Best Hose Reel Cart with Wheels – Reviews For 2021

Handling a short to medium-length water hose might be easy to move and maneuver for you. But the job is extremely difficult when the length of the hose is long even though you are the master of gardening. We think you faced this issue, of course.

However, it is not the matter how difficult to handle the long hose, what the matter we’ve to handle it properly and conveniently. Right?

Best Hose Reel Cart with Wheels

Well, we can show you many ways but nothing is more useful than having a hose reel cart with wheels. It helps you roll up a long hose that can be managed with minimal effort and the easiest way. Besides, it also ensures better durability. That means you got the primary solution. But how do you get the right cart?

Well, selecting the best hose reel cart with wheels might be a tough job for you as there are many things to consider which ensures the product’s quality, performance, and durability. But our real-life experience and long research can help you a lot to find out the right thing. We’ve reviewed here some high-quality, better performing, and durable hose reel carts as you can have the best thing according to your needs.

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Liberty Garden 4 Wheel Hose Reel Cart
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Ironton Garden Hose Reel Cart With Wheels
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Gardena Frost Proof Hose Reel Cart
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Stainless Steel Hose Reel Cart
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Liberty Garden 2 Wheel Hose Reel Cart
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The 10 Best Garden Hose Reel Cart with Wheels

Read the full best hose reel cart with wheels reviews for clean and clear concepts. You will be able to sort out the puzzles of how to buy a hose reel cart with wheels.

Liberty Garden 4 Wheel Hose Reel Cart

liberty garden 4 wheel hose reel cart

Liberty Garden navigator rotating hose reel cart is suitable for big landscaping jobs. It endures for a long time but never compromises its service for watering purposes. It’s four 10” pneumatic wheels increase the benefits of using a portable reel cart for garden hose.

Liberty Garden produces various professional or commercial grade products. This industrial hose reel cart is one of them. It has a sturdy construction of 13-gauge stainless steel. It remains the same in any adverse environment for its powder coat finish

It can store up to 300 feet of gardening hose. The hose diameter would be 5/8”. 90° brass swivel connector can connect the tube without any hassle. When you can’t organize the long hose manually, this portable hose cart will assist you.

The non-slip handle makes the rolling of hose in and out more flexibly. Its unique design prevents fatigue while rolling the hose. Controlling appears handy in this product. It will not tilt or flip during application. The low center of gravity keeps the proper balance. However, the product requires assembling before you start using it.

Highlighted Features:

  • It can store up to 300 feet hose of 5/8” diameters
  • Professional-grade home gardening tool
  • 13-gauge stainless steel construction with brass or galvanized fixtures
  • Non-slip handle and low center gravity offers excellent control
  • 90° brass swivel connector for smart fitting
  • Commercial hose reel cart.

Ironton Garden Hose Reel Cart With Wheels

Ironton Garden Hose Reel Cart With Wheels

Ironton hose reel cart offers heavy-duty construction made of stainless steel. The zinc layer on the hollow steel tubes provides long-lasting reeling. It never gets rust in adverse weather. It makes your time in the garden enjoyable.

If you want a quality portable hose reel cart, keep this one in your favorite lists. It has four 10 inches inflatable wheels. Foam-padded handle, including the tires, provide better control during spraying the plants. It will serve you the same even after hundreds of time use. It’s effortless to push and pull this tool to anywhere in your garden.

The heavy duty water hose reel cart can coil up to 300 feet watering hose of 5/8”. So, it’s undoubtedly make watering easier in any significant size garden. There is a tool storage basket that comes with the main product. You can keep all the necessary tools in the basket.

Ironton gives 6ft. Leader hose with this productive hose reel cart. However, you will need to attach the parts to start using the 4-wheel hose reel cart.

Highlighted Features:

  • Robust steel construction with zinc coating
  • Hollow steel tubes for more prolonged usages
  • Can roll up to 300 feet hose of 5/8”
  • It has a foam-padded handle and four 10” pneumatic wheels
  • The built-in basket provides storage for assembling tools
  • It comes with 6ft. leader hose

Gardena Frost Proof Hose Reel Cart

GARDENA Frost Proof Hose Reel Cart

This GARDEN Frost Proof hose reel cart can be your excellent option if you want to accommodate long hose with minimal effort and easily. It can hold up to 330ft garden hose having 2/1’’ hose diameter. So, it might be perfect for you if you are the owner of a large garden.

The metallic tubes of the cart are made of high-quality aluminum. The construction material is heavy duty and won’t break. Meanwhile, the other important parts are constructed from quality plastic material which also ensures heavy-duty performance and longer service life. At the same time, the plastic and aluminum both materials make the whole cart lightweight of about 3.8 kg only. Thanks to the manufacturer for making it easy handling as it is very lightweight.

Because of having 5ft connection hose, it offers a quick and easy connection with the watering hose. After connecting, use the handle to release or collapse the hose as you need.

If you don’t like the color combination of this device, you have other options also. Just check the product variations you will see other colors and design.

Highlighted Features:

  • Can roll up to 330 ft garden hose of 2/1’’ diameter.
  • The frames are constructed of high-quality aluminum.
  • The lightweight of about 3.8 kg only.
  • The manufacturer supplies a 5 ft connection hose with it.
  • Excellent for cold temperature as frost resistant.

Strongway Garden Hose Reel Cart With Wheels

Strongway Garden Hose Reel Cart With Wheels

Can you think of the wagon that takes things to destination without any hassle? Strongway hose cart is quite similar to a wagon. It’s so much a positive tool for spraying water on plants. Flowers, fruits, or vegetables, now you can take care of them at ease.

400 feet hose of 5/8” capacity is the most impressive part of this yard tool. You can water a whole bigger garden by keeping it even at a fixed place. You can attach the garden hose to this machine with its 6ft. leader hose. Anyway, it has solid four 10 inches tires that help you to bring the cart to the exact area in the garden.

Strongway has made sure the device working well after years. They used heavy-duty tubular steel framing to build this one. It also has a corrosion-free powder coat finish on every axle. This means water, high temperature, could can’t create harm to the device.

If you think of maneuverability and fittings, this one is very much satisfactory. The brass fittings and couplers can connect the hose within moments. Moreover, the swivel grip and pull-behind design enable easy transportation and operation. There is another feature of this product. The built-in basket is also there for accessories storage.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sturdy tubular steel framing
  • Rust free powder coat finish
  • Of 5/8” hose reel capacity
  • 10” four non-tangling tires
  • Leader hose and built-in basket
  • Pull-behind handle design and swivel grip for better portability

Best Choice Products Stainless Steel Hose Reel Cart

stainless steel hose reel cart

Do you need something more convenient and easy maneuvering hose reel cart? If so, you can definitely input it into your gardening equipment account. Look at below to know why.

Well, the cart is constructed of tubular steel frames which are very sturdy. Not done yet, the frames are green powder coated which makes the frames long-lasting and rust-resistant, of course. Happy?

Then, the handle is foam padded as you can hold it conveniently. Besides, a total of 4 10.5 inches wheels are added to move the reel cart easier and faster even on the uneven ground. I think it is not needed to explain the performance of it on the even surface! Just hold the foam-padded soft handle and start to move, it moves naturally.

Now tell me, how long watering hose do you need to use? I can hold up to 300 ft of 5/8’’. Hopefully, you don’t use longer than this length, aren’t you? If you have a longer hose, this cart is not suitable for you. I personally appreciate a special of this cart that is the basket. It helps me a lot to store many gardening equipments in it. Overall, the reel cart is really appreciated to use. Don’t you try it?

Highlighted Features:

  • Constructed with green powder-coated steel frames which are enough sturdy.
  • Can be used for a maximum of length 300 ft hose of 5/8’’.
  • The foam-padded handle is soft to hold.
  • Large wheels run smoothly over the uneven ground.
  • Included a convenient basket for storing many necessary tools and equipment.

PayLessHere Heavy Duty 4 Wheel Garden Hose Reel Cart

Heavy Duty Garden Hose Reel Cart With Wheels

PaylessHere yard hose reel cart is an innovative solution for watering purposes. If you spend time at your lawn regularly, it would be an incredible tool to ease your work.

Regular usages can make any gardening tool unresponsive for further application. But this gardening hose cart for beginners won’t make things messy. It has reinforced high-quality steel construction that withstands any conditions. Powder coat finish increases the longevity of the cart.

The capacity of the winding hose is more than enough. You can coil up to 300 feet hose with it. With such potential, it weighs less and fits for any garden size. Foam-padded non-slip handle helps you winding in and out the tube quickly.

This landscaping tool has four 10” pneumatic tires. So it can move on any flat or hillside areas freely. Also, there is a storage basket included with the device to put accessories for assembling. You can use these tools to assemble the reel cart with wheels.

Highlighted Features:

  • It weighs less and lasts for years
  • Easy to assemble and attach the hose
  • Can hold 300 feet hose of 5/8”
  • The humanized design provides excellent maneuverability
  • Foam-padded non-slip handle for smart application
  • Made of corrosion-resistant steel and powder coat finish

Liberty Garden 2 Wheel Hose Reel Cart

2 wheel hose reel cart

If you want to use a two-wheeler hose reel cart, go for Liberty Garden two-wheeler cart. It has a large two 16” pneumatic tires, which is very much impressive for moving. These tires have 15.5” spokes to rotate the wheels.  You will find very few carts having this size wheels.

It’s suitable for farming and gardening plants of fruits, flowers, vegetables. The 13-gauge stainless steel construction keeps the item in shape and fits water in a more significant area. It has brass or galvanized fixtures and powder coat finish too. Nonharmful weather conditions can modify its capability or structure.

A long garden requires long hose for watering. Using this landscaping tool, you can spray water thoroughly. The reel can wind up 300 feet of 5/8” hose. There is also a storage basket featured with this model. You can keep the gardening tools inside the basket.

Attach the central water hose with this cart’s 5 feet inlet hose. 90° brass swivel connector to complete the task. Before you start using the cart, take some time to assemble it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Rust-resistant 13-gauge steel construction
  • Two 16” wheels with 15.5” spokes
  • 300 feet of 5/8” hose storage capacity
  • Brass or galvanized fixtures
  • Powder coat finish provides longevity
  • Comes with storage basket and 5 feet leader hose
  • commercial use.

FDW Metal Garden Hose Reel Cart With Wheels

FDW metal garden hose reel cart With Wheels

FDW aluminum hose reel cart is a multipurpose yard tool. It’s designed to serve in the garden, yard, construction sites, and others. Watering in these places requires long hose reel capacity. You can fulfill this need with an FDW water truck as it can store up to 300 feet water hose of 5/8”.

It is built with reinforced rust-resistant steel with powder coat finish. Bad weather can’t damage the long-lasting frame of this cart. Once you buy this rolling water hose cart, it will last for a more extended period.

This outdoor garden hose reel is very much lightweight. You can take it to anywhere by rotating the wheels. The 10” rubber pneumatic tires prevents tangling and helps to move the device smoothly. It has a foam-padded handle with a non-slip grip. Spray water in every corner of your yard by holding the handle.

Assembling heavy duty metal hose reel cart four wheel requires less than one hour. After joining the device, you can use the assembling tools inside the storage basket. You can connect your hose with the 5’ leading hose of this cart.

Highlighted Features:

  • Assembling the parts requires only 50 minutes
  • Weather-coat rust resistant hose reel cart
  • 300 feet 5/8” hose reel capacity
  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel framing
  • Foam-padded handle with non-slip grip for worry-free watering
  • Four 10” rubber pneumatic tires
  • Good for business purposes

Kotulas Metal Garden Hose Reel Cart

Kotulas Garden Hose Reel Cart

Watering becomes a simple task using a high-quality lawn hose reel cart. Kotulas reel cart for the hose is such kind of efficient gardening equipment. Its durable build material of stainless steel prevents rust. The zinc coat on the solid axles makes it worthy withstanding any condition.

You can roll long garden hose on the reel of this device. It can store almost 300 feet hose with 5/8 inches diameter. It will reduce the stress of storing or unrolling the hose. Just hold the foam-padded handle and start turning it.

Kotulas lawn hose reel cart is very much easy to operate. The long-lasting four 10 inches inflatable tires can move on any uneven terrains. This portable reel cart comes with a built-in basket to hide your yard accessories for watering.

You can connect the long hose with its 6 ft—leader hose. The only thing you need to think is that it’s not pre-assembled. So, you need to spend 3-5 minutes to assemble it for the first time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sturdy steel construction with zinc coating
  • Hollow steel tubes for more extended usages
  • Can roll up to 300 feet hose of 5/8”
  • It has a foam-padded handle and four 10” pneumatic wheels
  • The built-in basket provides storage for assembling tools
  • It comes with 6ft. leader hose

Precision Hose Reel Cart With Wheels

Precision Hose Reel Cart With Wheels

The last recommended four-wheel hose cart in our list. Precision Products water hose reel cart provides a better feeling and experience of watering.

If you own a garden of small or medium size, you shouldn’t avoid this cart. It can store up to 250 feet of 5/8 inches hose. The metal construction keeps this device active after hundreds of usages.

Moving the hose reel cart is pretty easy to do. The four 10 inches pneumatic tires are there for better maneuverability. Moreover, it comes with six ½” inlet hose. The lightweight reel cart is a top-class device to spend time in your garden.

Highlighted Features:

  • 250 feet of 5/8” hose capacity
  • Easy to transport and unrolling the garden hose
  • Package contains six ½” inlet hose
  • 4 10” rubber pneumatic tires
  • Lightweight and simple design

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of using hose reel cart?

A: Using hose reel cart, you will get certain benefits like the increased life span of hose, safety and portability.

Q: Is a stainless-steel hose reel cart sufficient enough?

A: These reel carts are comparatively light-weight, rust-proof, and long-lasting than other forms. So, they are undoubtedly effective in application.

Q: How much do I need to pay for a quality hose reel cart with wheels?

A: It depends on the brand of the product. But it won’t make you tense. Many cheap industrial garden hose reel carts are out there.

Things to Consider to Buy Hose Reel Cart with Wheels

You need to know a few things while getting confused in selecting the best water hose reel cart. These are some essential features to notice about:

Length of hose:

You should check out the capacity of the cart. Most of the wagons with wheels can hold from 125-400 feet hose of 5/8”.


Choose the reel wagon made of stainless steel with an excellent powder coat finish. These materials make the device ready to fight against rust and weather damage.


Each portable hose cart has two or four rubber pneumatic wheels. The more wheels provide, the more facilities to carry the device.


Check out the attachment option of the cart. You can connect the hose with a leader hose given with many devices.


You may need to assemble parts of the lawn hose reel cart. It can be done within 10-50 minutes.

Storage facility:

While moving the gardening tool, you may need an extra basket or shelf to carry the accessories. Check if there is any storage facility in your chosen product.

Final Verdict

Our researchers have found many models of portable hose reel carts in the market. But not all of them are preferably based on their specifications. These above products have amazing features and facilities that can handle watering task superbly.

Thanks for reading the hose reel cart reviews. Happy Gardening!

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