the washing machine when it comes to durability.

On the contrary, the inner part is made of 100% premium rubber that adds flexibility and a better sealing with the connection point.

Lastly, you will become a fan of its universal NPT ¾-inches connectors when you know that it will easily fit in both water supply and washing machine outlet conveniently. So, you won’t have to look for professional help at all.

Highlighted Features:

  • The stainless-steel construction is braided for burst and leak-proof facility.
  • Its universal ¾ inches NPT connector will fit in with all USA standard washing machine outlet.
  • K&J offers two sets of hose at a reasonable price.
  • The water hose is capable of holding both cold and hot water supply.
  • The internal 100% rubber construction is super-flexible and thus enjoys longevity.


  • The nylon thread is too sharp; it may cut through the original intake hose

Kelaro Washing Machine Hose With 90 Degree Elbow

Washing Machine Hose With 90 Degree Elbow

If you don’t like cleaning the entire home after a major leak in the washer-dryer, you must take a look at this Kelaro built hose for laundry machine with a 90-degree elbow. The 90-degree angle suggests that you can set up the washing machine much closer to the wall, a real space saver deal.

What’s more, the 90-degree washing machine drain hose pair comes in different colors for hot and cold water usage. The marked red hose is for hot water usage while the blue one suggests cold water use. So, say goodbye to all of your interchanging confusions.

This braided stainless steel washing machine hose with one 90 elbow is also extremely flexible. So, it will fit with almost all household washing machine installation. As you know, the braided hose indicates a superior burst and leak-proof facility. And this high-end hose is no exception to it.

The inner part is made with quality PVC, and the ferrules and brass couplings are all rust-proof that adds durability to it. Also, it is free of lead, which means your cloth is safe from toxic radiation. The only disadvantage of the hose is that it’s merely 4 ft long, but more extended versions are also available.

Highlighted Features:

  • The hoses with elbow design enable the installation of the washing machine near to the wall to save space.
  • Its lead-free construction with burst and leak-proof facility enjoys UPC certification.
  • It is ideal for contractor and homeowner usage.
  • The hose has a broader opening allowing 50% faster water fill-up.
  • Its flexible connector will fit in most washing machine drain hose.


  • The gasket portion may leak
  • Only ¾” outer diameter

Eastman Braided Stainless Steel Washing Machine Hose

Stainless Steel Washing Machine Hose

It will take years if I start describing all the features and construction quality of this Eastman 41065 hose. But I don’t want to play a waiting game with you and so will present only the premium features of the performance loaded hoses for the washing machine.

Eastman has included a 90-degree elbow design for space-saving installation of the washing machine. On top of it, the hose is mended for long-lasting performance to outperform even the washing machine itself.

Thankfully, the interior features reinforced nylon braided PVC core while the exterior comes with stainless-steel design. These together make the hose stealthy as well as kink and leak-proof. Also, with nickel-plated brass couplings, the tube is ready to withstand heavy-duty burst pressure.

This hose from Eastman also comes with ¾ inches female thread and connector, which is suitable for most washing machines. The installation is also made easy, thanks to its superior 9-degree elbow bending.

Highlighted Features:

  • The hose pair is interchangeable easily for cold and hot water supply.
  • Its 90-degree elbow design facilitates smooth and closer installation.
  • The hose is available in two variances, 5ft and 6ft.
  • The reinforced braided hose is kink, tangle, leak, and burst-proof for an extended lifetime.
  • It enjoys UPC and CSA approval for residential use.


  • The rubber interior damages over time; may leak after a few years of use

CompatibleBrands Stainless Steel Braided Washing Machine Drain Hose

Stainless Steel Braided Washing Machine Drain Hose

This 6 ft hose from Compatible Brands delivers just about the right performance, durability, and burst-free operation that customers love to see. The best part of this hose is it comes with a 2-in-1 pack that adds value to your purchase.

The extra value-added 2-in-1 pack also packs a punch of heavy-duty performance, since it is a stainless steel braided tube for washer-dryer. This means the tube has an inner part with regular rubber, and it has been covered with stainless-steel for superior safety and endurance.

Thanks to its braided construction, the hose is made burst-proof. So, once you purchase this brilliant burst free washer tube, you won’t experience any leaks or bursts when you seek help from the washing machine to clean all of your clothes.

Moreover, the manufacturer has also included non-leaking washers inside of this braided washing machine hose that also works great to prevent any unwanted leakage. So, with this exemplary burst proof automatic washer hose you won’t need to go to the mechanics for repairment.

Hence, enjoy washing your clothes without the fear of bursting or leaking in the middle of working with this Compatible Brands premium washer-dryer tube.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compatible Brands have included non-leaking four washer inserts with the package.
  • Its 2-in-1 pack adds excellent value to purchase.
  • The steel braided construction endures heavy-duty cleaning with added strength.
  • The opening of the hose has a large diameter for quick water fill up.


  • Extremely narrow diameter

K&J Heavy Duty Washing Machine Hose

heavy duty washing machine hose

To speak the truth, discharging or draining the washing machine is as challenging as maintaining the water supply hose. K&J, the premiere washing machine parts manufacturer, seems to realize the fact and hence, presented its valued customers with this brilliant heavy-duty hose for the washing machine with a clamp.

K&J manufactured the hose with industrial-quality polypropylene, which ensures that the tube will last for years. The design is also made flexible with a universal fitting which goes all the way up to ¼-1″. Thus, the discharging hose fits with LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, and also other brands of the washing machine.

Additionally, the 6 ft best washing machine hose comes with a corrugated design that enables it to deliver superior durability without reducing its flexibility. Customers also like its stainless-steel clamp. It allows users to the customized installation of the hose for a snug fit with the washing machine outlet.

As I wrap up the review for this brilliantly engineered heavy-duty 6ft hose, I cannot but tell you that K&J offers 100% satisfaction. Any breach to it will allow you to claim the full refund.

Highlighted Features:

  • The 6ft hose is made with industrial-scale polypropylene for ultra-durability.
  • Its universal connector will fit in 1-1/4 inches outlets.
  • K&J offers a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.
  • The clamp offers customizable snug fitting.
  • Its spiral core is made with high-density material for superior flexibility at tight corners.


  • The clamp is too big to fit; you have to trim it for fitting

Pro Parts Plus Extra Long Washing Machine Hose

Extra Long Washing Machine Hose

In most cases, the tube length of automatic washers varies between 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft. Unlike those regular hoses, this Washing Machine Drain Discharge Hose from Pro Parts Plus is unthinkably 12 feet long that you can use for distant water discharging of the washing machine.

The 12 ft length also suggests that you can quickly trim one end for customized sizes of the high-end hose. The hose is made with excellent durable material to withstand years of use. Also, it comes with a saddle hook and superior flexibility for convenient use.

You can use the clamp to attach the hose with ease to walls or the washing machine. It will allow the tube to stand still without bending or kinking.

One of the underlying problems with the most washer hose is that the external diameter is compatible with one or two sizes of washing machine outlet only. This limits its functioning drastically. However, we feel delighted to let you know that this long dryer hose outer diameter is functional with washer-dryer outlets measuring 1″, 1-1/8″ or 1-1/4″; so, it is virtually usable with almost all washing machine outlets.

Also, the extra-long hose allows you to use it to free up spaces near walls, and it comes with a 90° end for added maneuverability in tight space. All in all, this could be the last hose you need to buy for discharging water from the washing machine, thanks to its brilliant build-quality and durability.

Highlighted Features:

  • This water machine discharging hose is 12 ft long for flexible usage.
  • Its outer diameter is compatible with 1″, 1-1/8″ or 1-1/4″ washing machine outlet.
  • The customized sizes are also possible with an easy trimming.
  • It includes a saddle hook for superior sure-shot aim.


  • The wider hose is difficult to move through tight space

Kelaro 10 ft Stainless Steel Washing Machine Hoses

10 ft Stainless Steel Washing Machine Hoses

If you are a fan of durability, functionality, and sustainable performance, you might choose the 10 ft stainless steel hoses by Kelaro. There’re several reasons that I can come up with to convince you to purchase this brilliant hose.

But let me first off say that you are actually getting two (2) hoses for the price of one with this Kelaro brand hose. So, this works as a value-added purchase, especially if you are in a limited budget.

Its inner core is made of superior PVC, while the outside features 304-grade premium stainless steel for durability. Moreover, the ferrules, nipples, and Brass nuts of this 10 feet washer tube are made with stainless steel for abrasion, rust, and corrosion resistance. So, you are sure to get a long-lasting performance with this washer machine water hose.

The pair of these Kelaro hoses for washer machine come with universal flexibility. Hence, it will fit in easily with regular water supply lines in the household. So, the tube is ideal for both contractor and household installation.

Also note that the outer section is made of stainless steel, and so, the hose is burst-proof. Lastly, you will love its super-fast water fill up, thanks to its wider opening that comes with 50% faster water fill up. So, no more waiting game.

Highlighted Features:

  • It’s made with 304-grade premium stainless-steel that enables the water hose to endure harsh beatings and burst.
  • Its brass connectors feature anti-rust and corrosion-proof facility for durable use.
  • The 10 ft hose is capable of carrying both hot and cold water.
  • It fills up the washing machine 50% faster, thanks to the wide opening.
  • The hose is suitable for both contractor and residential installation.


  • The gasket is a bit weak

K&J Rubber Washing Machine Hose

Rubber Washing Machine Hose

If you are in search of a premium pair of hoses for washer machine at an affordable price while offering high-end performance, you can trust this hose from K&J. With vast numbers of choices available in the market, sometimes hose buying can get confusing. Hence, K&J is committed to reducing the guesswork, and so, they built this rubber hose.

Since the hoses are 6 ft long, with the hose pair, you can go behind the washing machine without disconnecting the hose from the water supply. This enables smooth movement. Also, the tube is made with reinforced fiber-mesh that provides exceptional burst strength to the hose that is comparable with stainless-steel construction.

Furthermore, you won’t need to be anxious about hot and cold-water flow once you purchase this rubber hose. Thankfully, the hot and cold water hoses for the washing machine are compatible to carry both hot and cold water with ease.

Lastly, its ¾” NPT universal connection is also compatible with all the USA standard washing machine outlet. So, don’t bog down with numbers anymore.

Highlighted Features:

  • It comes with a Universal NPT ¾” connector for use with all washing machine outlet.
  • The hose is compatible with both cold and hot water supply.
  • K&J offers a money-back guarantee without 100% product satisfaction.
  • Despite being a rubber hose, it offers profound burst and leak-proof facility.
  • The 2-in-1 package is priced reasonably.


  • Many people complained about the hose starting to rust after 1-year use

Danco Auto Shut Off Washing Machine Hose

6 ft washing machine hose

Did you ever want to fight a war against leaks and crack of the hose but postpone the battle for the lack of proper armor? If yes, step up, because it’s your time. Say goodbye to those annoying leaks and cracks as I introduce you with the smartest hose you ever imagine.

Yes, this 5ft 2-pack hose from Danco comes with a smart leak indicator. The intelligent technology detects any possible interior leaking and immediately shuts off the faucets to stop the overflow of water. In this way, the auto shut off hose with smart indicator stops flooding your room. So, no more of those tiresome water wiping.

Danco has added its double-layered hose for this washing machine tube that another layer of protection. This is well supported by its safety threaded lock that prevents the connections from getting lost. Also, the hose comes with removable filters. Hence, you can replace the filter from time to time to avoid costly washing machine repair.

The premium hose is flexible with a great extent of durability. It works between 2-180 PSI burst pressure within 40° to 185°F temperature. So, you won’t need to think about its crimping or kinking under extreme cold or hot days.

This could be the very last washer-dryer hose you will need to purchase. It will work with your present laundry machine and with the next one too. Thanks will go to its universal connector that fits with most USA models.

Highlighted Features:

  • The Flood Armor hose from Danco detects internal leaks with patented smart technology.
  • It shuts off the water valve automatically when it detects any leaks.
  • Its safety thread lock and double0layered tubing ensure superior flex and secure connection.
  • The filter is removable to prevent a costly repair.
  • The 2-pack hose is compatible with cold and hot water supply.


  • May slow down the water flow a bit

Everflow Supplies 3 Foot Washing Machine Hose

3 foot washing machine hose

Let me introduce you to the shortest washing machine rubber hose in this review section. Yes, Everflow Supplies has manufactured this only 3-foot hose in the USA for use in a tight space.

It is made of rubber but not just any regular ones. The manufacturer has used EPD rubber to make this hose that creates a sealant with the water faucet. It prevents any kinks and leaks, which ensures delivering constant water supply. The premium rubber constructed tube is functional even in 200PSI working and 800 PSI burst pressure, one of the highest available in the market.

Also, this super-durable hose will remain functional at 20°F-190°F temperature. So, whether you are living in a cold area or a place with scorching heat, this hose will supply the water from the water source to your washing machine.

When it comes to secure connection, this hose is compatible with all universal ¾ inches washing machine outlet. Moreover, the package of one the best hose for washing machine includes a rubber washer to connect the water supply faucet and the washing machine securely.

The last plus point of this hose is a tool-free installation. So, you won’t need to invest money in purchasing any specialized tools for setup.

Highlighted Features:

  • This Everflow Supplies made hose facilitates 800 PSI burst pressure and 200 PSI working pressure.
  • The hose will function between 20°F-190°F temperature.
  • Its 3ft length is ideal for setting up in a tight place.
  • The rubber hose is made with EPD rubber that adds durability and flexibility.
  • The connection between the water faucet and the hose is secured with a rubber washer.


  • At 3ft length is it pretty small
  • The washer fitting is loose

Producktive Hardware 6 ft Washing Machine Hose

6 ft washing machine hose

Are you tired of replacing the hose of the washing machine one after another and still frustrated to see it leaking at crucial times? I understand that it creates depression to see your money going into the garbage, and that’s why I decided to inform you about these 6-foot heavy-duty hose for automatic washer from Producktive Hardware.

This premium hose packs some incredible features that you will fall in love with it. First off, it’s made of industrial-grade polypropylene with a high-density spiral core. Hence, it is super-durable and also serves exceptional flexibility at work. Thus, the hose is ideal for working in tight space to connect the washing machine and the drain spot. The draining points include a sink or through the wall.

Also, the 6 ft washing machine conduit with its flex and bending facility will easily withstand cracks, bursting, leaks, tangles, and high-working pressure for convenient laundry usage. Furthermore, the drain hose is compatible with most models of washing machine and 1-1/4″ diameter of drain outlets.

Its larger diameter means that the washing machine will feel less stressed while discharging the used water. It is particularly suitable for the life expectancy of the pressure washer and the hose itself. Hence, forget about replacing stiff hoses after few uses only.

You will also find its straightforward setup effortless with the included stainless-steel clamp.

Highlighted Features:

  • It’s made with high-quality polypropylene with high-density spiral core for durability and flexibility.
  • The replacement hose has a larger diameter for stress-free water discharge.
  • The hose is compatible with most models and up to 1.25 inches outlet diameter for fast and convenient water release.
  • You will find its crack, leak, kink, and tangle-free operation with a smooth flex and bending ability useful for convenient long-term use.
  • The 6′ hose is easy to set up with a stainless-steel clamp.


  • The hose clamp is a misfit; trim it before use

Universal Washing Machine Hose With 90 Degree Elbow

universal washing machine hose

This is another pair of best-rated hose for superior service with washing machine that comes with loads of essential features. So, it’s no surprise why this 5 ft washer tube enjoys unprecedented popularity among customers.

Its interior is made of reinforced vinyl with lead-free material to ensure lasted performance. Its durability is boosted further with the braided stainless-steel exterior. Thus, the pair of stainless-steel washing machine drain hose offer heavy-duty operation for the contractor and residential laundry service. Furthermore, the braided design means that the 2-packed hot and cold water supplying pair features no burst washing machine conduits for tension-free use.

The best part about the 2-pack hose is that the cold and hot water hose is marked with blue and red color, respectively. It ensures hassle-free application as you won’t think twice about which tube supplies what types of water.

The burst-proof water hose also comes with a useful 90-degree elbow design. Hence, this premium hose with a 90-degree elbow enables easy setup with the water supply lines. Also, its ¾ inches connector is suitable for most models available in the USA. So, it’s categorized as a universal hose with all the features a customer may require within a reasonable price.

Highlighted Features:

  • The hose exterior is made of premium 304-grade stainless steel for a braided facility that will last longer than the washing machine itself.
  • Its 90-degree elbow allows users to set up the water supply hose even in tighter space.
  • The 90-degree universal elbow connector is ideal for most washing machines, hose thread, and hose connector.
  • It is compatible with 290 PSI burst and 1,500 PSI working pressure.
  • It remains functional between -40°F to 210°F temperature.
  • This premium hose enjoys approvals from UPC, RoHS WRAS, and NSF61.


  • Durability is a little below per or average

Certified Appliance Accessories Short Washing Machine Hose

short washing machine hose

Until now, this review looked incomplete. But with the inclusion of Certified Appliance Accessories 2-pack 4ft short washing machine water hose. It may seem small in size, but it loads with all essential features a licensed plumber, commercial, or residential laundryman would want for convenient use.

Its inner core is made with woven polyester and is surrounded by high-quality vinyl for added endurance and flexibility. Then, the exterior is covered with a braided 304-grade stainless steel to function under extreme burst and working pressure. Hence, the stainless steel braided washing machine hose pair is burst, leak, and kink-free that ensures efficient water supply.

The 2-pack hoses for dryer come with a ¾ inches universal connector for easy installation. This is bolstered further with the inclusion of stainless steel made brass couplings stem. It ensures a secure and permanent connection.

For further safety, the manufacturer has also included four washers that are made to last long.

When it comes to performance, the pair is ready with interchangeable cold and hot water supply. Therefore, the hot and cold water hoses for the washing machine are prepared to supply you with both water types whenever necessary.

If all these features aren’t enough for you, then be glad to know that it has approval from UPC, NSF 61, ASME and CSA for its brilliant safety measurements. Also, with a 5-years limited warranty, you rest assured to get a replacement in case it comes faulty.

Highlighted Features:

  • The hose is braided, which means it won’t crack, puncture or kink.
  • It is compatible with both cold and hot water supply with two different hoses.
  • The high-quality and secured connection is reliable as well as will last long.
  • The manufacturer has made the brass couplings with stainless steel coating for a secure connection.
  • Its 4ft size is ideal for tighter space setup.


  • Only available in 4ft length

Samsung Washer Drain Hose

samsung washer drain hose

This drain hose from Samsung is an excellent deal for those who want a reliable discharger for their washing machine at an affordable cost. The tube can be used as a replacement or extension with all the premiere requisites of a high-end hose.

The Samsung Washing Machine Drain Hose is eight feet in length. Hence, you can use the drain hose to connect it to the washer machine discharging outlet and the other end to a distant area like the sink or out of the room. So, you won’t have to put your washing machine close to a discharging point necessarily.

However, you can trim the drain hose to any length for customized use. Since it is made with quality PVC, the washer machine water hose drainer will withstand years of wear and tear. Nonetheless, it’s not braided so won’t expect crack-free operation from it.

It’s genuine OEM parts truly justify Samsung’s core value of satisfying the customers. The OEM parts are also suitable for all major washing machine brands in the USA. The good news is that the assembly is straightforward and possible with a DIY project.

Highlighted Features:

  • The hose drainer is 8 ft in length.
  • The drain hose assembly is customizable with easy trimming.
  • It is made with premium PVC for durability and flex.
  • Both ends are compatible with straightforward installation.
  • Its connections are made safe with a clamp and plastic construction.


  • Need to buy the mounting clamp separately

Kelaro Universal Washing Machine Drain Hose 8 Foot

Washing Machine Drain Hose

It is another premium-quality washing hose from Kelaro that will deliver just about the right performance every customer wants. Since this 8 feet washing machine hose comes with a ridged design, this drain hose is strong and flexible for years of use.

The super flexible design also facilitates universal fittings. This means the hose is compatible with 1-1/4 inches washing machine stubs of all brands such as Whirlpool, Kenmore, Haier, LG, Maytag, Samsung, and so on. Furthermore, the installation is super-easy, with each trimming to fit with any dimeter.

Also, you can easily trim this 8 ft hose to your desired length for customization. This also helps the easy setup that may save a lot of time for users. So, no more time-wasting, just install and start cleaning.

Furthermore, its premium-quality PVC construction has made the hose stealthy for heavy-duty washing jobs. Additionally, Kelaro has included two clamps and a saddle hook with these heavy-duty dryer hoses that will hold the tube firmly with the wall. The saddle hook is made of plastic, while the clamp set is made of stainless steel to withstand against corrosion and rust for durable usage.

Highlighted Features:

  • This heavy-duty 8ft drain hose is easily customizable both in length and diameter.
  • It comes with universal 1-1/4 inches fittings for all washing machine outlet.
  • The inclusion of clamps and saddle hook allows easy attaching with the wall.
  • Kelaro has included corrugated design to make it ultra-flexible and long-lasting.


  • Flimsy construction
  • At times may leak after a few months

Frequently Asked Questions

what is the best washing machine hose?

According to our research and customer reviews we mark K&J Premium Stainless Steel Washing Machine Hose as best one.

Q: How long can a washing machine drain hose be?

Ideally, a washing machine hose needs to be at least 39 inches long, whereas the ideal maximum length is 96 inches. However, some hoses are even 10 ft to 12 ft long and allow customized trimming.

Q: How often do users need to replace washing machine hoses?

Washing machine drain hoses are durable and offer lasting performance. But then again, you need to replace them after three to five years to ensure that your washing machine keeps performing satisfactorily.

How long will a stainless-steel braided hose last?

Manufacturer claim five years guarantee for the braided stainless steel washer machine hose. But, it’s only a disclaimer to stay on the sunny side. As far as customer reviews suggest and experts opine, a braided stainless steel hose will last for years with proper care.

Are the washing machine hoses universal?

Technically, all washing machine hose and dischargers as well are universal. It means these hoses comes with a connection suitable for most major brands of washer machine. However, it’s better to check the connectivity from the manual.

How to stop garden hose connections from leaking?

The leaking of a garden hose connection may happen due to a loose joint. Hence, at first, try to tighten the hose connection to see if it works. Also, check for any debris at the connection point as sometimes grime also causes unexpected leaks.

How to change the washing machine hoses?

The replacement or changing of washing machine hose is a pretty easy task. Once you unplug the washing machine from the electrical source and disconnect the water supply, proceed to the next step. Use pliers to disconnect the hose from its connections.

How to install a washing machine drain hose?

You must install the drain hose with the washing machine and at the draining place properly to stop leakage. You might feed the drain hose over the wall edge and on to the nearby sink if the washing machine is situated near the sink. If the sink is far away from the machine, use a standpipe to install the drain hose. You need to accommodate the drainpipe downward for perfect draining. We recommend you using a hose guide to hold the drain below. When you use the standpipe, it needs to be placed higher than the water level of the machine for easy flow of the water.

How to remove a drain hose from the washing machine?

At first, differentiate between the washing machine hot and cold water line and the drain hose. Ideally, the hot and cold line would have a smaller diameter. Once you identify and locate the drain hose, you can pull it to remove from the machine. If it has screw attachment, you will have to use a screwdriver for the removal process. Also, keep a container underneath the hose to collect any water if there is any inside the line.

How to remove the drain hose from the hotpoint washing machine?

The hotpoint or pump is usually located at the bottom of your washing machine. Firstly, remove the sump hose and drain the hose from the appliance. Next, take out the connecting screws or the securing clip to remove the hotpoint safely from its place.

What is the standard size of a washing machine hose?

The standard diameter for the washing machine hot and cold hose is ¾”. And its length may vary from 3ft to 12ft depending on the models. Mostly, you will see a 6ft drain hose with ¾” diameter for washing machines.

Does the washing machine drain hose need elevated?

Yes, you should elevate the drain hose. Washing machine experts suggest that the drain hose needs to be at a higher position than the appliance itself. It stops any possibility of siphoning and helps in quick and effective drainage.

How often should washing machine hoses be changed?

Ideally, you should replace the washing machine hose once every three to five years. Although most washing machine hose promise to be around 10 years durable, it starts rusting after a few years of use. Replacing it timely will help prolong the washing machine’s lifespan greatly.

How to keep washing machine hoses from freezing?

During winter you should turn on the water faucet of the washing machine hose to prevent it from freezing. It allows dripping water slightly and stops freezing of the connected washing machine hose quite effectively.

Can you extend a waste hose on a washing machine?

You can extend the washing machine’s existing hose with a hose extension kit. The kit includes a hose, connecting adapter, and clamps for quick extension and hose attachment.

Wrapping Up

An inappropriate washer-dryer hose may quickly turn your beautiful holiday mornings in a nightmarish experience. So, if you don’t want to spoil your leisure to wipe off the flooded water resulting from a leaked or damaged hose from your cloth washer, it’s time you buy proper hoses for washer machine that will serve quietly but accurately.

I have extensively researched the most popular and top-rated hoses for your washer-dryer to come up with these 16 best washing machine hoses for your washing machine at present. I have covered both braided steel and rubber hoses with cold and hot water facilities so that the tubes meet everyone’s requirements. I have also focused on endurance, water flow, burst pressure, and working strength to ensure that you get the ideal one for you.

And one last thing, although all these hoses are of superior quality, maintenance once in a year will allow them to function for years.

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