Best Hideaway Hose Reel To Elevate Your Garden Look

A regular hose reel works fine to retract hoses safely after use. The reels allow you to store the hose for an extended period. It adds comfort and convenience to your gardening tasks. But what about if the hose storage also served aesthetics purpose to beautify the garden outlook?

Best Hideaway Hose Reel

Does it seem dreamy? Well, the best hideaway hose reel will make this dream come true. At one end it will retreat the watering tube quickly and on the other end, it would hide the hose inside its beautiful casing. So, it elevates the garden appearance and removes clutters.

If you want to pick one such hideaway hose storage, continue reading this review article. It includes a review of four versatile hose retreating and housing tools that will make you scream out WOW.

Best Hideaway Hose Reels

While standard hose reel only accommodates the tube for housing and storage, the hideaway reels also hide them underneath its housing. So, it safeguards the hose from external weather and ensures extended longevity.

Giraffe Metal Hideaway Hose Reel

Giraffe Metal Hideaway Hose Reel

Improve your gardening with the installation of the Giraffe metal hose reel.  It comes with graceful housing that would simply make your neighbors jealous.  The housing is made of powder-coated metal and silicone feet.

Hence, it is weather-proof besides offering an anti-rust anti-corrosion feature for peace of mind. The foot accommodates a large hose without distortion on decks and patios. So, it easily holds 200ft or 130ft hose with ½” and 5/8” diameters respectively.

The ergonomic handle lets you operate such a lengthy hose at ease for unwinding and rewinding. Also, it features an automatic track guide. You can adjust the track guide for easy retrieving of the watering tubes.

Also, the automated guide will distribute the hose evenly throughout the reel so that no part of it feels burdened. Its water system is sealed to ensure 10X strength against rust, cracks, and freezing. Also, it enables the water system usable in extreme cold. Also, the aluminum seal stops water leakage.

This reel housing also serves decorative purposes with a perfect match of the home décor. It supports convenient installation even for the newbies. You will be glad to know that reel accommodation can be opened easily for troubleshooting.

Highlighted Features:

  • This reel accommodates a large 130ft and 200ft hose with the weather-resistant application.
  • It doesn’t need extra maintenance due to rust, weather, and corrosion-proof metal design.
  • The crank handle makes the rewinding process effortless and time-saving.
  • Dual-sealed aluminum made water system is 10X stronger than regular connectors.
  • The artistic exterior serves decorative purposes of the home and garden décor perfectly.

Suncast Hideaway Outdoor Hose Reel with Crank Handle

Suncast Hideaway Outdoor Hose Reel

This Suncast hideaway hose reel looks more like a carry basket than a hose rewinding tool. But it beats the pants off even the high-quality retrievers. To begin with, this tool accommodates a massive 225ft hose of 5/8” diameter.

Such extensive storage is also supported by a stay-up lid feature. It makes the rewinding process simpler and eliminates twists and tangles. So, gardening becomes fun. You can also use it to store your spray nozzles, sprinklers, gloves, and other essential accessories.

Furthermore, its slide-track guiding removes clutter as the unwinding of the hose is far easier than you might anticipate at first. The crank handle operation is easy too with an ergonomic design.

The reel and hose attachment is made waterproof. Thankfully, its reinforced seal makes sure the entire system is leak-free in harsh conditions. For durability, it features a strong resin construction. Also, the resin finish with a brown color looks impressive.

It will be a perfect match for your patio set up, backyard, or outdoor décor. So, what’s stopping you from getting this Suncast plastic 225-ft hideaway hose reel?

Highlighted Features:

  • The medium-sized retriever accommodates a large 5/8” diameter 225ft hose.
  • The hose reel comes fully assembled and you can directly position the hose inside it.
  • The connection is made of water and weatherproof for leak-free applications.
  • Its crank-handle and stay-up lid feature prevent tangles and kinks with even rewinding.
  • The resin and plastic construction will serve for a prolonged period

NeverLeak Steel 100-ft Hideaway Hose Reel

NeverLeak Steel 100-ft Hideaway Hose Reel

Once this hose storage arrives at your home, you will love it. It is so good looking that you cannot help screaming ‘My gosh, how beautiful!” The manufacturer has opted for a wicker design that never goes out of date. Also, it complements every décor.

But this hideaway hose reel is not about a good look only. The manufacturer has kept user convenience in mind to build the storage. First off, it accommodates a 100ft hose with a 5/8” diameter. So, it is the perfect solution to store large garden hose including commercial ones.

The hose-track ensures a tangle and kink-free retrieving of the watering tube. It also distributes the weight properly to prevent burdening any part. Its metal crank is operated with a soft touch to stop quick work-fatigue.

The water system is made with aluminum and sealed with water-proof elements. So, it remains usable year-round. Finally, the metal cabinet will withstand extensive application seasons after seasons. Its footbed accommodates the hose weight easily too.

Highlighted Features:

  • You can store a 100ft long and 5/8” diameter watering hose inside it.
  • Its lightweight construction is easy to move although it lacks a carry handle
  • Auto-track guide is made automatic for quick and convenient retrieving
  • The hose reel will arrive in a nice durable generic package
  • The stylish design brings aesthetics at home and outdoor space with wicker construction

Suncast Resin Outdoor 100ft Hideaway Storage Reel

Suncast Resin Outdoor 100ft Hideaway Storage Reel

Suncast is a reliable gardening accessory manufacturer. This hose retriever and housing is a tool that keeps the company name and reputation remarkably. It comes with a manually operated crank handle to retrieve the hose swiftly.

It accommodates a large 100ft gardening hose with a standard 5/8” diameter. Furthermore, the handle is made durable for heavy-duty usage. The handle also supports a track-guide to prevent twists and tangles inside the housing.

Next comes its tight seal right on the hose and reel connection. It has been reinforced for a waterproof facility. So, the entire setup remains usable year-round.  The unit is made with premium resin and plastic to ensure sturdiness and lightweight. So, carrying it becomes brisk.

Furthermore, it comes fully installed. So, you are free from the tension of assembling the hose reel. Lastly, its impressive finish fulfills aesthetical purposes. You will love its clutter-free and elegant appearance in the garden or outdoor location.

You can use it to store gloves, spray nozzles, and other watering equipment as well.

Highlighted Features:

  • It accommodates a 5/8” diameter hose with up to 100ft length.
  • The manual crank handle makes sure brisk reeling of the watering tool after uses.
  • It is made lightweight for easy movement and comes fully assembled
  • The excelsior finish serves eye-pleasing aesthetical purposes.
  • The durable construction of it assures several seasons uses.

Final Words

When you want clutter-free hose storage with elevation for a garden or outdoor aesthetics the best hideaway hose reel is your go for the option. We have reviewed four hideaway hose reel that accommodates at least 100ft hose.

So, these items are used for residential and commercial landscaping jobs. Also, thanks to their remarkable design and finish, these hose retrievers are an all-time favorite and never goes out of style. Once you assemble them, gardening would feel fun and joyous.

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