Best Garden Hose Timers [13 Review & Buying Guides 2021]

We all love to see our garden lovely and lively. Beautiful flowers, tasty fruits, and colorful leaves – these are the attractions of a garden. But these diversities may vanish if there’s no proper way of watering.

Overflooding, drought, incorrect watering schedules are some common problems of manual watering. A garden hose timer is a correct device to keep these problems away. It’s such a kind of tool that helps you controlled watering. It can do more than keeping a person to spray water on the plants.

Water timers are programmed tool which you can attach with a water faucet. You can set time to automatically turn the water flow on and off to spray the garden.

Here are five main reasons to choose a watering hose timer:

  • No more overflow of water
  • Spraying water timely at the exact amount
  • Saving water more than watering the garden manually
  • No worries during rainy days
  • Easy to install

Would you like you to reduce the stress of gardening while staying busy with other activities?

There are plenty of brands and models of gardening hose timers. But choosing the perfect one can be redundant. Low-quality equipment can make watering worse. The result becomes frustrating. So, we have spent some time to filter out the right products. We have examined them based on their structure, build-material, design, color and other features.

At a Glance:

Orbit Digital Hose Water Timer – Best Overall
Orbit Digital Hose Water Timer – Best Overall
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Gilmour Electronic Water Timer
Gilmour Electronic Water Timer
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Instapark Waterproof Digital Hose Timer
Instapark Waterproof Digital Hose Timer
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Rain Bird Electronic Garden Hose Watering Time
Rain Bird Electronic Garden Hose Watering Time
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Reviews Of The 13 Best Garden Hose Timers

Our research team has extensive experience and knowledge about gardening tools. In recent research, we have found some fantastic, super-active water hose timers. We are here to share our views with their ins and outs to the garden lovers. Take a look!

Orbit Digital Hose Water Timer

Orbit Digital Hose Water Timer

Orbit water timer comes top in our favorite list. It’s more than a simple water-spraying device. This programmable timer looks like a green small water pot. Its build structure can assist you to spray water in any season.

The notable feature of this best garden hose timer is the textual instructions on the body how to use it. The large LCD screen and the easy-reading dial are beneficial properties. You can use two AA batteries to operate this gadget.

You can set the watering frequency for up to seven days. You can also control the watering duration at a maximum of 240 minutes. Even you need not bother for rain or watering while you are on vacation. Three different rain delay options prevent the dampness of the garden.

Moreover, you can use the timer for manual watering besides the automatically-set watering schedule. Two water outlets can cover the whole garden effortlessly. It’s suitable for any size of the garden. Connect the device to hose faster with the swivel connection of the Orbit garden faucet timer.

Highlighted Features:

  • Two outlets for more flexible watering applications
  • 6 hours to maximum 7 days watering frequency
  • It can flow water for 1-240 minutes at a stretch
  • Helpful rain delay options of one, two or 3 days
  • No hassle during installation and lasts longer in any weather
  • Requires two AA batteries
  • Orbit water timer manual

Gilmour Electronic Water Timer

Gilmour Electronic Water Timer

Gilmour is one of the oldest gardening tools manufacturers in the world. Their 50 years’ experience has made them expert to form active devices like this electronic water timer. Undoubtedly, this dual-hose faucet timer relieves the stress of timely watering the crop fields or the gardens.

The significant feature of this gadget is when the adjusted watering schedule is finished, it shuts down automatically. The watering frequency is available in three settings – 24, 48 and 72 hours. The large LCD tells the details of watering frequency, duration etc. You can set the duration for every 1 minute up to 360 minutes.

Installing the Gilmour faucet timer requires no tools. It’s straightforward to attach a garden hose and spigot to the device for the metal easy-swivel coupling. Don’t need to worry when you are far from the garden of flowers, fruits or vegetables. It requires only two double-A batteries.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ergonomic and useful design for automatic watering
  • Dual-hose faucet for simultaneous water-flow through the hose
  • Vivid LCD to see the necessary information
  • Watering frequency of 24/48/72 hours
  • Watering duration of 1-360 minutes
  • Easy to install; metal easy-swivel coupling
  • 2 AA batteries power the timer

Instapark Waterproof Digital Hose Timer

Instapark PWT-07 Outdoor Waterproof Digital Hose Timer

Instapark water timer comes with ergonomic design and first-rate control features of garden watering. Its single-station timer option can make your job easier. You can attach the gear with a standard 3/4” thread. The manufacturer has designed this timer for any garden or irrigation purposes. The user manual is there for you.

Get more fun and interest in planting using this weather and impact-resistant device in your garden. The sturdy ABS construction with dust cover makes it ready to water the lawn or garden beds anytime. The easy-to-read dial, large 2.1” X 1” LED screen, the battery indicator shows the timer status for better application.

The surprising part of this outstanding timer is that it comes with 16 different watering settings. You can set the frequency from every 10 seconds up to 7 days. Even the watering duration can be possible for almost 6 hours. Two AA alkaline batteries are enough to keep the thing alive for up to 4000 on-off cycles. The drawer-type detachable battery storage facility helps to re-use the device.

Highlighted Features:

  • Single large-size rotary dial with four easy-to-understand pushbuttons
  • Attachable to hose with standard ¾” thread
  • Large LED display showing present time and other timer statuses
  • 10 seconds to a one-week watering frequency
  • Watering duration for up to 6 hours
  • Rain delay options of 1/2/3 days
  • Runs up to 4000 on-off cycles with two AA alkaline batteries

Orbit Smart Hose Faucet Timer

Orbit Smart Hose Faucet Timer

Automated timers can sort out the watering task very easily. Orbit B-Hyve faucet timer is such garden equipment. It can water the yard or lawn at the perfect time with a specific duration. All you need is to control or set the B-Hyve app. It can be operated with android, iOS, or different web devices. It offers the functions of setting a watering schedule with some clicks.

Also, the weather-based application is there to do the same task by setting a program. Its smart technology enables watering depending on weather or land conditions like live weather, daylight, shades, slope, soil quality etc. It will habitually program the controller to fix the amount of water and runtime.

This gray color faucet timer passes the tests of WaterSense and SWAT. It means you can stop wasting water with this device. The integrated flow meter helps maintain water usages for watering gardens, car cleaning, pool filling, and other hydroponic applications. However, this machine very much easy-going to install and use. The only part this company should improve is its charging capacity of the batteries.

Highlighted Features:

  • Automatically manageable with online application or website
  • Weather Sense technology for controller settings
  • Passes WaterSense and SWAT tests to save more water
  • You can track water usages and volume
  • Takes least time to set up and operate
  • Applicable for varieties of watering or washing purposes

Raindrip Analog 3-Dial Water Timer

Raindrip R675CT Water Timer Multi

Let’s talk about the wireless water timer without the requirement of any display. Raindrip timer can save your time by turning its three different dial controls. Each of these dials offers different options for handy uses. Three rotating wheels are there having three solenoid and diaphragm valve options. One of these is for watering frequency, one for runtime and the other for a rain delay.

The multiple options are very much helpful to the irrigation systems. The frequency dial offers to set frequency from 1 hour to 7 days. The runtime dial is for how long you want to water (1-120 minutes). The rain delay dial lets you delaying the irrigating from minutes to hours (up to 24 hours).

It comes with an automatic shut-off feature that shuts the device if the battery is low. The low battery indicator will tell you the battery changing time. It needs two AA batteries. If you change the batteries within 15 seconds, the adjusted program remains the same. The only drawback of the timer is that it needs minimum PSI for proper application.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to adjust program by turning the dials
  • 1-120 minutes of water runtime
  • 1 hour to 7 days watering frequency
  • Max 24 hours rain delay
  • Manual watering option available
  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • Needs 2 AA alkaline batteries and minimum PSI

Homitt Programmable Water Timer with 3″ Large Screen

Homitt Programmable Water Timer

Homitt water timer with 3” big display can make the watering volume and schedule automatic. It comes with pneumatic sealed parts and a top connector. The top connector is made of 30% reinforced nylon. Nevertheless, this unit can resist impact more than other ABS hose timers. There is no chance of leakages as it can withstand up to 10Kg pressure of water. Also, the waterproof case, including the rubber ring, seals the 2 AA batteries. You can see all the information on the display.

There is clarity of information like water runtime and interval for flexible applications. You can set different water runtime like 1-59 seconds or 1-300 minutes. The significant part is that it is not the same as ordinary timers that allow max 1 min lowest runtime. Again, the schedule range is also variable from 1 hour up to 15 days. You can set all these things depending on the environment and watering requirements.

For better efficacy, it has integrated child lock mode that can prevent waste of water. It helps to avoid the unintentional trigger by kids or pets. There is also a manual rain delay function available. You can save more water on the watery days when overwatering can damage the plants. Manual watering duration is available from one minute to 4 hours.

Highlighted Features:

  • Leakproof and long-lasting framework
  • 3” huge size display showing all the information
  • 2 size rings suitable for any NPT or UN standard faucets
  • Watering runtime: 1-59s and 1-300 minutes
  • Watering schedule: 1-23h and 1-15 days
  • Child lock and manual rain delay functions
  • Leakproof battery case; requires 2 AA batteries

Orbit 62034 Mechanical Watering Timer


We have found Orbit’s products exciting and very comprehensive. Its mechanical hose timer brings the real thrill of watering plants. Users may feel it as working with an egg timer. It takes only a couple of seconds to use the faucet timer. Just connect to the faucet and turn the dial.

It can provide excellent service without any batteries or digital screen. The large dial works like magic for turning the water flow off. It has a comfortable grip to set the timer while your hand is wet or covered with gloves. The users can use the device for seasons for its robust construction. Though we are not sure how long you may use a mechanical timer.

The good thing is it’s the most accessible device to auto shut-off the water flow. Adjust the timer to stop the water flow from 15 to 120 minutes. It also enables manual override by merely twisting the dial. It is a great tool to save water for further uses.

Highlighted Features:

  • Simplest device to stop the water flow
  • Turns off the water by twisting the bigger dial
  • Turns off water within 15-120 minutes after starting
  • Sturdy construction works for long time use
  • No batteries needed

Melnor Bluetooth Water Timer

Melnor Bluetooth Water Timer

Melnor is a popular name in the marketplaces. Its 65126-AMZ Bluetooth faucet timer is a piece of magic. It works magically when you want to water the field of crops, garden timely. It is made of solid stainless steel to withstand any odd situations. You can set and run the device by installing an app on your smartphone. It supports iOS 9, Android 7.0, and Bluetooth 4.0 and above the operating system. But you will need to stay within 30 feet while using the app from the device.

It offers a broad range of watering schedules. You can water your plants on specific days of the week or every few days. Still, you can set up to 12 individuals watering timetables per 24 hours. Besides these, the manual mode enables using the timer from the valve unit or via the phone app without setting a schedule. If it is the rainy season, the watering delay option saves water when the ground is wet.

You can set different device zone names in the app. Also, you can generate a password for timer security. Every detail of watering, like the duration, the schedule, is visible on the app. Anyhow, the timer needs 4 AA batteries to function. The only dull part of this product is its app may not be so efficient as other similar ones.

Highlighted Features:

  • Runs with Bluetooth, iOS, and Android application
  • Solid stainless-steel construction, runs with 4 AA batteries
  • Up to 12 individual watering schedule per 24 hours
  • Manual watering mode for instant usages
  • Timer security is set with a password via the app
  • Watering delay feature for saving water in rainy days

Rain Bird Electronic Garden Hose Watering Time

Rain Bird Electronic Garden Hose Watering Timer

The purpose of Rain Bird is self-explanatory because each of their products is unique and well-designed. The Rain Bird hose timer is most suitable for drip irrigation systems, soaker hoses and watering the lawn garden sensibly. It has advanced scheduling features for using it as a 7-day digital timer. It lasts for a long time for the excellent programming and rugged design.

The users should like the ability of this digital hose-end controller. It can control up to 5 impact sprinklers chained in the proper sequence. So, it’s undoubtedly helpful to cover a large area. The bigger dial and readout screen display the scheme of watering for reviews.

It has max 6 hours runtime with up to two cycles per day. This is dissatisfaction for the gardeners who want more frequent watering their plants. Even some may question why we should water for so long (six hours) time. The “Cancel Watering” feature allows the user to override the preset programming. It is an alternative name of rain delay option in other manufacturers’ timers. You can use this feature to pause watering for up to 96 hours. Besides this, the “Water Now” option is available for manual watering. However, the water PSI range should be 15-90 PSI. Rainbird hose timer is operated with double AA batteries.

Highlighted Features:

  • It can control up to 5 impact sprinklers
  • Bigger dial and readout LCD screen
  • 6 hours watering runtime with twice a day frequency
  • Up to 96 hours “cancel watering” feature
  • Manual watering feature for on-demand watering
  • Water flow speed 15-90PSI
  • 2 AA batteries operated device

LinkTap Wireless Water Timer

LinkTap Wireless Water Timer 

What will you do when you are outside of the home and need to water the garden? LinkTap G2 Wireless water timer is the solution. It has an excellent cloud control feature to manage watering duration and frequency from anywhere. It will send you real-time push and email notifications via app in different situations—nothing to worry about if there is any water cut-off, valve failure, or falls.

This wireless timer for the garden comes with water-saving technology. Its flow meter shows the current flow rate and 3 months of water usage and costs through the app. With this technology, you are one step ahead of saving the water in any season. You can set six different modes of watering up to 100 watering cycles a day.

Nevertheless, this whole unit is easy to install at your place. Complete watering system setup requires only a few minutes. And it is really simple to adjust things in the app. This weatherproof faucet timer is equipped with Zigbee protocol. You can get more trustworthy wireless coverage than regular Wi-Fi with this. You will need 4 AA alkaline batteries to operate the water timer.

Appy Garden Hose Faucet Timer

Appy Garden Edge 1 Hose Faucet Timer

Appy Garden Edge is the best hose faucet timer to make your tasks simple. It looks like a digital door lock; input pin and get in. You would love to use the machine by following three steps programming. The textual instructions such as “start-time,” “how long,” etc. are easy to understand. The EasyView program is suitable for beginners. Adjust the schedule and frequency of watering by pressing the pushbuttons.

This handy tool for lawn and yard gardening has an HD LCD backlit display. All the timer settings and status are visible even in the low-light. Appy Garden has designed the timer to remain protected with a hard-plastic cover. It keeps the dirt, rainwater, and debris away. Brass-made inlet with a reliable grip is an extra benefit of this useful tool.

We have selected this one for its watering frequency (6 hours to 15 days!) and volume of max 10.5 GPM. It works better if you wish to spray at 25-70 PSI, yet the given range is 15-90 PSI. It can also flow water from 60 seconds to 240 minutes at a stretch. You can manually water the plants without manipulating the set program. Read the user manual for better performance.

Highlighted Features:

  • 3-steps programmable hose faucet timer
  • HD LCD backlit display covered with hard plastic
  • Brass-made inlet with a friendly grip
  • Watering frequency of every 6 hours up to 15 days
  • Water duration of 60 seconds to 240 minutes
  • Max water volume 10.5 GPM and flow speed of 15-90 PSI
  • Runs with two AA batteries

Melnor Digital Water Timer

Melnor 15438-HDC Digital Water Timer

Sit back and relax by attaching your garden hose to Melnor digital 1-zone timer. It will finish the whole watering process automatically. Choose this smart tool in case you are a busy person or haven’t ample time to spray water on the plants. Once you adjust the time of watering, it will flow water up to 24 times a day.

The large LCD screen shows the necessary information about the watering duration, frequency, rain delay, etc. But our researchers have found this one a bit different from the above timers. There are menu buttons on the right side but no text on or near the button. But you can find them surrounded by the display. So, it will take a bit more seconds to use the device. However, two different languages have covered this flaw very smartly.

The rain delay pause feature can pause watering for up to one week. Moreover, the manual over-ride helps to access the faucet for watering manually. The whole device has a durable construction. It requires 2 AA size batteries to start working.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dual-language instructions on the device for better operation
  • The watering frequency for up to 24 times a day
  • Big LCD shows all the information
  • Rain delay pause for up to one week
  • Manual override available beside programming the device
  • Requires 2 AA alkaline batteries

Gideon Single Valve Hose Water Timer

Gideon Hose Timer

Gideon water timer sprinkler reminds the triangle, which we loved to draw at the school. Cool, attractive design with easy-to-use features has connected us to list this device on our list.  You can easily control the watering scheme and duration with this device.

This weather-proof hose sprinkler can last for months or years. The build quality and color are admirable. It’s effortless to install and use. The swivel coupling provides a faster connection to the hose. The big, easy-to-read LCD backlit screen is also there. It will show you what you program by pressing the buttons even at night. The device shuts off automatically when the power is low.

Gideon timers can allow up to 240 minutes of watering sessions. The “how long,” “how often” buttons are pre-designed for fixed schedule watering purposes. You can also keep the device off or pause it using the rain delay feature. The manual settings offer to water the plants and trees manually alongside the fixed timing settings. Two AA batteries power the single-valve hose water timer.

Highlighted Features:

  • Weather-proof, robust construction
  • Swivel coupling for quick connection
  • Unique, large, HD LCD backlit display
  • Watering frequency of 1-240 minutes
  • Rain delay options available
  • Manual watering available for intentional watering
  • It needs 2AA batteries

Things You Should Consider When Buying a Garden Hose Timer

Best Garden Hose Timer

Flower planting hose timers are an advantageous asset in gardening and firming purposes. A quality device can help you in planting flowers and fruits, vegetables. Once you attach a timer to your faucet, it will do the rest of the watering the garden timely. Choosing the correct timer can be troublesome to some extent. But our research has helped to define a brand or model as a quality device based on some features. You should check these features before purchasing a timer for watering:

Water Outlets

Single or multiple – both types of water timers available at the market. Single-outlet gadgets are suitable for a medium or small area. Various outlets can be programmed for different purposes like watering a large garden.


It would help if you always looked for the construction. Choose the rust-free, non-corrosion timers for long time uses.


Digital hose water timers have buttons and installed programs to turn on-off the devices automatically. Mechanical ones have large dials that need to be twisted. Digital tools have more options for water frequency, duration and rain delay features. Mechanicals are more comfortable to set time to pause or turning off the water flow.

Watering Frequency

A timer can help you when to turn on or off the water for the garden. Watering frequency can be of different durations, like 6 hours to 7 days.

Watering Duration

It’s an important part to notice while buying a hose timer. Overflow of water can sow your garden. The range of watering duration can be of 1-360 minutes. It would be best if you thought of this according to your availability and garden size.

Rain Delay

It’s rainy season, and rain is falling again and again; you may not love to water the plants with hose more. Rain delay feature helps to pause the water flow for up to 1 week (average). Most of the digital hose timers have rain delay options.


Mechanical water hose timers have no compartment for batteries. They have dials instead of pushbuttons. We need to twist the dials for adjusting time-frequency, runtime etc. Battery operated hose timers require batteries to operate. Usually, AA batteries are used in these tools.

Final Verdict

Gardening fills our mind with joy. It refreshes us with the beauty and outcome.

A gardener keeps versatility in his gardening tools kit. And, there is no better option of having a top-quality garden hose timer in the list. After all, the watering schedule is the primary ingredient of successful gardening.

Happy Gardening!

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