Best Hose Bib – Outdoor Faucet Reviews For 2021

These days, water theft from the outdoor faucet in a residential area is a common phenomenon. Also, sometimes a leaky hose bib can drain your wallet with unthinkable water bills to turn your days into a nightmare. But how do you solve all these issues?

Well, the best hose bib or outdoor faucet with a security lock is your ideal go for the option to solve all these unwanted issues. Unfortunately, most property owners undermine the necessity of a proper hose bib installation in their home, which later compels them to regret.

Best Hose Bib

That’s why we tested quite a few hose bibs to come up with this review. With these high-quality and reliable hose bibs and security locks, you won’t have to think about the unauthorized use of your outdoor faucet and water leaks anymore.

So, are you ready to get through the most intriguing water hose review ever?

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Flow Security Systems Outdoor Hose Bib
Flow Security Systems Outdoor Hose Bib
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SpigotMaster Anti Siphon Hose Bib
SpigotMaster Anti Siphon Hose Bib
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SharkBite Pex Hose Bib
SharkBite Pex Hose Bib
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Mueller Commercial Hose Bib
Mueller Commercial Hose Bib
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American Valve 3/4 Hose Bib
American Valve 3/4 Hose Bib
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Sharkbite Frost Proof Hose Bib
Sharkbite Frost Proof Hose Bib
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American Valve Quarter Turn Hose Bibb
American Valve Quarter Turn Hose Bibb
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What Is a Hose Bib?

A hose bib is a type of water faucet or spigot that you will commonly find in the exterior location of the home connected with the water supply. You can join the hose bib with the regular garden hose or washing machine pipe with its threaded sprout.

A hose bib is also known as an outdoor water spigot, anti-siphon sealant, seal cock, and exterior water attachment depending on the similarity of its work. However, in most cases, a hose bib primarily does one job- creating a watertight sealant between the garden hose and water supply attachment.

Additionally, a hose bib with anti-siphonage prevents backflow for potable water to stop drainage and, in cold areas, facilitates the anti-freeze mechanism. It connects directly with the home exterior plumbing system and brings long-lasting service.

In short, a hose bib stops leaking water and sometimes also prevents water theft and unauthorized use, thanks to its locking system.

Different Types of Hose Bibs Or Outdoor Faucets

Although you might not know, not all hose bibs are the same. The manufacturers have built several types of hose bibs for specific purposes. When you select the hose bibs, knowing its classification will help you get the right outdoor faucet, aka, hose bib in quick time.

Non-frost free hose bib:

It is among the oldest hose bibs you will find. You can easily get them in the old homes. These bibs only serve general purposes and aren’t frost-proof. Thus, you must prepare those hose bibs for winter, especially in the cold regions.

You must drain the entire pipe to prevent it from bursting due to cold. Then, turn off the bib throughout the entire winter.

Frost-free hose bib:

You will find this frost-proof hose bib in most modern-day homes and the outdoor spigot. If the weather remains mostly under the below-freeze mark or has huge snowfall, these frost-free hose bibs will be found there.

You won’t have to turn off the spigot and drain the water from the pipe. Its design will prevent frosting and bursting of the pipe during heavy snowfalls.

Round plastic bib:

It is found mostly in the water heater. The hose bib features easy to use and turning for all. You can use it to drain the home water tank. Also, it will help you clean the water tank quickly. When you want to pull the hose bib entirely, just turn the bib in an anticlockwise direction. Finally, tug at it.

Knobbed hose bib:

You will find the knobbed hose bib also in the water heater. You can also use it to drain the heater and water tank whenever it needs maintenance and repairing. You will need an adjustable pipe wrench to pull off the hose bib.

Loose key hose bib:

Some hose bibs come with a removable loose key. You can use it to lock the hose bib when it is not in use. You will have to remove the loose key to lock the bib. Thus, homeowners will have full control over the outdoor faucet and decide who will use it or not.

The key makes the outdoor faucet operational. If you lose the key, you won’t be able to turn on or off the faucet.

Reviews of 10 Best Hose Bibs

Replacing a damaged or punctured hose bib goes a long way to save water bills. Hence, an accurate and durable hose bib security lock stops leaky sprouts.

Here, we bring you the top ten hose bib reviews you can find at present in the market.

1. Flow Security Systems Heavy-duty Outdoor Hose Bib

outdoor hose bib

This faucet lock system from Flow Security Systems is a must-have tool for the homeowners who often wonder about their higher water bill and water theft or tampering. With this revolutionary FSS 50 security lock, stop these vandals forever.

The security lock secures all of your outdoor hose bib and water faucets with its patented free-spinning design. Hence, the heavy-duty locking system will cover all residential, commercial, and industrial water spout and hose bibs. This multipurpose use makes FSS 50 versatile and convenient.

The pack of two locks comes with two keys also for comfy locking. Similarly, the installation of the FSS 50 is straightforward and is tool-free. The installation, in fact, will take just a few seconds. Also, its ‘Keyed the same” function lets you lock two threaded hose bibs with the same pattern. So, you don’t need to remember different patterns for the key lock.

It is also usable in all-seasons for at least several years, thanks to its durable brass construction. Thus, once installed, this faucet security lock will promote superior water conservation by preventing water dripping from faucets and malfunctioned bibs.


  • Versatile use
  • Durable brass construction
  • Easy to install
  • All-season use


  • Sometimes tough to remove


The FSS 50 security lock with its durable construction and sealant is ideal to stop water tampering and flow control to bring peace of mind.

2. SpigotMaster Anti Siphon Hose Bib

anti siphon hose bib

If you are even in need of always-on water supply for the garden or irrigation hours, the premature failure and water leakage of the exterior hose bib is a curse for you. However, you can quickly turn this curse into bliss with the Spigot Master vacuum breaker adapter.

The adapter is made of brass fittings to prevent rust and corrosion. So, it remains usable in all-weather and serves for years. Also, the versatile and sturdy brass fitted adapter will swiftly turn Watts or NIbco anti-siphon hose bibs into leak-free straight connection. So, it is useful for both your garden hose and timer.

What’s more, the 2-pack comes with two rubber washers that also works as a leak-proof sealant. The installation of the vacuum adapter is made easy without any tools. Just screw it and set the patterns to prevent water vandalism and wastage.

This Spigot Master adapter is available in three different models SM01, SM01.125, and SM-XL, to cover almost all arrowhead hose bibs and Canadian models. Thus, this adapter gives you the freedom to choose for any spigot or bibs.


  • It fits in with different hose-bibs.
  • Brass construction and washers ensure durability.
  • Available in three different models.
  • Easy setup


  • Nothing reported so far.


Its female thread pattern connects with the hose bib and male end with the standard garden hose to make your watering crisp and leak-free.

3. SharkBite Pex Hose Bib

sharkbite hose bib

SharkBite is a world-class plumbing company that holds a reputation for manufacturing high-quality plumbing products. And once again, they surged the market with this SharkBite hose bib. It’s durable, versatile, and so perfect for commercial and residential usage.

The sharkbite hose bib is designed with 2.4 inches one-piece patented mounting flange with a superior inlet connection. So, you can use its ¾” or ½” push connect inlet with any ¾” water hose. Then on, its 45° bevel angle forms an elbow-like structure to prevent kinks and leaks for comfy watering.

What’s more, the 45° no-kink hose bib comes with an innovative push-in design that supports the swift and easy installation. So, you won’t require any professional help. Also, you can use it in a congested place with perfection.

The PEX hose bib is a multipurpose garden hose bib that will fit in with all PEX, CPVC, Copper, and HDPE tubes. Hence, you can bring this hose bib without thinking twice about connectivity. Its push-fit technology will ensure that every connection remains leak-free and straight.

SharkBite controls the production line from brass fittings to finish, all in the USA, that itself talks about its quality. So, you can be confident that the hose bib will last for several years.


  • 45° elbow construction prevents leak and kink.
  • It supports both ½” and ¾” connections.
  • The USA made products.
  • Usable with PEX, PE-RT, HDPE, and CPVC tubes.
  • Maximum working pressure 200 PSI
  • Temperature endurance up to 200°F


  • A bit pricey.
  • The blue topping wears off.


Once you bring this SharkBite no-kink hose bib at home, it will guarantee water preservation to lower your bills. Also, it ensures leak and kink-proof watering.

4. Mueller Commercial Hose Bib

commercial hose bib

This antique looking hose bib from Mueller Industries is the true personification of performance and uniformity in real life.

The commercial hose bib comes with a half-inch inner diameter that works with most outdoor water supply sources. With a brass alloy copper mixed construction, the hose bib is rust and corrosion resistant to endure years of wear and tear use. Also, the brass finish lets it work under all weather.

The water spigot also endures 125 PSI, which is quite demandable. Also, the locking system comes with a red finish and screw for secure locking to protect water leakage and vandalism. Moreover, it’s quarter-turn operation works greatly for easy opening and closure of the water supply.

What’s more, the turn will continue to operate flawlessly for at least a few thousands time to give users long-lasting protection for the water faucet. With approval from ANSI and NSF 61, the Mueller hose bib works perfectly with the most garden water hose. It also supports superb easy installation for user convenience.


  • Brass and copper construction.
  • ½” diameter for maximum water flow.
  • Easy setup
  • Rust, corrosion, and weather-proof engineering.
  • Excellent for outdoor use.


  • Superficial threading
  • The red finish on the cover worn out


The superior Mueller 1/4 turn hose bib is extraordinary security to stop water wastage and theft. Its easy configuration also helps users brilliantly.

5. American Ball Valve Hose Bib

Ball Valve Hose Bib

Rigid quality and impeccable performance, that’s what truly describes the American Valve 3/4 hose bib. So, it’s no wonder why the immaculate exterior hose bib enjoys awesome customer feedback and one of a kind top-selling popularity.

Its brass finish gives the hose bib exceptional durability and endurance against harsh outdoor weather. So, you can throw away your anxieties with this ball valve hose bib. Yes, its ball valve handle allows smooth operation for users. The water valve has stainless steel construction for durable use with a coated color finish at the handle.

Nonetheless, the unique bib comes with threaded male inlet and is available in ¾” and ½” sizes. Whereas, its full port design will allow users to enjoy unrestricted water flow for extreme watering and washing projects. Lastly, its quarter-turn facilitates a comfortable operation.

However, since it doesn’t have lead-free construction, it’s not drinking water safe.


  • Durable brass construction
  • Maximum water flow rate
  • Reliable and secure application with a ball valve.
  • 180°F working temperature endurance.


  • Not safe for drinking water
  • Skinny depth


The hose bib may not look like a high-end product, but it delivers a leak-free connection with most water hoses to stop water drippings and theft.

6. Woodford Woodford Hose Bib – Outdoor Faucet

woodford hose bib

This Woodford hose bib is made for those property owners who are tired of reporting water vandalism and leaky water fittings resulting in higher water bills.

It supports a male hose thread ¾” nozzle that incorporates flawlessly with the stainless steel made seat to eliminate all wear and tear. Additionally, the hose bib cover and valve body support full circle operational thread for added security.

Also, its EPDM packing will make sure that the overall system remains leak-free. The leakage resistant application is bolstered even more with the “O” ring standard washer. It also has a lead-free solder that makes it drinking water safe.

On top of it, the 12” long hose bib handle is made of die-cast aluminum with a powder coating to safeguard it from harsh weather and rust. And lastly, I must appreciate its polycarbonate engineered adjustable wall flange.

The durable internal backflow protection can endure up to 120°F temperature and 125PSI working pressure. Thus, you can use the faucet all year round without any vacuum breaker. It also won’t rupture during winter, making it a good choice for cold regions.


  • 12” long handle for installation.
  • Leak-free EPDM packing
  • Won’t rupture in extreme cold.
  • Ever-lasting service


  • A bit tough to install


This outdoor hose bib is an ideal choice for all year round constant and flawless irrigation in the residential garden and mid-range commercial agricultural system.

7. Watts Hose Bibb Vacuum Breaker

Watts Hose Bibb Vacuum Breaker

Most gardeners and farmers experience backflow of polluted water resulting in a clogging hose faucet that creates quite a bit of annoyance. If you are undoubtedly one of them, then you must bring the Watts hose bibb at once.

The LF NF8 vacuum breaker pressure hose connection has a ¾” diameter that you can use for a wide range of installations. Also, the service requires no particular skill and tools; the result, a hassle less operation.

The vacuum breaker successfully prevents back-siphonage. Hence, polluted water won’t be able to go back to the potable water supply line. Additionally, it supports connectivity between hose thread valves and portable water hoses for convenient watering.

The vacuum breaker is engineered specially to attach with all water and yard hydrants with durable stainless steel construction. It is also a lead-free hose bib connection that has a brilliant draining system for freezing conditions.

Its stainless steel design earns the bib vacuum breaker longevity in all weather and 125 PSI working pressure. So, you can enjoy a lifelong service.


  • Suitable for all yard and wall hydrants.
  • Permits drainage for the frozen state.
  • Lead-free construction.
  • Prevents backflow


  • Nothing reported so far


This one of a kind vacuum breaker will work as an excellent replacement for your worn out pressure vacuum breakers in hydrants. At reasonable pricing, it will also fit into your wallet size.

8. SharkBite Frost Free Hose Bib – Sillcock

frost free hose bib

This is our eighth pick from SharkBite that comes delivers standout performance under all circumstances. You will love its easy to use interface once you bring it at home.

The unique 12 inches long frost proof hose bib will make your plumbing experience breeze and straightforward, thanks to its unique push to connect technology. The frost-free sealant also has an excellent ½ inches push to fit inlet. It is compatible with most PE-RT, PEX, CPVC and copper tubes. Additionally, it works with the ¾” MHT outlet as well.

Furthermore, the faucet incorporates the mounting flange for a secured mounting on any surface. The Shark Bite hose bib also has an integral air gap backflow stopping mechanism. It successfully prevents the back-siphonage of the polluted water.

For the duration, shark bite hose bib is made of high-quality copper. When it connects with the water hose, its O-ring compresses alongside the stainless-steel fittings to create a leak-proof sealant that will continue to work for years. Also, with 200 PSI burst pressure and 180° temperature endurance, it ensures exemplary service.

Hence, the frost-proof hose bib is also categorized as a hot and cold hose bib that works well with all residential and commercial applications. Moreover, the installation doesn’t need any tool or glue or even soldering and can be done within seconds.


  • Easy installing facility
  • Frost-free working capacity
  • Prevents backflow
  • Watertight sealant


  • Blue paint on the top will chip.


Whether you ardently need a new hose bib or a replacement, this Frost-free SharkBite outdoor bib is all set to give you a super-easy setup to stop water wastage and theft.

9. Prier Freeze Proof Hose Bib

Freeze Proof Hose Bib

Prier antifreeze hose bibs hold the reputation of manufacturing the finest quality hydrants at present, and this P -164D12 is no exception to it.

The Prier hose bib is made solely in the USA with a quarter-turn application and soft grip handle for convenient use during wet weather and freezing wintery conditions. Additionally, the standard rising stem feature provides straightforward maintenance and superb longevity. On top of it, the anti-siphon hose bib stops all backflow successfully to prevent clogging for a long-lasting service.

What’s more, the freeze proof hose bib comes with a built-in drainage pitch. It enables the hose thread to connect smoothly with any garden hose. To add to this, the brass fittings and stem ends cooperate perfectly to boost up the lifetime.

In fact, its stem ends are made of recently upgraded “00” sized washers for a watertight sealant. Additionally, the antifreeze hose bib prevents water freezing due to its vacuum breaker and backflow prevention mechanism.

And lastly, with ½” outside connector and ½” hose bib fittings, it will work with most residential garden hose bibs. Also, 4° beveling of the outdoor hydrant supports straightforward installation within seconds. So, you will enjoy the superior performance from this unique anti-siphon hose bib.


  • Quarter turn operation for comfort
  • Nickel coating on brass construction adds beauty
  • Prevent backflow
  • Anti-siphon valve
  • Frost-free application


  • A bit pricey


The superb Prier outdoor hydrant has a contemporary design. It is also easy to operate with the quarter-turn plug and supports anti-siphon as well as a freeze-proof facility.

10. American Valve M76QT 3/4″ Quarter Turn Hose Bibb

quarter turn hose bib

Tired of water wastage or higher water bills due to theft? Don’t know what to do? Bring this American Valve hose bib and see the magic.

First off, its brass finish is durable and with a watertight sealant ensures leak-free connection with the outdoor garden water hose. It also has a threaded IPS inlet for straightforward installation with the ¾” hose outlet.

Next, you would love its smooth operation that comes from the handle with a ball valve design. On top of it, the quarter-turn application also facilitates a dependable and quiet operation. Thus, the quarter-turn hose bib epitomizes durable and straightforward use.

And lastly, its full port mechanism ensures uninterrupted and total water flow. So, you get the optimal water flow for your watering and cleaning projects both in residential and commercial use.


  • Works up to 180°F temperature
  • Reliable ball valve engineering
  • Brass construction
  • Maximum water flow
  • Easy operation


  • Supports one size only


Coming at a relatively reasonable price and extreme endurance, the American Valve hose bib is very easy to operate. Similarly, you can install hose bib with pretty ease.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it hose bibb or bib?

The spelling bibb or bib, both are grammatically correct. Also, both refer to the same outdoor water spigot that stops water leakage.

What type of faucet a hose bib has?

Ideally, a hose bib comes with a threaded valve. Most conventional and standard hose bibs have glove valves. On the contrary, frost-proof hose bibs come with regular rubber washers.

How many hose bibs do I need?

To speak the truth, you only need a single hose bib that brings full water flow for your water supply. Remember that using multiple hose bibs neither increase the flowrate nor does it stop water freezing.

How can I winterize hose bib?

You can add an insulating cover on the regular hose bib to winterize it for an anti-freeze sealant. But before it, remove the bib carefully from the water supply source and then, after winterizing it, attach with the source.

Wrapping Up

The hose bib is a unique device. It stops water leakage, freezing, and unauthorized use of water. These facilities being said, purchasing a proper hose bib maybe sometimes become tough. But you need not worry and be anxious any more since we reviewed the ten hose bibs, and sealant water faucet here will make your task a breeze.

Just find the right inlet and outlet diaphragm and pick the most suitable one for your garden hose. And throw away your all worries about leaking, backflow, and theft to enjoy a crisp and joyous cleaning and watering session.

It’s as easy and convenient as you can get with these top-rated hose bibs.

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