Best Drinking Water Hose For RV – Reviews of 2021

First of all, let me take the honor to congratulate you on owning an RV. Mate, you are damn lucky. Very few people have the luxury to own an RV and tour with it into the dense forest, rocky mountain, and through picture-perfect highways.

Life becomes beautiful with the ownership of an RV.

But soon, it can turn into a haphazard unless you ensure proper supply of pure and uncontaminated drinking water in the RV as you roam around. And guess what?

Best Drinking Water Hose For RV

Only the best RV drinking water hose can meet up your need for pure drinking water to keep you healthy and fit. Unfortunately, most RV owners ignore the significance of a drinking water hose only to find themselves sick and in distress.

That’s the reason, today, I am going to introduce you to the top seven RV drinking water hoses at present. For your convenience, I will add highlighted features of each product so that you understand which best fits your preference.

I will also include a buying guide on RV water hoses – so stay tuned with me.

At a Glance:

Camco Drinking Water Hose - Lead and BPA Free
Camco Drinking Water Hose – Lead and BPA Free
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Cesun Flexible RV Water Hose
Cesun Flexible RV Water Hose
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Camco Premium Drinking Water Hose
Camco Premium Drinking Water Hose
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Flexzilla RV Drinking Water Hose
Flexzilla RV Drinking Water Hose
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The 7 Best Drinking Water Hose For RV

Our team of experts has tested these products, considered client reviews, and gone through different top reviewers to select these best rv water hose for you. These are a perfect match for your weekend recreational activities.

Camco Drinking Water Hose – Lead and BPA Free

Camco Drinking Water Hose

We put this Camco drinking water hose in our first place for a simple reason- it’s made of total lead and BPA-free materials. So, it is 100% safe for drinking water purposes.

Whether you are on your way for camping or in the highway, this US government approved water hose will give you the purest and safest drinking water- at your convenience. You will love its service since it is made following the compliance law of the federal and state.

Camco has used reinforced PVC to make the water hose, which is kink, leak, and crush-proof. However, the manufacturer hasn’t used any Lead, which earns the tube prestigious ANSI and NSF certification.

Its 5/8” diameter ID will easily fit into the Y valve. That makes it easy to attach with the main faucet inside the RV.

Furthermore, it’s 4, 10, 25, 50 and 75  ft long pipe is ready to help you fetch water from a distance if you are unsure about how far your RV is from a nearby water source. You are going to love its water without any rubbery taste, which is a big concern for most RV drinking water hoses.

Highlighted Features:

  • It is made from 100% BPA and Lead-free material.
  • The product has both Federal and state law compliance approval.
  • It is an ideal water hose for drinking water during camping and picnic.
  • Reinforced PVC construction is durable.
  • 25’ long pipe can fetch water from a distance.
  • UV stabilization with kink-proof construction.

Cesun Flexible RV Water Hose

Cesun Flexible RV Water Hose

This Cesun flexible and safe drinking water hose for RV is the lightest item that you will ever found with a minimal weight of 10.6 ounces. This means you can take the tube anywhere with superior portability. Also, it is so flexible that you can comfortably move it around any thorny bushes during your camping and trailing.

The hose is made of 16-gauge 3-04-premium stainless steel.  The BPA and lead-free construction are corrosion, kink, and leak-proof.

The hose is incredibly versatile since, with an extra hose, you can connect with another tube. The multi-purpose hose can be used for regular watering in the garden as well as in RV and dehumidifier.

Its O-Ring is super durable and ensures safe drinking water. With all the premium features, this hose is an absolute beast.

Highlighted Features:

  • Its lead and BPA free construction ensure 100% safe drinking water.
  • Its lightweight makes the maneuverability so easy that even your kid can handle the hose.
  • It’s stainless steel acts as a protection to the inner tube from kink and tangles.
  • The diminutive size makes the hose ideal for use in RVs.
  • The hose is a multipurpose tool and is usable with other tubes as well.

Camco Premium Drinking Water Hose

best rv fresh water hose

Camco is a trusted name among trailers and campers for its specialized RV, camping, and trailing products that are reasonably priced without compromising in quality. This best rv fresh water hose has lived up to the expectation level of most campers.

The BPA, lead, and phthalate-free construction mean you can enjoy pure water with your family and friends even during tours. What’s more, the hose is 20% thicker in comparison with its counterparts.

The extra thickness mainly adds to the overall durability of the product. The extra depth combines perfectly with the reinforced design to keep those annoying kinks, tangles, leaks, and rust at bay.

The hose also enjoys UV protection, which ensures that it won’t get damaged even if put under sunlight for hours. And lastly, its nozzle features five adjustable spray setting to meet all your watering necessity effortlessly.

In short, it’s a Camco product, and you won’t get a chance to complain about its quality and superior performance.

Highlighted Features:

  • The 20% added thickness makes it less vulnerable against kink and leaks.
  • Its 25 ft length helps you to fetch water from a distance; this is suitable for camping.
  • Its UV protected so won’t get damaged under sunlight.
  • It is made of lead, phthalate, and BPA-free materials.
  • The nozzle has five various spray settings.

Flexzilla RV Drinking Water Hose

Flexzilla RV Drinking Water Hose

This Flexzilla made hose has cemented its place in the best water hose for rv review for several reasons- durability, 100 ft extension, and capacity of delivering safe drinking water.

The hose is lightweight, flexible, and functional under all weather. You can maneuver the drinking water hose around thorny bushes, trees, and other stiff obstacles. But it won’t kink or leak due to its reinforced construction with a hybrid polymer.

The hose has zero coiling memory, which means it will stay in its position without coiling while at work. As soon as you turn the water tap off, it will retract to a one-third coiled position. That’s the excellence of Flexzilla.

Also, its swivel grip will allow you to use the hose for an extended period without fatigue. Its swivel construction makes it safe for drinking water with both ends made of aircraft aluminum.

Highlighted Features:

  • The hose flattens quickly due to swivel grip, and zero memory lets it stay flat.
  • It functions under all weather and even in extreme pressure without kink and leak.
  • Reinforced hybrid polymer and aircraft aluminum materials make it super-durable.
  • Lead-free construction makes it safe for drinking water.
  • The hose is lighter than most standard garden hoses.

Camco Heated Drinking Water Hose For rv


This Camco heated hose is energy saving, thanks to its advanced thermostat. So, you rest assured about your electricity bill or battery charge in the RV. The thermostat design ensures water safety for as low as -20°F (-28° C) with the protection of line freeze.

The hose supports heating capacity, which is perfect for those who like to drink heated water for further health consciousness. The package includes an adapter with the male-to-female end so that both ends fit in with an electric connection.

Thankfully, the outer jacket is made of durable material that protects the electrical components inside the hose from any unwanted damage. Last but not least, all the materials used in the tube have NSF-61 certification.

This means it is totally free from Lead, BPA, and toxic elements- sounds like the safest option for pure drinking water. Finally, you must love the fact that it is functional with 120Vac- a standard for mot heated hose.

Highlighted Features:

  • The platted fittings of the water hose are mechanized, which is corrosion and kink proof.
  • Its ‘anti-freeze protection’ will work even at -20°F (-28° C)- that’s a real game-changer aspect.
  • The heavy-duty water hose will last for an extended period.
  • It comes with a female-to-male adapter.
  • The hose has safe drinking water approval from NSF.

Valterra 15ft RV Drinking Water Hose

Valterra RV Drinking Water Hose

This 15 ft long white Valterra drinking water hose is an ideal option for campers and RV owners. In fact, you will be amazed to see how it loads features after features despite being a reasonably priced hose.

If you are looking for a short yet functional drinking water hose for your RV, this is going to solve your problem forever. Since the tube is made of high-quality and tested material, it will withstand for several years of use.

The attachment is also durable due to its top-notch build quality. Both the attachment and hose are kink, leak, as well as wear and tear-proof.

Built with lead, BPA and Phthalate-free nontoxic materials, this hose is 100% safe for your drinking water purpose. Furthermore, the brilliantly engineered tube can work with even 16 PSI hookups-that makes it a multipurpose hose.

All the materials have NSF, federal, and state certification. And lastly, its gripper will make your installation pretty easy.

Highlighted Features:

  • Its 15 ft pipe is long enough to fetch water from a distance.
  • The hose is made in accordance with the law of federal and state agencies for safe drinking water.
  • All the materials are non-toxic and BPA and lead-free as well as kink and leak-proof.
  • It is capable of working with 160 PSI.
  • The installation is easy.

Valterra Aquafresh High Pressure Drinking Water Hose

High Pressure Drinking Water Hose

This is currently the best value for your money- with loads of features you need in an RV drinking water hose. Its fittings with high-flow are specially engineered for the capacity of functioning with 160 PSI RV hook-ups.

The high-pressure hose is 4 ft long that will easily fit into most RVs, and hence ideal for trailers and campers. The compact tube size makes it highly functional for RV, where space management is a big concern for most RV owners.

The Lead-free construction is meant to withstand a few years at ease. So, your worries for a durable aqua freshwater hose will be a history with this hose. Furthermore, its construction materials are all listed in NSF, which ensures that it is 100% for drinking water purposes. Thus, your family and friends will enjoy total safety with the hose.

The package also includes a brilliantly designed hose gripper that makes your installation super-fast and easy.

Highlighted Features:

  • Functions even with 160 PSI.
  • Its NSF listed construction materials are 100% safe for you.
  • Both the hose and its attachments are made from high-quality product and so is durable.
  • Its high-flow fitting is versatile that you can use for trails and camps.
  • The short-size is highly space-saving.
  • With hose gripper, the setup is convenient.

Things You Must Consider When Buying The Best RV Water Hose

If you are ready to shop a drinking water hose for RV, with a variety of options and things to consider, you may get a headache. But fear not- I am here to solve your issues.

Focus on the length

While garden hose needs to longer, the case is different with the RV water hoses. Ideally, drinking water hoses for RV should be around 4-25 ft long. Buying a longer hose for RV isn’t desirable since you will catch up with the storage problem.

Hose diameter

The diameter of the hose will attribute how easily the water will flow into it. The most standard tubes have different widths such as ½” ¾” and 5/8”; however, some hose may have a larger diameter.

Our recommendation is to go for a 5/8 inches diameter to get adequate water flow from the hose.

Grip fittings

One of the most awkward moments you might face is to screw and unscrew your drinking water hose in RV. To avoid such a condition, it is admissible that you look for a hose with easy fittings for grip. The installation should be easy and convenient.

FDA and NSF approval

The last thing you wouldn’t want to drink water from a water hose built with inappropriate materials such as toxic and Lead contaminated materials. So, your drinking water hose must be compliant with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) along with the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).

Their certification means that the hose if safe for drinking water, and it’s made of polyurethane instead of cheap vinyl and rubber. This also adds to the over durability from kink and leaks.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I insulate my RV water hose?

A: Yes, you can. The insulation of the RV drinking hose is pretty straightforward. All you require to do is to wrap the water hose outline and hook-up with a heat tape at first. Then encase the tube with an insulated foam pipe. Then it would help if you heated the insulated pipe, and lastly, install a skirting at the RV’s bottom.

Q: Is there any way to keep my hose from freezing?

The steps mentioned above should be okay to keep your drinking water hose from freezing. However, the best alternative of freezing hoses is the heated RV hose like the Camco TastePure heated hose.

A: If my drinking water hose gets to freeze, what should I do?

The best you could do to unfreeze your hose in RV is to relocate it in a comparatively warmer place. However, that’s not a practical solution. So, instead, use a hairdryer to thaw the water hose. But be careful so that you don’t melt the rubber. Hence, keep the dryer at least 2-3 inches away from the rubbery outside.

Q: Can I sanitize another hose to use it as a drinking water hose?

A: Although you can sanitize another type of hose and use it for drinking water, it isn’t recommendable. You must bring a tube that is lead and BPA free and have FDA approval for drinking water.

Final words

As I wrap up here, let me focus on some critical issues. Since you will be using the hose in RV for drinking water, you must keep it clean. Therefore, every time you store it after a long tour or camping, clean it properly.

Remember that the drinking water hose in RV is directly connected with your health. So, never compromise when it comes to the quality of the hose. In this case, you can put your bet upon our reviewed water hoses- these are durable, high-performing, and above all, safe for drinking water with all required certification.

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