The 15 Best Retractable Air Hose Reels in 2021

Anyone working in a workshop or owning a vehicle know the importance of having an appropriate air hose. Also, an air hose is used both in the residential and industrial workplaces. As off car owners, an air hose saves you going to a gas station or repairing shops for every leak.

But with exceptional properties, air hose also comes with some burden. These are often heavyweight, tough to store, and get damaged if not stored properly. So, for convenient and durable use of an air hose, you must also have the best retractable air hose reel in your repertoire.

Best Retractable Air Hose Reel

However, selecting the most appropriate air hose reel online is often time quite tricky. Most often, the descriptions and information along with pricing may mislead you to end up buying the wrong product. It then will cause you more suffering.

Hence, being one of your trustworthy hose and reel reviewers, I thought it’s been long overdue to introduce you with the top-rated, popular, high-performing and reliable air hose reels.

And today, in this retractable air hose reel review, I am doing the exact. Also, I have included a shorty buying guide and FAQs on the air reels for your convenience.

At a Glance:

Campbell Hausfeld Retractable Hose Reel With 50ft Air Hose
Campbell Hausfeld Retractable Hose Reel With 50ft Air Hose
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MaxWorks 50 ft Retractable Air Hose Reel
MaxWorks 50 ft Retractable Air Hose Reel
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Flexzilla Retractable Air Hose Reel
Flexzilla Retractable Air Hose Reel
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Giraffe Retractable Air Compressor Hose Reel
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The 15 Best Retractable Air Hose Reels

Retractable air hose reels were invented to store your air hose securely and without hassle also. These are mostly made of metal, plastic, or fiberglass. Also, they vary in size and function.

Besides, you may also need to think about the user-friendly interface, the inclusion of hose, and so on.

Hence, to lower your burden of considering all these factors, here I am going to review 15 most appreciated and high-performing retractable air hose reels.

Campbell Hausfeld Retractable Hose Reel With 50ft Air Hose

retractable hose reel with 50ft air hose

The Campbell Hausfeld air hose is the master of airpower that can accomplish a myriad of jobs such as sanding, painting, and fastening works with optimal airflow.

Consequently, the retractable hose reel with 50ft air hose delivers just about perfect service for homeowners and workshop managers. Customers have a high appreciation for the 50 ft reinforced PVC made hose that has superior durability and flex.

Also, the working range between 35-250°F and 300PSI makes sure that the hose remains intact even after enduring the harshest working conditions for years after years.

The reel case is made of high-density PVC for durability and features auto rewinding and locking system. Moreover, you can connect the hose with an air compressor using its 2-1/2 ft leader hose. That’s a real money-saving deal.

For easy mounting on the wall, it comes with swivel brackets. You can mount it on any flat surface such as floor, wall, or ceiling. Thus, with this high-end hose and reel fixing your errands snappier will becomes as easy as you imagine.

Highlighted Features:

  • The 50 ft hose comes with a 3/8” diameter for optimal airflow.
  • Its 2-1/2 ft leader hose allows connection with air compressor without much hassle.
  • The plastic case is rugged and so, super durable.
  • The hose retraction is fast and easy for comfy use.
  • It remains functional at all-weather and 300 PSI pressure.

MaxWorks 50 ft Retractable Air Hose Reel

50 ft retractable air hose reel

This 50 ft retractable air hose reel is made for the heavy-duty task with superb storage capacity that will blow your mind away. Its spring engineered mechanism allows easy retraction of the 50ft hose without much labor. So, enjoy sweat-free recoiling.

The housing is made with solid superior-quality steel, while sturdy brass fittings enable durable usage. Both the brass fittings and steel housing are powder-coated for rust and abrasion-resistance longevity.

The sturdy brass fitting also ensures leak and kink-free operation, which is a must for heavyweight air hoses. Four non-snag rollers enable the reel to rewind with ease. Also, the rollers help the reel work without much wear and tear.

Then there’s the hose stop, which enables users to configure the hose length at their desire level. It is helpful because you won’t have to open the full hose for different purposes. Lastly, you will like its 3/8” diameter, which allows the auto rewind retractable air hose reel to provide the desired airflow with optimal pressure.

Oh yes, did I tell you the hose reel is meant to withstand years of rough use with 250 PSI air pressure and 25 CFM maximum airflow? Furthermore, you can install the coil on your wall or floor for your convenience.

Highlighted Features:

  • The 50 ft auto rewind hose comes with 3/8” X ¼ NPT female outlet and ¼” X3/8” male inlet for maximum air pressure.
  • Its non-slag rollers enable superfast retracting and opening with a hose stopper for desired hose length.
  • The hose supports 250 PSI air pressure with exceptional 25 CFM airflow.
  • The main housing and rugged brass fittings are steel made with powder coating for durable use.
  • It is a heavy-duty hose reel.

Flexzilla Retractable Air Hose Reel

flexzilla retractable air hose reel

This list was looking incomplete without the inclusion of Flexzilla. But now, with its one of the top-rated air hose reels, the list advances towards completion. Yes, this enclosed retractable air hose reel from Flexzilla is made in the USA with polypropylene UV stabilization for home usage mostly.

The reel comes with an auto rewind and a high-quality locking system. So, you can lock the hose after every 3 ft for hassle-free use. Also, the auto rewind of this 3/8” 50 ft hose is incredibly fast that saves many a time.

Additionally, the reel weighs only 7.26 pounds. So, you can transport it with ease. And the swivel bracket for mounting makes it possible to place the reel frame on the wall or ceiling. So, you enjoy the easy setup.

The hose reel comes with a Legacy 50 ft hose made from a hybrid polymer that has 150 PSI burst capacity. Also, the manufacturer has added a lead tube, which will save your money for sure.

Highlighted Features:

  • The reel has a plastic made stopper to adjust the hose length for convenience and easy use.
  • Ideal for home use with lightweight construction.
  • UV stabilization means it functional under all-weather conditions.
  • The inclusion of lead hose is an excellent value for money features.
  • The fittings are done with anodized aluminum for puncture-free operation.

Giraffe Retractable Air Compressor Hose Reel

retractable air compressor hose reel

Stable built quality, durable and high-performing, that’s what defines the Giraffe hybrid retractable hose. Yes, whenever we talk about quality and efficient air hose and reel, the 50ft hybrid retractable 3/8” diameter hose tops others with its brilliant features.

First off, all-steel reel and brass fittings construction are made durable with powder coating. Hence, it is rust and abrasion-resistant to endure wear and tear for a long time. The next big thing about the hose reel is its 180° swivel rotation allows smooth airflow in all directions.

The hose reel comes with ratchet spring. It enables users to jolt the hose at the desired length with different locking spots. Also, the finely tuned ratchet allows smooth and fast rewinding for convenience.

Next, I must mention its guide with non-snag rollers to open and rewind the hose efficiently. It also reduces abrasion and damage. What’s more, the 50 ft hose comes with zero memory to lay flat on the ground and eliminates leaks and kinks.

Since it’s a heavy-duty hose, it can work up to 300 PSI burst pressure. So, throw your worries into the dustbin and brace its burst-free operation.

In short, this hybrid air hose and reel is a perfect match for your heavy-duty multitasking in the workshop and garage.

Highlighted Features:

  • The Giraffe patented 62SiMnA spring coiling comes with an extended lifetime and stronger prow for superior performance.
  • You can install the hose on the floor, ceiling, and wall.
  • Te reinforced guide arm enables three different angles setting with a plastic stopper to jolt the tube at the right length.
  • Its powder-coated stainless steel construction with frosted surface enables rust, corrosion, and kink-free use.
  • This premium hose enjoys ISO 9001 certification for well-built, user-friendly performance.

REELWORKS Heavy Duty Air Hose Reel Retractable

air hose reel retractable

Reelworks engineered this heavy-duty industrial-scale hose reel to endure extreme workload without being too costly.

This 50 ft lengthy air hose reel retractable machine has a 3/8” diameter for convenient use. It is made with hybrid polymer flex to withstand 300 PSI, which is more than any regular hose reel used for air pressure. Hence, it is suitable for water and compressed air usage also.

The flex polymer or SBR hose comes with extreme strength along with superior resistance against acid, oil, and abrasion. What’s more, the tube and reel are useable in all-weather conditions from -4°F to 140°F temperature. Thus, whether you are amidst scorching heat or freezing winter, you will enjoy tension-free smooth operation.

Reelworks has also used improved ratchet and adjustment spring for locking the hose at any length. Furthermore, the guided arm is coated with powder over the steel frame for reducing the rust and angular pull.

For protection, the manufacturer has used 4-rollers with leak-free inlet connection. This cooperates perfectly with the swivel joint that led users to move the hose in any direction. Also, with an L-shape arm, the mounting is straightforward.

Highlighted Features:

  • The hose and reel are rust, kink, leak, abrasion, and even acid-proof.
  • It’s L-shape guided are allows convenient installation on the wall, ceiling, and on the floor for secure storage.
  • It remains functional in all-weather for up to 300 burst pressure.
  • You can also use the hose for watering and air-compressing application.
  • The swivel joint allows smooth and optimal fluid flow.

Goplus Heavy Duty Auto Retractable Air Hose Reel

auto retractable air hose reel

Do you want a premium air hose reel for your garage and workshop but don’t want to spend much on it? We happily introduce you with this heavy duty retractable air hose reel
that will fulfill bot requirements. What’s more, its sturdy, heavy-duty, and supports a convenient locking system.

The locking ratchet system, in fact, comes with 8 locking positions that allow users to stop the hose at their preferred length. And when it comes to retracting its advanced recoiling enables quick and hassle-free rewinding within moments.

The 25ft 3/8” diameter air hose is built to withstand years of wear and tear with superior metal construction and powder-coated finish. It applies both for the mainframe and solid brass fittings. Then again, its roller design facilitates guide hose adaptation for excellent flex at work.

On top of it, the high-quality automatic retractable air hose reel comes with a rubberized hose that has the flexibility of rubber and the ruggedness of unique polyethylene. So, the tube is also well built.

But the best part of this hose reel is its mounting facility in the wall, floor, or ceiling. Moreover, the hose and reel feature all-weather use so you won’t need to think about scorching heat and freezing winter.

Highlighted Features:

  • The 3/8” diameter hose is available in 25 ft and 50 ft long with 8 different locking systems for desirable hose length.
  • The super-durable hose is mountable in the wall, floor, or ceiling.
  • Its brass fittings and mainframe are made of all-weather useable and rust-proof stainless steel.
  • The air hose reel has axle support for smooth operation while opening and recoiling.
  • It weighs only 22.2 pounds.

Cyclone Pneumatic 100 ft Retractable Air Hose Reel

100 ft retractable air hose reel

This 100 foot retractable air hose reel is for those who are looking for enlarged air hose reel with superb efficiency. Also, with 3/8” diameter, the hose reel is perfect for use in industrial, professional, and DIY projects in all workshops and garage.

It comes with all stainless steel construction that is rust, abrasion, and oil-proof for durable usage. With solid brass end fittings, the hose connecting is also made for kink and leak-free operation. So, even during the rough conditions, you will find it easy and comfortable to use.

On top of it, the auto-rewind of the 100 foot retractable air hose reel performs superbly with roller guides having 4-way distribution. The attached guide arm lets users adjust the hose mounting virtually in all places such as the wall, ceiling, and floor.

Highlighted Features:

  • The hose reel is ideal for industrial, professional, garage, RVs, and construction site use.
  • It’s all-steel construction, and premium brass fittings are leak, kink, rust, abrasion, and oil-resistant.
  • The guided arm and 4-way guiding enable easy mounting.
  • Its enlarged diameter prevents hose binding.

Giraffe Retractable Air Hose Reel Wall Mounted

Retractable Air Hose Reel Wall Mounted

This retractable tool is our 8th pick from Giraffe Tools that support 180° swivel rotation and comes with ratchet hose locking mechanism at any length for available works. The ratchet stopper is made with plastic that adds durability. Furthermore, the sturdy swivel action ensures smooth rewinding of the 50 ft hose.

This hose reel is also lightweight constructed with high-density polypropylene that can endure rust and corrosion for an extended period. Its case is also made with crack-resistance material. All these enable the item to act as a heavy-duty retractable air hose reel in workshops and garage.

The heavy-duty performance is well supported by its 4-way roller and guided arm that makes the mounting super-easy. It doesn’t require any professional help.

You will also love its no-memory operation that lets the hose lay flat during works and then retracts easily. So, sat goodbye to your work-fatigue.

What’s more, this market leading hose enjoys certification and approval from ISO 9001 and CE for superior built quality and endurance with the spring-loaded leakage-free operation.

Highlighted Features:

  • The hose reel equips with 50 ft and 3/8” diameter hose with superb flex and durability.
  • It’s a heavy-duty hose with endurance up to 300 PSI.
  • There’s also a leading hose measuring 5 ft for secure connection through the brass fittings.
  • You can mount the reel on the wall, floor, and on the ceiling as well.
  • Its 180° swivel allows smooth operation with the guided arm.

Goodyear Retractable Air Hose Reel

goodyear retractable air hose reel

Goodyear is a well-known and reputed manufacturer in the hose and reel making industry. They have manufactured some of the most popular and high-performing gardens and air hose and reels for a variety of customers.

And their latest edition the reputation bank is this retractable hose reel with a 3/8 inches diameter 50 ft hose included in the package. The tube is made of flex polymer, which is an excellent combo of PVC and rubber with 300 PSI burst pressure.

But, the retractable air hose reel without hose is also super durable with an enclosed polypropylene case with spring driven feature. This sturdy construction ensures heavy-duty tasking with rust and impact resistance.

Goodyear has included plastic stopper to jolt the hose length according to user preference, and the non-slug 4-ways roller enables easy mounting on any surface. The hose and reel both are abrasion, acid, rust, oil proof.

The next big thing you will notice about the included hose is its zero memory that eliminates kinks and leaks for smooth use. The reel and hose combo work efficiently in -20°C to 60°C temperature with ozone and UV resistance also.

So, you can enjoy the secure storage of the premium hose with the brilliantly engineered reel.

Highlighted Features:

  • The reinforced durable construction of the reel and hose is kink, leaks, abrasion, impact, ozone, UV, and oil-resistant.
  • The 180-degree swivel action and 4-ways snag roller ensure convenient usage.
  • Its brass fittings are robust and leak-proof.
  • The mounting is super easy and long-lasting.
  • Goodyear marketed the tool with economical pricing.

ZL-TECH Retractable Air Compressor Hose Reel Wall Mount

Retractable Air Compressor Hose Reel Wall Mount

Air compressors and hoses are often time heavy-duty and need proper maintenance. As part of this quality maintenance, you need an exclusive retractable reel to store air hose. ZL Tech, thus, brought this 50ft air compressor reel for convenient and comfy storage.

This premium 3/8 retractable air compressor hose reel is one of the leading in the market at present because of its unique features. First off, its included hose is made of sturdy material that will withstand kinks, leaks, and tangles.

On top of it, the reel is made with powder-coated rugged material to endure rough use. The hose retraction and storage are made easy with snag-rollers. Also, with solid brass fittings, the connections are well built for superb durability.

You will also love its weather-resistant use and plastic stopper for desired jolting.

Highlighted Features:

  • The hose is 50 ft long with 5/8” diameter.
  • Its enlarged inner core helps increased airflow.
  • You can also use the hose as an air compressor.
  • The retraction is easy with the 4-way snag roller.

Legacy Retractable Air Hose Reel

legacy retractable air hose reel

This Legacy retractable air hose reel is for those who are looking to get an extra-large hose with a premium retractable reel. Yes, the tube is 75 ft long, which makes it easier to reach the farthest point at ease. What’s more, the hose and reel both are made in the USA.

However, the reel comes with lightweight polypropylene construction with UV stabilization. Thus, the light structure is preferable for home use more than in the workshops. It comes with auto rewind to recoil the hose quickly after every use.

With 135° swivel properties and locking brace with seven adjustable positions, also allow convenient use and storage of the hose. You can also latch the hose for each 3ft with the plastic stopper or make it fully rewindable.

What’s more, this Legacy air hose reel retractable device features ¾” diameter for the hose, which limits the airflow restrictions. Also, with 350PSI burst pressure capacity and working temperature of 0° to 140°C makes the hose ideal for use in harsh conditions.

And before I describe the hose’s most highlighted features, let me tell you that it comes with a built-in ergonomic handle for easy mounting on wall or ceilings.

Highlighted Features:

  • The 75 ft ¾” diameter hose is made in the USA and also available in 50ft and 100ft versions.
  • It comes with 135° swivel and 7 positions of auto-locking properties.
  • With a larger inner diameter, it ensures optimal airflow.
  • For easy mounting and portability, it comes with a built-in handle.
  • Legacy provides two years of warranty.

Tekton Inch Retractable Air Hose Reel

tekton retractable air hose reel

When it comes to reliability and trustworthiness, Tekton leads the way in hose making industry. You can almost blindfolded depend on its performance since Tekton made the retractable air hose reel without hose.

Yes, you read it right. The hose supply comes from Goodyear with this reel. That further adds to its value. What’s more, the coil is made from all steel for superb durability. On top of it, the locking ratchet features 8 locking positions for convenient use with 90-degree swivel properties.

The reel also has a guided arm for straightforward installation. This guide also makes sure that the hose and reel remain leak and kink-free.

On the other hand, Goodyear made 50 ft reinforced rubber construction enjoys resistance of RMA Class “C” for abrasion and corrosion. So, it’s 2X durable than regular air hoses.

Lastly, the 1/2 inches retractable air hose reel enables maximum airflow at minimum wear and tear. So, no more waiting game. Just turn on the air source and get-go.

Highlighted Features:

  • The 50ft hose has ½” diameter for maximum airflow.
  • The hose comes with 35CFM airflow and 250PSI burst pressure capacity.
  • Its sturdy ½ brass fittings ensure leak-free smooth operation.
  • The hose is made with reinforced rubber for superior flex and excellent autorewind.
  • The multi-position length lock allows convenient storage.

Small Retractable Air Hose Reel

small retractable air hose reel

Yes, we understand that 50ft, 75 ft or 100 ft air hose works great for workshop and even some homes. But not all of you may require such enlarged air hose, right?

Therefore, we introduce you with this mini 26 ft air hose and reel from Ironton, one of the leaders in the industry. It’s lightweight and compact, that allows you to carry the tube in your vehicle. Thus, you remain tension free.

This might be a mini retractable air hose reel, but it packs a punch when it comes to performance and features. For instance, it has auto rewind and multiple locking positions for the hose. Also, the reel frame is made with superior polyethylene for durability.

On the contrary, the ¼” hose is made with a hybrid polymer material that has 180PSI burst pressure capacity. Additionally, the tube remains functional at –4°F to 140°F temperature, thanks to its incredible flexes.

In short, this hose and reel combo will blow your mind away with extraordinary performance.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ironton designed the reel with compact and lightweight properties for easy carrying and portability.
  • The hose reel has 180-degree swivel properties with brackets for smooth wall and ceiling mounting.
  • Thankfully, the auto rewind saves you from putting much effort into the hose coiling.
  • It is ideal for setup and uses in congested space such as a small garage and workshop.
  • Its hybrid polymer and PVC construction are impact-proof.

Retractable Air Hose Reel Harbor Freight

retractable air hose reel harbor freight

Central Pneumatic is a well-known brand for manufacturing quality hose and hose related products. As part of their relentless contribution to the market, they brought the retractable air hose reel harbor freight device with everything you wish for at a reasonable price.

The reel is made of durable and sturdy material that would withstand years of wear and tear without much difficulty. There’s a plastic stopper that allows you to lock the 50ft hose at any length with the latchet locking system. The locking system comes with a guided arm for easy installation.

It’s auto rewind technology boasts off the spring power that enables fast and comfortable coiling of the hose. Whereas, the 4-ways of non-snag rollers reduce hose damage during the rewinding.

The hose comes with ¾” inner diameter for optimal airflow. Also, the brass fitting is made rugged to prevent kinks and punctures for long-lasting use. It can endure up to 250PSI burst pressure that lets you work with the air hose under the harshest conditions.

For your convenience, there’s another version of the hose available in the form of 100 ft retractable air hose reel harbor freight that adds flexibility at purchase time.

Highlighted Features:

  • The Central Pneumatic hose is durable, high-performing, and enjoy superb flexes.
  • The retractable reel is sturdy and facilitates mounting on the wall, floor, and ceiling.
  • Its spring-loaded rewind works quickly.
  • Auto-locking system for convenient use.
  • The brass fittings are leak-proof.

Husky Retractable Air Hose Reel

husky retractable air hose reel

Do you want to use a slightly older hose and reel at an unthinkably affordable price? Yes, this retractable hose reel tool will be a great edition if you are running short of the account.

Husky has refurbished the product that will deliver the exact performance of a brand-new hose reel. For convenience, the hose is standard 50 ft long with the 3/8 inches diameter, which ensures proper airflow. The fabrication was done under the surveillance of engineers. Hence, it is tested vigorously that when working, it gives an almost new-like feel.

Before packaging the hose and reel, Husky has cleaned and repacked the product following the USA standard to ensure safety and optimal performance.

They have included a plastic case to house the air hoe with an auto rewind facility. So, it’s an excellent deal for people in a slightly tight budget.

Highlighted Features:

  • The refurbishment has been accomplished, maintaining standard rules.
  • Its 50ft hose is durable and has excellent flex.
  • The reel comes with a beautiful plastic casing.
  • Its testing, cleaning, and packaging ensure that it feels like a new purchase.

Guying Guides For Retractable Air Hose Reel

We hope you have already found your right air hose reel for the application. But it won’t be a bad idea to compare your selection with the buying guide here. Our guideline includes everything you must consider for the retractable air hose reel to get the most of it.

Construction material:

Most retractable reels for the air hose are made of either plastic or metal. Plastic reels are lightweight and cheap to find. These reels will only accommodate light-duty hose and best for home-usage. The metal reels are the sturdiest and can accommodate heavy-duty application at ease.

The metal reels are expensive but last several years of use. Also, it is ideal for commercial purposes.

Hose length capacity:

The purpose of installing a retractable air hose reel is to store the hose when not in use. So, you must consider how long hose the reel can accommodate. For instance, at residential space, a reel with 50ft to 100ft retracting capacity will be adequate. But for commercial space, you might want a bigger version of it.

Working pressure:

Since the reel works with the air hose, pressure handling capacity becomes essential for it. Present-day reels can work under extreme pressure. We recommend you to look for a retractable reel that quickly withstands at least 30PSI working pressure.


Retractable reels are available in one pedal base and two pedal base versions. Pick the one pedal base for mounting it on the wall or sturdy surface. When you mount the reel on a vehicle, go for the two-pedal base versions for proper usage.


The last thing you won’t want is to see the reel got damaged within a few months or one year of purchase. Hence, look for a durable retractable reel. Most manufacturers use a protective coating on the metal construction to enhance durability.

Check the label to know about the durability and protective coating for the best result.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: How do you install a retractable air hose reel?

A: Installing a retractable air hose reel on the ceiling or wall is pretty straightforward. At first, predrill the hose-reel holes and the ceiling holes with a 2X8 measurement. After that, use the bolts to mount the hose reel carefully on the ceiling or wall. Now, attach the assembly with the rafters and use protective flame pads between the hose reel and ceiling. Lastly, fill up the oiler with air tool cooling oil and attach the air compressor hose with the lead hose to complete the setup.

Q: How does a retractable air hose reel work?

A: retractable air hose reel uses loaded spring for its automatic rewinding purpose. When you pull the hose from the retractable reel, it works against the spring tension. On the contrary, when the coil pulls the tube in, it works with the hose reel tension.

Q: How to fix retractable air hose reel?

A: There could be many problems that you may need to fix for an errand air hose retractable reel. First off, check the reel casing to see the screws and nuts. If you see any loose screws, tighten them promptly. Then, check out for the faulty fittings and washer and fix them. Often time, brass fittings and washers are damaged that causes air hose reel work erratically. So, you should fix these.

Q: How to replace air hose on a retractable reel?

A: Firstly, lock the retraction wheel and then remove the viewing panel. Then locate the auto wheel and position the locking bar near to it. Then unscrew the clamps on either side of the retraction wheel. Now, mildly apply pressure to detach the older hose from the hose connector. Then, push the new air hose carefully through the guide hole on the retractable reel. Attach the clamps properly and remove the locking bars. The retractable reel will be unlocked and ready for use with the new air hose.

Final Words

An air hose works great for maintaining vehicle tires and air compressing jobs in the workshop. However, this utility tool needs exceptional storage, which only the best retractable air hose reel can provide.

In this regard, our review on the top fifteen air hose reel and hoses should come handy for you. Purchasing one of these brilliant reels and hose may eradicate the air hose storage problem forever. Nonetheless, we urge you to maintain the hose and reel from time to time so that it keeps serving you years after years.

Remembers, without proper maintenance, even the most exceptional product would worn out shortly. So, be careful. Only then, these retractable air hose reels will deliver the most optimum performance.

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