Best Retractable Garden Hose Reels – Tested & Recommended

Due to the lockdown state for the past few days, I have had ample time at hand. So, I wanted to spend my leisure in my garden and thus, went on to water the plants and flowers. And you know what did I find?

1. Recoiling a long garden hose is tough.

2. Storing the garden hose in a proper position nearby the garden is tougher.

Hence, I decided to invest my time in finding out a comfy way of recoiling and storing my garden hose reel. To my utter surprise, I found several retractable hose reels suitable for the purpose. Therefore, I dug deep to find the best retractable garden hose reel for the garden and ended up finding at least 10 retractable reels for garden hose perfect for the job.

I think these retractable reels for garden hose might come handy for you. So, I am putting it up here.

Gardena Retractable Water Hose Reel
Gardena Retractable Water Hose Reel
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Rl Flo Heavy Duty Retractable Garden Hose Reel
Rl Flo Heavy Duty Retractable Garden Hose Reel
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Tacklife Retractable Hose Reel
Tacklife Retractable Hose Reel
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Power Retractable Garden Hose Reel
Power Retractable Garden Hose Reel
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Suncast Retractable Garden Hose Reel
Suncast Retractable Garden Hose Reel
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The 13 Best Retractable Garden Hose Reels

A garden hose reel retractable device can be of many kinds. For instance, it can be self-retractable or automatic or manual. Some are mountable on the wall only while some are fixable in the wall, floor, or ceiling as well.

Then, there’s about the construction quality, hose holding capacity, and so on. You may find it tough to accurately pile up these factors while buying a proper garden hose retractable reel.

So, I came up with the review on the ten top-rated, accessible, and trustworthy retractable garden hose reel reviews.

Do you want to check them out?

Gardena Retractable Water Hose Reel

Gardena Retractable Water Hose Reel

Those who look for an extra-long and durable hose with a retractable reel for commercial purposes or a large home would like the 115ft hose that comes along with the Gardena. The hose is made of premium materials and offers brilliant sprinkler operation.

The reel, on the other side, facilitates super-fast retracting for quick storage and watering necessity. Once you tug on the hose, the retractable reel takes the job on its hand to automatically recoil the watering tool.

The box swivels 180° for convenient storage. The wall-mount self-retracting water hose reel is easy to mount on the walls with all the accessories in the package. The retraction is made robust with a steel spring.

There’s also the wall-bracket functionality that makes it super-convenient. It lets you store the nozzle, sprayer, and other accessories inside the bracket. The handle is made ergonomic for comfortable operation.

You will also love the frost-protection that allows you to use it even when it’s freezing outside. Finally, the retractable reel is cased with a friendly housing to safeguard the hose in all-weather condition. It guarantees exceptional longevity for it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Anti-drip attachment prevents dripping while removing the hose from the tap
  • The steel spring integration supports the auto-reeling of the 115ft hose.
  • It is made for all-weather use with frost-proof technology.
  • The hose box houses the tube, nozzles, wash, brushes, etc., conveniently.
  • 180° swiveling offers kink and tangle-free operation with a space-saving facility.

Rl Flo Heavy Duty Retractable Garden Hose Reel

heavy duty retractable garden hose reel

Do you want a heavy duty retractable garden hose reel that will recoil your hose quickly after work and come at an economical price? If yes, then this supreme quality retractable water hose reel will best fit your requirements.

The hose reel is made from the famous Hudson, who enjoys an extraordinary reputation in the market. Likewise, this hose reel comes with all premium facilities, such as easy recoiling. The auto retraction is made possible due to its spring-loaded feature. Also, the automated guide restricts the overlapping of the tube while recoiling.

The next big thing you should appreciate about the hose reel is its plastic stopper that allows you to latch the hose at any length. The 65 ft hose of the reel comes with 5/8 inches diameter to supply adequate water for watering and cleaning purposes.

The watering is also made convenient with an adjustable spray nozzle. Its 8-pattern lets you choose between jet to fan spray. Also, the 180° swivel bracket lets you use the tube in any directions. You can remove the hose reel from the bracket during winter to avoid damage.

Highlighted Features:

  • The auto rewinding is superfast with low spring-loaded facility and stopper.
  • The 65 ft tube comes with an 8-spray pattern nozzle.
  • Supports convenient wall mounting with an added bracket.
  • 180° swiveling ensures easy setup and use.
  • A carrying handle allows comfy carrying.
  • The brass connectors are robust and sturdy built.

Tacklife Retractable Hose Reel

wall mounted retractable garden hose reel

This is another extraordinary water hose reel that deservedly finds its place in the review list. First off, it comes with a plastic stopper to let you lock the tube at any length. Additionally, the auto rewinding is purposefully made slow to make it senior and kids safe.

You will only need a slight tug to signal the reel to rewind the tube in between 12-15 seconds. Then, its braking system comes into effect to recoil the tube with ease. Also, the layering mechanism prevents the hose from getting tangled and stores it neatly.

Furthermore, the 180-degree pivot allows easy mounting on the wall and use in any direction. With such flexibility, you can install the wall-mounted retractable garden hose reel on stone, brick, and concrete walls.

You will be delightful to know that the reel brings a super flexible 65 ft hose with a 7ft leading tube for easy installation. There is also a 7-pattern spray nozzle for convenient use, which is well supported by its standard metal ¾” connector. But if you wish, you can replace the original hose with your favorite one. Sounds great, right?

Highlighted Features:

  • With slow retracting speed, the reel is safe for kids and seniors.
  • The 7 ft leading hose and metal connectors are durable, kink, and leak—proof.
  • Tacklife has made the hose with a hybrid polymer for flex and convenience.
  • Its layering enables the neat recoil of the 65 ft tube.
  • 180 pivot setup allows watering in every direction.

Gardena Retractable Battery Operated Hose Reel

Battery Operated Hose Reel

Take your gardening, car cleaning, and pet bathing chores to the next level of comfort with this battery-operated automatic rewind garden hose reels from Gardena. You ask of any facility, and this watering tool will present it to you.

The battery is made of lithium-ion and quickly detachable for charging. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

You get a LED control panel with the unit. It showcases the battery state and blockage inside the hose. So, you know precisely when the toll needs maintenance and cleaning. It, thus, helps you forget the painful guesswork.

You get a 115-ft regular hose and a leader hose as well inside the package. The connecting tube features anti-dripping technology to prevent water wastage. It is made of premium materials, and layered design stops leaks, kinks, and tangles.

The reel housing is durable too. It comes with everything essential for the wall-mounting capacity. What’s more, during the winter, its ergonomic handle ensures easy storage. So, you won’t have to worry about the hose and the reel being frozen.

Therefore, it is a peace of mind and blessing to use this Gardena retractable hose reel.

Highlighted Features:

  • The control panel features an LED to see warn blockages and battery power.
  • The battery can reel the entire 115ft hose for 70 times in one charge
  • The leader tube features an attachment with the anti-drip device to stop wastage
  • You save money since everything essential is included in the Gardena package
  • Effortless mounting and removal ensures frost-free storage and longevity

IRIS USA Retractable Hose Reel

IRIS USA Retractable Hose Reel

Want an economical yet highly-practical hose reel for your watering and washing jobs? Take my words for the all-round retractable hose reel from IRIS USA. It comes with a 48ft hose and portable housing for easy watering.

The brown hose housing is made of superior plastic. It will last longer than one might expect at first glance. Inside the housing, it accommodates a stackable reel. It saves space and allows storage of long tubes at ease.

It also comes with an ergonomic handle to rewind the hose after your job is well done.

As far as the watering tool is concerned, it is made of kink and tangle-free material for quick and convenient use. It also includes a spray nozzle. The sprinkler has five pattern settings to allow you to choose the right flow. Furthermore, continuous flow is made possible thanks to its auto-lock system.

Finally, its ergonomic carry handle makes sure you can transport the entire construction to any location at ease. It thus offers you maximum portability and makes your gardening fun.

Highlighted Features:

  • Its lightweight design and built-in handle offer comfortable transportation.
  • You can choose from 48ft, 66ft, and 98ft hose to meet your distance requirements.
  • The spray nozzle has five water flow patterns with a spray-flow lock feature
  • The brown design of the hose caddy adds aesthetics to your lawn and garden space
  • Easy winding prevents tangles and kinks of the hose for comfortable use.

Power Retractable Garden Hose Reel

retractable garden hose reel 100 ft

When it comes to performance and efficiency, the Power Garden hose is the true master of it in the industry. The device boasts of a 100-foot retractable garden hose with a ½” diameter, which is way broader than any other tube of its class.

Also, the 500 PSI burst pressure rating is 2X than any regular hose that makes it superbly durable and heavy-duty enabled. What’s more, the heavy-duty retractable garden hose reel equips with solid brass fittings and twist the collar to provide extraordinary performance.

On top of it, the inner core of the retractable water hose reel 100 ft is made of three layers of hybrid material that gives the tubing unbeatable durability. This durability incorporates perfectly with its adjustable nozzle for a smooth watering session. Also, the reels automated slow recoiling saves the hose from damage and overlapping.

Also, the electric water hose reel retractable facilitates slow retraction, which means it’s easy to handle and reduces injuries during watering and washing projects.  And for wall mounting, the garden power-retractable garden hose reel comes with brackets that enable 180-degree swivel action. So, you can use the coil and hose to water in any directions. Moreover, the auto rewinding supports latching the tube at any length with a plastic stopper for more convenience.

Highlighted Features:

  • The hybrid polymer hose has three layers for added durability.
  • Its 500 PSI burst pressure rating is double than regular hose and reels.
  • Slow retraction reduces the chances of injury and damage.
  • Super easy to mount on the wall with brackets and 180-degree swiveling.
  • This  retractable hydraulic hose reel comes with a patented nozzle and exclusive twisted collar system.

Ames Retractable Garden Hose Reel Wall Mount

retractable garden hose reel wall mount

If you ever wanted a retractable garden hose reel wall mount device without a hose so that you can fit your favorite tube in it, then this Ames retractable reel is for you. Yes, it can hold up to 100 ft and ½ inches diameter of the tube to make your gardening work brisk.

This auto rewinding retractable reel will come beneficial for those who are not a big fan of the painstaking manual rewinding. Indeed, this auto rewind hose reel comes with butter-smooth recoiling favoring most homeowners.

Moreover, its 180° swivel allows you to water any garden corner with ease while the storage is also made simple when you will not use the hose. Additionally, the wall mount system doesn’t require any expertise, and so, you should also find it pretty straightforward.

Its casing is made from durable material to withstand harsh conditions. Furthermore, the watering system includes a premium nozzle and aviation-grade aluminum structure that won’t leak or crack. On top of it, the addition of a leader hose saves you from buying an extra tube.

Hence, this is one of the best retractable hose reels for garden that you may afford to install your most favorite, no kink and leak hose.

Highlighted Features:

  • The casing can house a ½” and 100 ft hose for convenience.
  • It’s never-kink aluminum built watering system is extremely durable and easy to use.
  • The reel is removable for storage during cold weather.
  • The 180-degree swivel action allows flexibility during watering and cleaning.
  • The mounting process is made super-easy with fast auto rewind.

Giraffe Retractable Garden Hose-Reel

giraffe retractable garden hose reel

With a 60 ft super-durable hose, adjustable 9 spray setting nozzle, and an excellent looking casing, this self-retracting garden hose reel is a beast. You may ask anything, and the retractable water hose reel is ready to deliver these promptly.

First off, the PVC made 60 ft works great, but you can change it anytime with the newly adapted changing technology of Giraffe. The hose connecting is made super-easy with the 5 ft leading tube. Moreover, the solid nickel-brass fittings provide puncture and leak-proof water supply in harsh conditions also.

The recoiling of the hose is also equally convenient thanks to its 180° swivel action and auto-locking system. Moreover, with the plastic stopper, you can latch the tube at any length for timely watering. And when we talk about convenience, its 90spray setting adjustable nozzle is all set to provide us the smoothest watering experience.

You should also love its quick installation with the included hose guide and mounting bracket. These together lets you install the hose reel on any location for convenience.

Highlighted Features:

  • The 60 ft and 5/8” tube is changeable to match your preference.
  • Its reliable brass connections and 5 ft leading hose ensure puncture-free durable use.
  • The 180° swivel bracket and hose guide allow flexible installation of the hose reel.
  • Giraffes patented auto-lock allows users to lock the hose at any length.
  • With a beautiful casing and 20 lbs weight, the hose reel is perfect for transportation.

Suncast Retractable Garden Hose Reel

suncast retractable garden hose reel

First, let me tell you that this cute looking box-shaped device doesn’t look like a conventional hose reel. Instead, it brings a feeling of refreshing vibe in the harden with its mesh design and deep coffee color for a change.

Also, the suncast rsw125d aquawinder 125-foot capacity hose reel proudly holds up to a massive 125 ft long hose with a 5/8” diameter in its wicker made casing. The hose attachment is made possible due to its inlet and outlet connectors. However, you need to purchase the hose separately since it doesn’t provide any tube with the package.

Moreover, the two assembled stakes let you set up the hose reel casing on any surface without any professional help. When it comes to performance, the hose reel supports Smart Trak for smooth and even recoiling.

Also, with water-powered automated rewinding, it goes a long way to save utility bills. All these superior features make the hose reel a favorite for customers. Also, you won’t need to think about its appearance since the wood textured mesh design will outfit with any home décor.

Highlighted Features:

  • The hose casing is made of breathable wicker with a wood texture appearance.
  • It holds up to 125 ft hose.
  • The recoiling supports Smart Trak for fast and smooth rewinding.
  • The reel mounting is made easy with two added stakes.
  • The mesh construction is durable and looks impressive.

Hoselink Automatic Retractable Garden Hose Reel

hoselink automatic retractable garden hose reel

Any gardeners are familiar with the frustrating scene of water dripping in from the hose connectors resulting in the higher water bill. But with this brilliant auto-retractable garden hose reel, you won’t have to see those disappointing scenes anymore.

The auto-retracting garden hose reel comes with the spring-loaded facility to auto rewind its 82 ft long, high-quality hose in a blitzkrieg manner. The auto rewind is also a perfect match with its unique locking mechanism with the self-layering facility.

Also, its 180° swivel action makes sure that water will follow you unlike in some low-end hose where you need to follow the hose direction. This swiveling action makes watering a crisp job.

What’s more, the 82 ft hose is made with reinforced PVC material to withstand all-seasons use. Additionally, the protective cover of the reel and tube is also made with UV-stabilized textile fabric for superb durability.

And for watering convenience, the hose equips with a 7-spray setting nozzle with metal construction to ensure perfect watering and cleaning. But that’s not all.

The automatic retractable garden hose reel also features solid brass fittings for leak and puncture-free application to quickly transform your nightmares into a pleasing experience. You will also like its easy installation on any surface with the extra brackets in any location.

In short, this automatic hose reel is here to transform your gardening idea forever with all premium requirements you want.

Highlighted Features:

  • The hose reel comes with an 82 ft long hose and 7-spray setting nozzle for convenient watering.
  • The auto rewinding matches perfectly with the variable lock and self-layering mechanism.
  • The hose, retractable reel, and brass connectors all are made kink, leak, puncture, and UV-resistant.
  • The installation of 9/16” hose and reel need only a few minutes.
  • With extra added brackets, you can install the hose reel in any location.

ReelWorks Commercial Retractable Water Hose Reel

commercial retractable water hose reel

Whether you want a commercial or residential hose in an economical budget, this heavy-duty Reel Works garden hose reel retractable will be your faithful companion.

First off, its 50 ft hose is made of high-density flex polymer and 1/2” diameter for heavy-duty usage. Hence, you can use the commercial retractable water hose reel for big projects. The best part about the hose is its 150 PSI endurance with 0°C to 60°C working temperature. Also, with zero memory, it lays flat on the surface. Furthermore, the hose is oil and abrasion-resistant for durability.

And for the reel and recoiling, the device comes with a hose guide and auto rewind for orderly and convenient reeling. Additionally, its speed controlling enables smooth retraction without damaging the tube. Also, the snag connection increases the smoothness while recoiling.

Moreover, the industrial retractable garden hose reel mounting is made easy with a 2-piece setup. Its 180-degree swivel allows you to use the hose all direction- say goodbye to backache and painstaking waist bending.

And lastly, with unique brass connectors and nozzle, enjoy water sprinkling in the garden. Your garden will just bloom with the premium hose and reel.

Highlighted Features:

  • The kink, leak, abrasion, rust, and UV protected 50 ft hose is made for industrial and residential use.
  • Swivel action for flexible use.
  • The included hose guide and snag facility ensure smooth, orderly recoiling.
  • Its wall mounting is straightforward.
  • Improved and reinforced construction for durability and smooth operation.

Legacy Retractable Garden Hose Reel

legacy retractable garden hose reel

Hello, its time to say bye-bye to your painstaking old reel with futile recoiling. Yes, brace this super durable, high-performing, buttery smooth and affordable self-retracting garden hose reel from Legacy Levelwind.

Its rewinding capacity boasts off the Legacy patented waiting for technology for superior and smooth recoiling to give you a luxurious experience. Also, you can switch to the latching mechanism to stop the hose at its convenient length for washing or watering purposes. The latching will enable you to stop the tube at evert 3 ft length.

The next big thing is its 135-degree rotation that brings flexibility at work. This 135-degree flex and brackets allow you to mount the Legacy retractable garden hose reel on any surface without thinking twice about its effectivity.

And as for the 60 ft tube, it’s made of polypropylene with UV-stabilization that adds durability. It is also kink and rust-proof. Then again, its flexes allow it to continue watering without being damaged or puncture.

So, this USA made garden hose and reel is ready to withstand the harshest working conditions.

Highlighted Features:

  • The hose reel comes with Legacy technology for auto rewinding.
  • You can latch the hose at each 3 ft length.
  • It supports up to 135-degree rotation for easy mounting and watering.
  • The polypropylene made hose is kink, leak, abrasion, and spill-proof.
  • With an ergonomic handle, the reel system is easily portable.

Reelsmart no Crank Retractable Garden Hose Reel

reelsmart retractable garden hose reel

This RSH125 is a powerful retracting machine from Reel Safe that uses hydropower to retract any hose safely and correctly. Indeed, its capacity to rewind hose with hydropower without the influence of electricity or battery is a giant technological breakthrough in the reel industry.

The ReelSmart retractable garden hose reel comes with a high-density plastic made casing that is corrosion and rust-proof for durable usage. The housing can hold up to 125 ft hose with 5/8” diameter and so enables you to choose your favorite tube for gardening.

As for the automated rewinding, the Reelsmart no crank retractable garden hose reel facilitates auto-sort mode making sure that the hose won’t kink or tangling during the retracting session. Also, the coiling is made slower to make it safe for seniors and kids alike.

The housing supports wall mounting with all hardware included for the setup. So, you save money for the installation.

On top of it, the water-powered rewinding helps you save some bucks. And its sun-protection increases the hose lifetime.

Highlighted Features:

  • The casing holds up to 5/8” diameter and 125-foot long hose.
  • The plastic casing is rust and corrosion-proof.
  • The hose arrangement is hassle-free due to the auto rewind and automated sorting guide.
  • It prevents sun damage.
  • The reel doesn’t require electricity for retracting the hose.

Buying Guide For Retractable Garden Hose Reel

Best Retractable Garden Hose Reel

So, you have read our review on the water hose reel with the retractable capacity. But you don’t know which one to select even now, am I right?

Don’t waste your time in brainwork and read our guidelines to purchase the right retractable reel for the garden hose.

Hose length:

In most cases, the retractable reel comes with a hose. It must accommodate to water the farthest corner of your garden or lawn from the water source. So, fix how long hose you will need and get the reel accordingly.

You must also get a retractable reel that can accommodate your longest hose if you already have one.

Cart or wall-mounted

A homeowner would want the best usability of its investment on the retractable reel. So, you will have to decide between the portable and non-portable reels. The portable ones come with a wheeled cart that lets you transport the hose to different locations.

The non-portable reels are mounted on walls. The mounting might be possible horizontally or vertically. So, decide which one suits your necessity.

Construction material:

The durability and longevity of the garden hose depending on the construction material. Ideally, most retractable reels are made of either metal or plastics. The plastic ones are cheaper but less durable too.

If you want to recoil a 50ft or 100ft hose properly, use the retractable metal reel.  It will serve your purpose for years.


When you buy a wall-mount reel with retracting capacity, look into its accessories. The package must include the essential base and nuts and bolts for an easy installation of the product. Also, if there’s a hose in the box, get one with the spray nozzle.

It will reduce your future investments.

Wrapping Up

To keep your garden plants and flowers healthy and blooming, you need to regularly clear all clutters. The next big thing for a healthy garden is proper watering. Thus, an appropriate garden hose becomes all the more necessary for happy gardeners.

And when it comes to maintaining a long garden hose, nothing comes close to the best retractable garden hose reel. It lets you store the hose flawlessly, increasing its lifespan. Also, it reduces your work fatigue.

These facilities being said, aren’t found in every retractable garden hose reel. Thus, we reviewed these top ten garden hose retractable reels that will make gardening fun. All these hose reels are durable, high-performing, and ready to serve you for years.

Just pick the one that will best fit your requirements and budget.

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