Best Soaker Hose – 11 Reviews and Buying Guide in 2021

Are you a garden lover and want to make your garden healthy, green, and grow better? Do you often find garden watering a tedious task?

Whatever may be the cause, you must ensure a proper watering system for your garden and lawn to help them grow healthy. While depending on the weather is an old solution, it leaves your plants vulnerable to drought or excess rain; either way, your lovely garden will ruin.

So, you need the best soaker hose to help your garden with proper irrigation while not indulging you in the tiresome task. In fact, unless you have the appropriate garden soaker hose, you won’t understand what you were missing- efficient hands-free operation and ideal watering at the minimum effort.

However, choosing the soaker hose for your garden and lawn is not an ABC task. It’s possible to get stagnant in between thousands of choices.

So, we came up…

With these top twelve soaker hose reviews that are revving in the market. We have also included the buying guide along with the garden hose soaker installation four your convenience.

At a Glance:

Gilmour Flat Soaker Hose – Best Overall
Gilmour Flat Soaker Hose – Best Overall
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Melnor Flat Soaker Garden Hose
Melnor Flat Soaker Garden Hose
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Swan Products Miracle-Gro Soaker Hose
Swan Products Miracle-Gro Soaker Hose
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Teknor Apex Soil Soaker Hose
Teknor Apex Soil Soaker Hose
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What Is a Soaker Hose?

What Is a Soaker Hose?

Although at first glance, a soaker hose and a regular garden hose look similar, these two are very distinctively characterized. When you look closely at the water soaker hose, you will find many pores on its body along the length. These pores are extraordinarily tiny and resemble our body pores. Through these pores, the soaker hose slowly relieves water across the garden.

A soaker hose operates in low-pressure and is mainly used to distribute water evenly all across the garden. These tubes often prevent evaporation from conserving water. So, plant roots receive maximum water at the least cost.

The biggest distinctiveness of a soaker hose is that every manufacturer makes it using recycled material. Henceforth, soaker hose promotes a green garden.

You can place the hose both above and below the soil. And with lightweight, a soaker hose is known for convenient storage. The soaker hose also needs less maintenance and so, preferred for constant and even water supply to vegetables, flower plants, and shrubs for healthier and lush green gardens.

The 11 Best Soaker Hose Reviews

The best garden soaker hose is useful for proper irrigation at small to most extensive gardens. These tubes deliver a constant water supply to feed plants adequately and operate hands-free.

So, these hoses are a dire need for a healthy, green, and luscious garden.

Gilmour Flat Soaker Hose

Flat Soaker Hose

Calling a professional for placing the soaker hose underneath the soil and complete installation, is sometimes money wastage. You can save those amounts with this Gilmour soaker hose. Yes, you can place the hose under mulch and create a DIY watering system around your lovely garden.

As the Gilmour flat soaker hose lays flat underneath the soil, it reaches every plant root and deliver water directly there. So, you enjoy efficient watering with less water usage. Also, its weeping method supplies water directly to plants while minimizing the evaporation- resulting into water conservation.

The fabric of the exterior cover is made with clog-resistant material to boost the constant and smooth water soaking. So, plants and vegetables enjoy a better hydrant system.

Gilmour has made the soaker hose for garden with highly-durable and flexible vinyl. So, no wonder why this is ranked among the best flat soaker hoses of the time. Its lay-flat capacity also facilitates easy installation of the hose.

Gilmour provides a generous 7 years warranty so that you remain calm and happy. However, to get the best output from the soaker hose use it with 60 PSI water pressure.

Highlighted features:

  • The hose is available in 25ft, 50ft and 75 ft length.
  • It lays flat on the ground so you can roll it and store for the next season use.
  • The perforated PVC cover provides consistent water soaking directly to the plant roots.
  • The soaker hose is made with premium vinyl that withstands the harshest usage.
  • Prevents evaporation to conserve water and lower utility bills.

Melnor Flat Soaker Garden Hose

Melnor Flat Soaker Garden Hose

Melnor started their long journey way back in 1946 and since then have gifted homeowners, gardeners, and cleaners with some premium and high specs hoses. Their one of the best-selling and top-rated products is the Melnor Soaker Hose.

Among the many stunning features of the hose, the extreme storage capacity comes first. It is made of high-quality vinyl, which is rated among one of the most flexible hose materials. So, you can bend the hose and store it within a tight space.

The flexibility comes handy to move the hose through the beveled angles and positions at the lawn and garden to reach every plant root. And as the soaker slowly but evenly releases water to the plants, you see them sprouting like never before.

The porous design prevents water wastage while supplying the required amount gently to every vegetable, flower, and shrubs.

The hose is 50 ft long and fits into with all standard ¾” hose thread for easy installation. So, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have it in your garden.

Highlighted features:

  • The hose is available in 50ft, 75 ft, and 100 ft length.
  • It is made of vinyl and is extremely versatile.
  • You can store the hose within the 0.05ft cubic ft area.
  • Slow soaking is suitable for watering raised beds, vegetables, and plants.
  • When the water is in, the hose prevents kinks and bends and lays flat for easy use.

Swan Products Miracle-Gro Soaker Hose

Miracle-Gro Soaker Hose

The 100 ft soaker hose uses 70% less water compared with the regular sprinklers and still delivers the same output for your garden growth. This efficiency of the soaker is achieved through the water controlling capacity with the water restrictor point.

The remarkable soaker hose delivers the water directly to the plant roots with a supply capacity for 0.5-1 gallon per foot. You can position the soaker hose underneath the soil. This placement will protect vegetables and sophisticated foliage from the extreme pressure of the hose.

The swan soaker hose is 100 ft in length and is made from lead-free 65% recycled materials. So, it is drinking water safe. Also, the recycling construction makes it a suitor for green gardening.

For customization and easy installation, the manufacturer has included the full 18-set of EZ connect fittings. So, you can cut the hose at any length and install the EZ fittings. As you connect the hose with the water source, make sure the source is in a higher position. It will increase the flow rate and stop unnecessary blockage.

The 3/8″ soaker hose only needs 1 minute to fill per foot and is also available in 50 ft and 75ft length with a universal 3/8 inches inner diameter.

Highlighted features:

  • It’s made with lead-free 65% recycled materials and so meets the standard of the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act.
  • 70% less water uses than the regular hoses and so, lowers utility bills.
  • You can place it underneath the soil.
  • With 4 male and 4 female connectors, it’s easy to customize and connect with water sources.
  • It will directly release 1 gallons of water to the plant roots.

Teknor Apex Soil Soaker Hose

Soil Soaker Hose

The water soaker hose is manufactured by the famous Teknor Apex which itself certifies about the quality of this soaker hose. Teknor has made this groundbreaking soaker tube to maximize your watering effort in the garden while using at least 30% less water.

The best garden soaker hose has built-in weeping pores. These pores will supply the water directly to the plant roots causing less water wastage. The hose also prevents evaporation and minimizes the run-off to conserve water.

The hose is made in the USA with extreme vinyl construction. So, you can expect easy handling and winding of the tube. It’s made possible due to the hose flex capacity. Also, it will lay flat in the ground that makes hose placement convenient.

The Apex soaker hose inner diameter is ½,” and you will get it in 25ft, 50ft, 75ft, and 100ft length to meet your requirements. The installation is easy with the EZ brass couplings from ABS Plastic. The brass couplings are suitable for secure connection and you can actually connect up to 400 ft of soaker hose.

So, it is suitable for both small and large watering systems and is ready to give you a lusciously green and healthy garden. And finally, with 7 years of warranty it ensures peace of mind.

Highlighted features:

  • It saves 30% water than the standard water hoses.
  • The vinyl construction is flexible and highly durable also.
  • It’s made in the USA and has seven years warranty.
  • It will deliver water direct to the plant root with weeping pores.
  • It lays flat on the ground for straightforward use.

Flexon Soaker Hose

flexon soaker hose

Flexon has already established their mark in the hose making industry and customers praise highly about their unprecedented and uncompromising quality. This best soaker hose is no exception to it.

The Flexon garden soaker hose best fits those who want to make their garden healthier and lovely but dislike putting much effort. The 25ft soaker hose will silently do what it is made to do- delivering the right amount of water to every plant root.

Flexon has made the hose with premium rubber material to withstand UV-rays and the harshest terrain. So, you can rest upon the hose for supplying water to the plants in both ways, underneath the soil or above.

The rubber construction is beneficial for slow water dripping and soaking. So, plants find it easier to soak the water. And the weeping of the soaker hose ensures constant delivery of water throughout the garden.

The porous design of the 25 foot soaker hose prevents grime build-up and water clogging for all-season use. And its true 5/8″ inner diameter is just per the standard diameter for hassle-free water supply to make the garden healthy and lush.

Highlighted features:

  • The slow soaker hose is ideal for small to medium gardens to ensure plant growth.
  • Its porous design will prevent unnecessary clogging for extended use.
  • The soaker hose is usable both above and below soil.
  • The lightweight design makes possible for easy storage.
  • Flexon offers a generous 7 years warranty for the eco-friendly hose.

Water Right Soaker Hose

water right soaker hose

This 100 ft soaker hose from Water Right Inc. offers the perfect requirements right up to your sleeves. Once you have it, you can feed your edible plants, and vegetables with enough water. So, you will love how fast and healthy the garden grows.

While most soaker hoses are made of recycled materials, Water Right has used high-quality polyurethane to make this beast. On top of it, the top-of-the-line soaker hose is made without any BPA and lead materials. Henceforth, FDA and NSF certify it as a drinking water safe soaker hose. Additionally, it also doesn’t contain any harmful phthalate.

The brass fittings with chrome-plated of the polyurethane soaker hose are made of brass-free also. This further bolsters the drinking water safe feature while the fittings are tarnish and leak-proof. Naturally, you expect an extended lifespan.

Next, the strain reliefs on both ends stop kinks and tangles so water can flow constantly through the hose and reach all plants evenly. Finally, the hose construction is made flexible to stand all-seasons even in the freezing winter.

Also, the golden color of the hose is attractive, and with ½” diameter, you get the right PSI and water flow to soak your plants’ roots. And with 7.55 pounds weight it is surprisingly lighter than most hoses.

Highlighted features:

  • It is a drinking water safe soaker hose.
  • The polyurethane soaker hose is free of BPA, lead and phthalate.
  • The brass fittings are leak-proof while strain relief ends prevent kinks.
  • It is one of the lightest 100ft hose.
  • The soaker hose is best for delivering water to the edible plants.

Drip Irrigation Soaker Hose

drip irrigation soaker hose

When it comes to drip irrigation vs soaker hose many people tend to switch their favor towards drip irrigation because of its customizable watering system. And this drip irrigation garden soaker hose offers you the same.

With this hose from Gardener’s Supply Company you get total control over the watering system. So, provide water to where and which plants need it and don’t where it’s not needed. This also saves water wastage.

The 50 ft soaker hose has a ½” diameter for proper water flow and PSI to help water reach the furthest point. The manufacturer has used recycled rubber and PVC to make the two different hoses. These materials together make the soaker hose durable and leak-proof.

Similarly, the Quick Connect plastic fittings are also durable and leak-proof. And for easy installation, the manufacturer has included all kits in the package, so setup is a breeze and minutes away. Remember that, the ½ inch soaker hose will work best at 10PSI. The best thing is that you get a 25 ft garden hose complimentary with the package.

When you install the hose and connect it with a water source, it can supply water to four zones. Thus, it is suitable for raised plant beds and patio gardens.

Highlighted features:

  • The 50 ft hose has ½ inch diameter and works better in 10 PSI.
  • It weighs only 15.8 ounces for easy storage.
  • The package includes all essential kits for installation.
  • The soaker drip irrigation hose can be used in raised beds and patio plants.
  • The polyurethane rubber construction is UV optimized.

Swan Element Soaker Hose

element soaker hose

This Element Soaker Pro hose is made by Swan, one of the leaders in the market and delivers consistency and high-performance likewise, all Swan hoses. The low pressure soaker hose works better at 10 PSI.

It can deliver from 0.5 gallon to 1 gallon water for each foot while buried under the soil. So, each of your garden plants will receive an equal share of freshwater without any discrimination. For plant safety, you can bury the soaker hose for vegetable garden right underneath the soil or even deeper. It will protect the delicate plant roots.

The 50 foot soaker hose comes with a sufficient 3/8 inches diameter. Henceforth, the 3/8 soaker hose carries water with more consistency. On the contrary, water wastage is stopped up to 70% successfully with the inclusion of patented water restrictor. So, no more headache about the utility bills.

Sawn has used 65% recycled material to construct the hose. But there’s a twist. Unlike the recycled hose, this one is free from lead and BPA. So, the hose enjoys approval from FDA and Californian standards for drinking water safe.

Highlighted features:

  • The hose works fast since it takes only 1 minute to fill up per foot.
  • The 3/8″ diameter 50 ft hose distributes water evenly.
  • It is made from BPA, lead, and phthalate-free recycled materials.
  • It can be buried deep inside the soil to safeguard delicate plants.
  • Water conservation facility through the water restrictor.

Dramm Soaker Hose

dramm soaker hose

Dramm made this best garden soaker hose in two different lengths, 25 foot soaker hose and 50 ft to meet your plant watering requirements. What sets apart the Dramm garden soaker hose is its 50% thicker construction. This increased thickness eliminates the detrimental geyser effect. The result is less water evaporation and more water conservation. In fact, Dramm claims that the hose conserves water 90% which is by far the most in our review list.

The next big plus of the soaker hose is that it delivers water evenly right from the starting point to the end tip. Dramm has used high-grade recycled rubber to make this handy hose. So, it’s a true and unique green choice if you love the environment. On top of the, they have treated the hose for UV-optimization, leak and kink-proof capacity.

Similarly, the nickel-plated couplings ensure that connection remains leak-proof forever. It also goes a long way to save energy.  Additionally, the special design of the water soaker hose makes it possible to supply water with more depth than other hoses of its kind. Hence, it’s suitable for the healthy growth of grass, plants, and vegetables in your favorite garden.

Highlighted features:

  • The beneficial soaker hose is 50% thicker than most other hoses and conserved 90% water.
  • The hose is eco-friendly due to the recycled material construction.
  • The hose and included nickel-plated couplings are leaks, kink, crash, abrasion, and UV-proof.
  • It reaches deeper underneath the soil for proper irrigation.
  • Lifetime warranty for the hose.

Osmile Soaker Hose

osmile soaker hose

One of the best of its kind, Osmile professional-grade soaker hose is made to distribute water evenly from the beginning right to the end. With 2X thickness than any regular garden hose and 5/8” diameter, this hose is the true king in the market.

The two-times thickness means it’s more durable and will last longer than you may expect. Also, the 5/8” diameter is ready to carry enough water so that it may irrigate the last point also without getting soaked in the middle, likewise any regular hoses.

When you optimize the hose with 30PSI, it works better to water plants, shrubs, vegetables, and flower beds for a healthier garden. On top of it, the slow distribution of water is an advantage, since it permits the plants to soak water to their roots comfortably.

The 100 foot soaker hose will supply 1 gallon of water for each foot that is above the standard level. Osmile had made the soaker with recycled material, and they claim it conserves water up to 90%, a real deal-breaker. You can set it up both above or below the soil that comes as a relief.

And for leak-proof connection, Osmile supplies brass couplings with the water soaker hose. So, you won’t need to pay for installation.

Highlighted features:

  • The soaker hose is compatible with both residential and commercial irrigation purposes.
  • The soak is 2X thick that adds to the overall durability and stiffness.
  • It releases 1-gallon water per foot at 30 PSI.
  • Supplies water evenly all across the garden.
  • With multiple connections can supply water to 5,280 ft.

Bulk Soaker Hose

Bulk Soaker Hose

This 1/4 inch soaker hose from Mr. Soaker hose comes in a bulk amount of 500 feet. The hose is ideal for maintaining large gardens and commercial space. The bulk 500″ roll makes sure you get total coverage of your garden and can water the hard to reach points with ease.

The hose is made with high-quality rubbery material of 70% recycled rubber and 30% recycled plastic that will withstand all-weather use and has UV protection. So, the scorching sun won’t be able to test the strength of this soaker garden hose. So, you remain tension free about the durability.

You can use the soaker hose for watering into flower pots, window boxes, through the plant rows and hanging planters. Furthermore, you can also water vegetable garden with a raised bed to help your veggies grow faster.

Its irrigation fittings are ¼” standard drip, which is pretty easy to install. However, the manufacturer recommends to use a 200 mesh filters for easy operation and durability. The hose uses 25PSI for each 10′ length with 13 GPH flow rate. So, it provides an adequate water supply to keep lawns hydrant.

So, with the remarkable garden soaker hose you should pretty much get satisfactory water supply even during the hottest time of the year.

Highlighted features:

  • The hose comes with a bulk 500′ size.
  • The standard 1’4 drip system fittings are kink and leak-proof.
  • The soaker hose is quite flexible that makes the installment easy.
  • Since it’s made with recycled materials, the hose is eco-friendly.

Soaker Hose Buying Guides:

Best Soaker Hose

Any serious gardener knows the essentiality to hydrate their favorite plants during the summer and cold season. And when it comes to hydrating garden plants effectively, nothing will come close to a soaker hose.

However, choosing the appropriate soaker hose needs a lot of consideration. We have accumulated these factors in the following section.

The construction material is exceptionally crucial for any kind of hose. And the same goes for a soaker hose. Manufacturers mainly use recycled material for the soaker hose.

These recycled materials are often worn our rubber from automotive tires which brings extreme endurance at work. Some manufacturers, however, use polyurethane or vinyl. These lack durability but are great for flexible movement.

The soaker hose length is the next significant consideration you need to make. Since it has to cover all of your gardens, the length needs to be adequate. For larger yards, you may choose a 75ft or 100 ft soaker hose.

While for small to medium gardens, 25ft or 50ft soaker hose will serve as the perfect coverage. If you want to cover commercial gardens, look for a soaker hose that has the flexibility to connect multiple hoses.

Water pressure
A soaker hose, as I told you earlier, operates in low pressure. As of the general rule, a soaker hose performs efficiently at 10 PSI. However, some may work better at 30 PSI.

So, check the user manual when you buy it to find suitable pressure.

Flat or round
Flat or round, both soaker types work with effectiveness but functions differently. Flat soaker hoses are mostly used above the soil and add aesthetics in the garden. It supplies water directly to the plant.

On the other side, a round soaker hose is used under soil or mulch. Also, it is preferred for heavy-duty watering.

Perforated size
The last thing to consider is the perforation size of your soaker hose. Plants will soak more than necessary and get rotten roots if the hose perforation size is too much. And too tiny pores will slow down the dripping and stop the water system entirely.

How to Properly Set Up A Soaker Hose System

This is the time to feed your plants with deep and infrequent (approximately twice in a week) water to grow them more prominent. And when it comes to deep irrigation, nothing comes closer to using a soaker hose. Fortunately, the installation of a soaker hose system is pretty straightforward.

  • Carefully remove the cap from the soaker hose end. Then connect the soaker hose with the water supply valve.
  • Turn on the faucet and flush out the debris from the soaker hose to get a clean perforated tubing.
  • You should repeat the flushing twice or thrice to remove the grime build-up and then attach the end cap.
  • Now start weaving the hose in between your vegetables, flower plants, and other plants in the garden. Follow a straight line wherever possible.
  • While you stretch the hose in the garden, keep a standard 2” distance from the plant stem for the seasonal or perennial plants. The closer layout is suitable for annual plants that have shallow roots.
  • For sandy soil layout, layout the soaker hose in a 12-18 inches distance and for clay soil at about 18-24 inches distance.
  • However, for annual use, the standard 12-18 inches distance is acceptable as a common practice.
  • If the total length of the installed soaker hose exceeds the 100 ft limit, try to add the 2nd one with another water source. Supplying water from a single faucet to over 100 ft soaker hose isn’t a good practice and efficient either.
  • Now connect the soaker hose with the closest water faucet. Take the help of a garden hose in case the water faucet is at a distant place.
  • Now after turning on the water valve, adjust the pressure at 10-12 PSI. A soaker hose works better in the 10-12 PSI.

That’s it, the set up of the soaker hose system is done. We recommend you to hide the soaker hose under mulch to retain the adequate moisture and stop water wastage. Also, it gives an excellent camouflage adding aesthetics to your home garden.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: How much water does a soaker hose actually use per hour?
A: A tube with soaking capacity comes with numerous pores with one closed end. As water runs through the perforated hose, it slowly drips into the plant root. On average, a 100 ft soaker hose will use 1-1/2 inches water in every one hour.

Q: How long to run a soaker hose?
A: When you use the soaker hose for the first time, run it for around 40 minutes to supply sufficient water around the garden. From then on, you need to run the tube for 30 minutes twice a week. However, after running the hose, inspect the soil. You may ardently need to increase or decrease the running time slightly depending on the moisture of the ground.

Q: How does a soaker hose work?
A: Soaker hose system is perforated. The pores permit water to sip through to the plant root. As water run slowly from the pores, it prevents over runoff water and evaporation to conserve water.

Q: How to use a soaker hose in a vegetable garden?
A: The use of a soaker hose in your vegetable garden is pretty straightforward. Just connect it with the water source and lay flat the tube through the lines of the vegetable plants. That’s it.

Q: How much water does a soaker hose on average use?
A: Experts say that a soaker hose will seep 0.5-1 gallons of water for each foot of the hose length. So, you need to gauge the water use by multiplying total hose length with the per ft water usage. For instance, a 50ft soaker hose will use around 25-50 gallons of water.

Q: How to repair a soaker hose?
A: A soaker hose is durable, yet occasional punctures aren’t uncommon. You can use a regular electric or hose tape to stop the small leaks. Apply a permanent repair kit for the permanent fixes.

The Bottom Line

The best soaker hose is a perfect watering system. It not only distributes water evenly to every plant root but also prevents water wastage up to 50%-70%, which is a big relief for most homeowners. On top of it, the recycling materials used to make the hose promotes green gardening.

Henceforth, for gardeners laying out a proper soaker hose system at lawn and garden will effectively save money and grow plants better than they expect. We have tested these 11 top-rating soaker hoses before including them in our soaker hose reviews.

Therefore, you won’t have to hesitate to pick up your one. And the setup method of the soaker hose is a bonus likewise cherry on the pie.

Happy gardening, green gardening!

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