Best Coiled Garden Hose – Reviews for 2021

Does your garden hose give you a hard time when you carry it? Do you have to struggle while storing the garden hose inside your pouch?

If you want lightweight hose with a compact shape, you’ll have to go for the small sized ones most of the time. But you don’t want the small ones, do you?

The ones that come in large Anaconda-sized structures tend to be heavier and take a lot of space when it comes to storage.

Save yourself from the hassle and get the best coiled garden hose. What makes it stand out? Well, a coiled garden hose is easy to carry, and you can retract them effortlessly inside your small pouch.

Reviews of 10 Best Coiled Garden Hoses

Do you want to buy the heavy duty coiled garden hose? Let me help you up with your journey. Here are the top 10 coiled hoses that come with top-notch features and amazing quality. Give these reviews a read to find the best one for yourself.

At a Glance:

Water Right Professional Coil Garden Hose
Water Right Professional Coil Garden Hose
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Orbit Coiled Garden Hose
Orbit Coiled Garden Hose
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HoseCoil Self Coiling Garden Hose
HoseCoil Self Coiling Garden Hose
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The Gardena StoreSpiral Coil Garden Hose
The Gardena StoreSpiral Coil Garden Hose
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Instapark Recoil garden hose
Instapark Recoil garden hose
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Water Right Professional Coil Garden Hose

water right professional coil garden hose

You may ask what makes the coiled garden hose from Water Right stand out.  I would say even if you bring almost all the coiled garden hoses put-together, they won’t match its longevity.

The UV stabilized FDA and NSF-grade Polyurethane constructs the coiled hose and makes it 100% lead-free and ensures it has the top-notch quality to withstand all the tough conditions.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re working under the scorching sunlight, the UV-resistant feature will protect your hose from getting leaks, cracks, and tears.

Not just sunny days, thanks to the hose for being friendly to all weather types, whether its cold, hot or freezing temperatures, it can withstand all the tough weather conditions.

The use of polyurethane makes the garden hose completely drinking water safe, so you can take a sip if you’re thirsty, there’s no risk at all.

Thanks to the solid chrome-plated commercial-grade brass fittings, you can say goodbye to lead leaching water once and for all. Besides, it takes care of your hose to withstand massive water pressure, allowing it to avoid pipe burst.

To make sure the hose doesn’t twist or kink, both of its ends have strain reliefs that have been engineered ensuring top-notch quality.

Highlighted Features

  • With UV stabilized FDA and NSF grade Polyurethane construction, you don’t have to worry a bit about leaks and cracks.
  • The hose is friendly to all weather types. Let it be cold, hot or freezing temperature; you can work with it 24/7.
  • Solid chrome-plated commercial grade fittings ensure you don’t get lead leaching water.
  • The ends of the hose have specially engineered strain reliefs to avoid kinks or twists.

HoseCoil Self Coiling Garden Hose

Self Coiled Garden Hose

When you say, ‘Garden Hose’, you can’t ignore the ones from HoseCoil. It has reached its pinnacle and touched the hearts of hundreds as it offers the best coil hoses.

If you’re on a budget, but you want to make sure you don’t fall short when it comes to functionality, HoseCoil 3/8-inch 15 and 25 ft coil garden hose
is the product you should give a try.

It’s not just lightweight; you’ll find it very flexible as well. Handle it around your backyard, driveway or anywhere. You can certainly get the comfort zone you want.

The hose ensures you can rely on it if durability is your key concern as it is made of high-performance polyester material.

As you use it for years, you won’t see leaks or cracks any time soon. The polyester cover will save your hose from leaks and cracks.

Maybe you’re a fan of Repunzel, but you won’t love it when your hose will tangle or have kinks. This hose has got a strain relief feature, which makes sure that your hose never tangles or kinks.

As for storage, you can keep it anywhere you want; however you want. The hose is very compact in shape that allows you to store it even in places with space issues.

Highlighted Features

  • The hose is very lightweight and flexible, so it gives you all the comfort zone as you use it.
  • The high-quality polyester material protects your hose from getting leaks or cracks.
  • With the strain relief feature around, the hose won’t kink or tangle.
  • Since it’s compact in shape, you can store it in a small space.

Plastair Drinking Water Safe Recoil Garden Hose

Recoil Garden Hose

Plastair PUWE650B94H may leave you awe-stuck with its amazing features that come at such an affordable price.

From now on, you can water your garden even when there’s scorching sunlight. Just like your hat saves your head, the EVA hose material saves the hose from harsh U-V rays from the sun.

As a result, you don’t get to see any abrasion or overstretching at all.

Unlike the typical hoses, you won’t face any problem to get massive water flow. The inner diameter is extra-large in shape that keeps enough room for maximum water flow.

You don’t have to stress about pipe burst at all. It doesn’t matter how massive the water-flow the hose is going to have, the max-flow fittings will back it up to withstand all the force.

Besides, there’s no chance of getting corrosion thanks to the anti-corrosion feature the fittings are equipped with.

Don’t mistake this hose for bad-quality plastic garbage. It won’t kink, twist or tangle even if you work with it for hours.

When not in operation, you can simply store it anywhere as it has got a very compact shape.

Highlighted Features

  • The EVA hose material prevents the harmful UV rays of the sun from doing damages to the hose.
  • You get to have enough room for maximum water flow with the extra-large inner diameter.
  • The max-flow fittings come with the anti-corrosive feature, so it does not corrode.
  • The hose doesn’t kink, twist or tangle at all.
  • It’s compact in shape, so you can store it almost anywhere you want.

Instapark GHN06 Heavy Duty Coiled Garden Hose

Heavy Duty Coiled Garden Hose

If the hose above did satisfy you, but you want to look for more, you can take a look at Instapark GHN06 heavy-duty coiled garden hose.

You want durability, and you’ll have it. The hose comes with EVA construction that resists the harmful UV lights of the sun from harming it. So, if you expect this one to survive for years, you won’t regret it.

It’s time to say goodbye to pipe-bursts during massive water flow. The solid heavy-duty brass fitting has got your back. It withstands all the massive water flow like a gem and shields your hose from getting pipe-bursts.

With the anti-corrosion features around, the brass fitting stays good as new for years. As a result, the hose serves you longer.

Besides, you won’t have a hard time attaching the brass fittings to your faucets as it fits perfectly with all the standard ones.

Not just watering your garden, you can use your hose for a lot of things— let it be showering your pets, washing your car or garage— and most importantly, you can do them all using 7 different water patterns.

Yes, the hose comes with 7-pattern nozzles so that you can switch between different spraying patterns whenever you feel the need.

Highlighted Features

  • The EVA construction prevents UV-lights from harming the hose. You’ll see no crack or leak.
  • Your hose will avoid pipe burst, thanks to the solid heavy-duty brass fitting.
  • The fitting is resistant to corrosion, so you’re getting enhanced durability.
  • With the 7-pattern nozzles, you can switch between 7 different water patterns.

Rocky Mountain Radar 50 Foot Coiled Garden Hose

50 Foot Coiled Garden Hose

If the hose you’re using doesn’t guarantee you a leak-free service, it needs to go RIGHT NOW.

This 50 foot coiled garden hose from Rocky Mountain Radar is ‘Cocky’ enough to beat the pants off its competitors as it has the heavy-duty EVA construction.

It shields the hose against the harms of UV-rays of sunlight. Consequently, your hose stays safe and sound 24/7, boasting the durability it needs to maintain.

Thirsty? You can take a sip out of the hose. No, I’m serious. The spring has polyurethane. It makes drinking water directly from it safe. It is one of the best features that make it stand out.

Say goodbye to lead leaching water as the solid brass fittings have got your back. Besides, with their anti-corrosive feature, you can put a cross on ‘corrosion’ for years.

Do you want to shower your pet for a minute? Maybe you’ll want to wash your car. Well, you’ll need different spray patterns, and you can have it all with the 10-pattern nozzles that churn out 10 different spraying patterns.

Highlighted Features

  • With the EVA construction around, your hose stays safe from UV-rays of sunlight, cracks, and leaks.
  • The hose has polyurethane. You can simply take a sip if you want, it won’t be a threat to your health.
  • The solid brass fittings make sure you don’t get lead leaching water.
  • You can use 10 different spray patterns with the 10-pattern nozzles to help yourself up with different works.

Mini Coil Indoor Garden Hose with Sprayer

Mini Coil Indoor Garden Hose with Sprayer

When you bring plants and seedlings indoors, you will need to water them regularly to ensure that they grow well. But there’s a problem- how to water them? The solution is pretty straightforward- bring a Mini Coil Indoor garden coiled hose.

The convenient garden hose will stretch up to 50 ft and attach easily with the indoor kitchen faucet. Hence, you can easily water the plants and seedlings spreading all across the home indoor. The handy garden hose also comes with a brilliant piece of 24-inches extension sprayer wand.

The wand setting is adjustable from fine mist to stable, powerful stream to meet different purposes. The wand has a generous ½ gallon water flow per minute, which is more than sufficient for indoor use. The 24-inches wand is made from rust and corrosion-proof nickel fittings with chrome plate.

The WaterRight™ USA made tube is constructed from premium polyethylene, which is super-flexible to hold up to 250 PSI burst rate. Its inner diameter is ½ inches and weighs only 2 lbs. Therefore, you can carry the hose to ay corner of the home without any trouble or pain. The manufacturer has added an indoor aerator adapter for a male-to-female faucet connection.

Highlighted Features

  • The hose expands up to 50 ft and has a brilliantly constructed 24” wand.
  • The wand has spray settings from mist to stream.
  • Its polyethylene construction is lightweight and leak-proof.
  • The indoor garden hose is easily transportable and features secure storage.
  • Its chrome-plated fittings with nickel prevent lead leaching.

Orbit 27389 Coil Garden Hose

orbit coil garden hose

You will definitely love the way this unique garden hose is made and so, don’t require any additional space for storage. The 50 ft coiled Orbit garden hose will expand to the 50 ft size readily whenever water flows through the inside.

And once you turn off the water supply, the coiled hose will get back to its original structure for convenient storage. Its quick deploy function is ideal for outdoor usage as well as patios, porches, pools, and hanging baskets.

The attached sprayer comes with eight different spray settings and a super-easy ergonomic grip. The spray settings include shower, jet, center, mist, angle, flat, cone, and full, which will fulfill all of your watering requirements.

The coiled tube is made from durable polyethylene for flexible use in all weather conditions. Also, the spray nozzle is made extremely durable, which will last for an extended period without any issues. What’s more, the hose weighs only 2.48 pounds, and the original length is merely 20.2 inches. Hence, the storage is made super-easy with convenient transportation.

All in all, you will experience a smooth watering operation with this brilliant Orbit Coil water garden hose.

Highlighted Features

  • The coiled hose will expand to 50 ft for easy watering.
  • The upgraded spray nozzle has eight different spray settings.
  • It weighs only 2.48 pounds for convenient transportation and storage.
  • It is flexible for all-weather usage.
  • The spray nozzle has a comfortable ergonomic grip.

Flexon CH5850 Coil Garden Hose

Coil Garden Hose

I personally like this garden hoses from Flexon. The durability and functionality are obviously a fact, and you can’t expect flaws from a brand that has been keeping its brand loyalty since the 50s.

As it is lightweight and easy to carry, you can use it with the ultimate user comfort. As you water your garden, you’ll be able to maneuver your hose very easily.

It is a package full of durability at its best. The coil hose comes with a coil spring hose protector and crushes resistant couplings that will protect it from leaks and cracks no matter what.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re working with your hose under the sun or in the freezing cold, your hose will always maintain its quality and durability because of the weather-resistant tough cover.

The hose is specially manufactured to withstand the harmful UV-rays of the sun, thanks to the UV-resistant cover.

Not just gardening, you can wash your car, RV, and even your boats. The hose offers you the best versatility.

Highlighted Features

  • You’re going to find it easy to carry and easy to maneuver.
  • The spring hose protector and the crush-resistant couplings protect the hose from leaks and cracks.
  • Thanks to the weather-resistant tough cover, the hose can withstand the toughest weather conditions.
  • The UV-resistant cover protects the hose from harmful UV-rays of sunlight.

Camco 20’ Coiled Water Hose with Brass Fittings

Camco 20’ Coiled Water Hose with Brass Fittings

This coiled garden hose from Camco is an all-purpose hose. Its unique construction and longevity make it ideal for both general cleaning purposes and marine use. Thus, with this hose, you will less likely to buy a second hose in a long time.

The hose comes in 20ft length and it should be enough to cover a standard residential garden. When you decide to store the hose it will self-coil into 1/3rd of its original length. It makes the hose storage easy and space-saver.

The outer portion is made of machined PVC. It won’t get punctured or crushed easily. Thus, the coiled hose promises to offer you a smooth and convenient performance in the long run.

One feature that made us look into the hose is its strain-free design. Unlike most hoses, it won’t kink when not in use. It remains flat in the ground and as water runs through it, the hose expands to its full 20ft length.

Its fittings are made of brass with corrosion and rust resistance. Therefore, the overall performance and durability of this coil hose are top-notch. You will love how it makes your garden management and regular cleaning jobs comfy and fun.

Highlighted Features:

  • The hose is available in two different sizes for different jobs accommodation
  • Its self-coiling feature makes the hose easy to retrieve and store
  • Machined PVC outer layer for puncture and crack-resistant design
  • The hose doesn’t kink due to its strain-free construction during watering
  • Brass fittings are durable and you can get a spray nozzle separately

 Better Boat Short Coiled Garden Hose

Short Coiled Garden Hose

Do you want the best coiled garden hose? The best choice can be Better Boat 15 ft coiled garden hose.

It’s not only lightweight and lets you carry it easily with your bare hands, but also confirms you have the ultimate comfort zone and get easy maneuverability.

The ultra-durable rubber makes it resistant to leaks and cracks, so you can expect this garden hose to serve you for a long time.

Your worries about pipe burst are about to end right now, thanks to the solid ¾ inch brass connectors the hose comes with that prevent pipe burst when there’s massive water pressure.

There’s no chance of getting kinks and tangles because it is made of premium quality material with an advanced design. The hose won’t give you a hard time, and you will be able to work with it as long as you want.

It comes with a very compact shape. You don’t have to struggle to store it even if you own a small space.

Highlighted Features

  • The hose is very lightweight. You can carry it anywhere with your bare hands.
  • The ultra-durable rubber makes sure the hose can stand against leaks and cracks.
  • With solid ¾ inch solid brass connectors, the hose survives pipe burst even when there’s massive water pressure.
  • The advanced design makes sure the hose does not tangle, twist or kink.

Coil Garden Hose Buying Guide

Best Coiled Garden Hose

When you want to get a coiled garden hose, you aim to get a lightweight and easy to carry hose, right? So, how do you pick one that ticks all the boxes of your requirement?

Read on the following factors while buying the coil garden hose for the best results.

Hose length:

It is essential since you would want the hose to reach your watering spot from the water source. Ideally, the coiled hose is compact. You might choose from multiple sizes once you know how much length you exactly need.

Construction material:

These hoses have two various constructions. The inner layer is often made of EVA polyester fabric for slight expandability and coiling feature. The outer layer is made of polyester with UV-stabilization and damage protectant materials.

Get one with multiple core layers for the best durability. Also, if you want to use one for drinking water, make sure it is BPA free and drinking water safety certified.


A coiled hose must be lightweight. It is important because you get them for easy carrying and storage. A heavyweight hose won’t fit in this context. So, keep an eye on the hose weight for easy storage.


Is the hose usable in all-weather condition?  Can it handle extreme pressure?

You need to find answers to these questions when you buy the watering tool. A usable all-weather hose remains functional year-round. Also, you might seek for one that works with both hot and cold water through it.

Plus, UV-stabilization will ensure a long-lasting and human-safe use of the coil hose.

Frequently Asked Question about Coiled Garden Hose

Q: Are coiled garden hoses durable enough compared to others?

Ans. The answer depends on the hose you’re buying. If you get a good hose from a good brand, you can expect it to survive for years.

Q: What makes coiled garden hose different from others?

Ans. Coiled garden hoses, unlike others, straighten out when they’re filled with water. When you’re done, they will shrink back to their previous shapes.

They’re easy to carry, and you won’t have a hard time storing them in a tiny space.

Q: Will coiled hose tear apart due to heavy-pull?

Ans. The coiled hoses I’ve mentioned above are durable enough to withstand anything. But even the Lamborghini needs the best driver. So, I don’t recommend you or your kids to pull the hose with all the strength you have.

What’s Now?

Are you done with all the chit-chats? As you’ve gone through the reviews, this leaves you with only one more step to get yourself the best coiled garden hose. All you need to do is buy it.

If you’re having any second thoughts, let me tell you something. The hoses I’ve mentioned are best known for their amazing qualities, and gardeners are the craving of them.

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